• (Knights and Yuki looks at Tia surprisingly but not as shocked as Jada.)

    Tia: I-I have to do this, for Yuki!

    Jada: But Tia…

    Tia:*smiles* What can I say…I’m in love…

    Jada:*smiles warmly;hugs her* Then go…be careful, ok?

    Tia: Don’t worry, I’ll be alright

    Jada:*turns to Yuki*;sighs sadly*Oh, come ere!*hugs him tightly*Goodbye Yuki…Ya dumb, whiny idiot!

    Yuki: Bye Jada Potata…

    Jada:*smiles*Promise you’ll never forget me

    Yuki:*grins *How can I forget my sister?

    (Yuki turns to Knights; They both smile, shake hands, then hug.)

    Yuki:*emotional*You’re the best friend I never had, like a brother!*sniffs*

    Knights:*hugs him*C’mon Yuks this isn’t the end, be strong for ya girl…Take care of yourself, we’ll miss you.*smiles*Now go on before recess is over.

    (Yuki calms down and nods happily; He takes of his jacket and puts it over Tia’s shoulders; They start walking toward a huge hole in the fence when the principal spots them.)

    Principal:Hey, you two! Where do you think you’re going?!*runs toward them*

    (Yuki and Tia freeze; Jada suddenly puts her hand over her forehead.)

    Jada:*weakly*Ugh, I feel faint…*legs wobble;falls to the ground*

    Knights:Jada!* shakes her lightly*

    Principal:*stops infront of them;leans down*Ms. Anderson!*to Knights*What happened to her?

    Knights:She fainted, probably from the heat…


    Tia:*gasp horribly*Jada!

    (They start to run toward her but Knights puts his hand infront of them; they stop, completely baffled;Knights turns to them.)

    Knights: Don’t come any closer, you’ll only make it worse!...She's alittle overheated but don’t worry…*smiles and winks*She’ll be ok.

    (They get the point and quickly leave while everyone started to crowd around Jada;The principal puts his head on her chest; she holds her breath.)

    Principal:*nervously*Oh no, s-she’s not breathing!

    (Among the crowd, Carl pops up infront of them;He fixes his wide, rectangular glasses and grins excitingly, flashing his rainbow-colored braces.)

    Carl:The fair maiden has fallen, but don’t fret my fellow students! I will revive her with CPR!

    (He pulls his highwaters up and bends down next to Jada; Knights’ and Jada’s faces turn sour.)


    (Everyone looks at Knights crazily.)

    Knights:*nervous*Uh…He can’t kiss her, that’s my job!

    Student: Dude, you want her to die?


    (Knights watched in horror as Carl’s chapped lips inched closer and closer to Jada’s; Jada couldn’t bare the torture anymore.)

    Jada:*palm strikes Carl square in his face*Eww Carl, get away from me!!~Ah?!~

    (Jada realizes what she just did and opens her eyes; Carl was knocked out and everyone was staring at her.)

    Jada:*raises her hands up;nervous*I-It’s a miracle, I’m alive!

    (The principal looks at her suspiciously.)

    Knights:*chuckles nervously*Um I’ll take her to the nurse to make sure she’s ok!

    (He quickly picks her up and runs to the school entrance.)

    Knights:*sighs*That was close…

    Jada:*giggles*Guess those acting classes I took finally paid off!