• Sayomi

    "You're world?" I said, unsure. "Only for a short time. While we're there, we could ge help in discovering immortality." he said. We were in my room. Yoichi had come through the window with Neechee, and suddenly asked me to come to his world. I held Neechee in my arms while sitting at the end of my bed and Yoichi sat in the middle, facing me. "I don't know......What will I tell everyone else?" I asked. "Tell them you're going on a trip with me." he said, gathering both my hands into his. "Well, It's not technecally lying." I said. "But...." I said and sighed. "Please, Sayomi. I don't want to wait. I want to help you now. If not......" he sighed. Than he shook his head and got a determined look in his eyes "If not, I'm afraid to just wait until the time comes, and....I won't be able to do anything....and you'll be-" I held him at that point. He seemed so broken at that point. I didn't want to put anything more on him, for him to think or be worried about me. So, that was when I decided to hide my feelings of fear and sadness. Besides, he must've happy to have his face hugged into my chest!


    "This is so freakn' hot!" I thought. She held me tight to her chest as she rested her chin on the top of my head. I wrapped my arms around her waist as I settled us to lie down next to eachother, but keeping my face where it was. I held her tighter, she groaned a bit, than went stiff. "Was that you or Neechee?" she asked. "Was what me or Neechee?" I asked. "The one who just undid my bra strap." she said. I got one of hands up her shirt and touched the skin on her back. She flinched "Was is it?" I asked. "You're hands are cold." she whispered. "Oh, sorry." I mumbled. I started shaking, I didn't know how long I'd be able to hold myself back anymore. Luckily, just than, I heard footsteps coming toward the door. "It's my dad!" Sayomi hissed, and quickly released me from her chest. She opened the window as I got Neechee. I wouldn't tell her this, but her boobs were really "Boucy!" I said. She looked confused than got a knowing look in her eyes, and banged me on the head. "Pervert!" she hissed. I just grinned. She sat back, making way for me and Neechee, but just before I left, I gave her a quick kiss and said "Meet at my house, tomarrow." She was blushing "Cute!" I thought, and blushed a bit myself as she nodded, and smiled a bit. I smiled back and left, catching up with Neechee as we ran back to my house.

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