• Abby is given an assignment to retrieve a ring from a highly secured building. She and Dan (her friend who is the best hacker in the K foundation) fly to the building in a helicopter with the TerraByke.

    Dan: I’ll only disable the alarm system.
    Abby: Awesome! Thanks for keeping the challenge.
    Dan: No problem. Off you go.
    Abby: Alrighty! Okay, dudes. Let’s see how “safe” this place really is.

    She mounts the TerraByke, which sparked a little before it hit the roof of the building

    Abby: Just the way I like it. AWESOME!!!

    Just then, she gets a call. It was from Dan. She flipped it open

    Abby: What’s up?
    Dan: I’d appreciate if you stopped yelling. I can hear it from up here!
    Abby: Sorry, but this operation is too cool for me to stop, but i’ll quiet down.
    Dan: Thanks.

    Now she got in through the stairs on the roof.

    Abby thought,

    Idiots…..don’t they have ANY idea that their lame lasers and heat sensors can’t stop me? They should just stop trying……

    She then reached a door. She didn’t know what was behind it, though.
    Abby whispers,”Man…that was so EASY! Some “secure” place they have going on here.”

    Abby kicks open the door. Dan keeps a watchful eye on her moves, and suddenly, Abby gets a call.

    -ring- -ring-

    Abby flips it open, and looks at the number.She sighs and flips it open.Abby: What did I do wrong? Dan: Nothing. Just…make a little less noise, please.

    Abby sighs. Abby: Fine…..

    She said it like it was some kind of bother.
    Dan: Sorry if I ruined your fun, but you have to be as quiet as possible.
    Abby: It’s okay. I can still have some fun.
    Dan: What fun? What’re you planning to do?
    Abby: Hehehehe……keep your eye on me….

    Dan knew that laugh very well…

    Dan: You’re gonna pull a stunt, aren’t you?
    Abby: Guilty.
    Dan: Cool! It’ll be cool, right?
    Abby: Obviously!
    Dan: Well, you have my OK.
    Abby: And by the way…what’s behind this door?
    Dan: I dunno. Find out yourself.
    Abby: Cool! More fun!

    She hangs up on him. Abby coolly (both awesomely and calmly) walks into the room.

    Abby thinks to herself.
    Okay, what mousetrap is in here?

    She looks around the room. And she found…a book?

    Abby: Ooh…..Well, I need a read later on, anyway. They won’t mind if I simply take a book, will they? .

    She takes the book and flips through the pages. She then suddenly remembers her job.
    Abby: Oh yeah! Man…I’m gonna be late!
    She puts the book into her pocket. It was so small, like a dictionary for Grade I students. She knew she could read it later.

    She walked through the many hallways…getting through the “secure” places with ease ,and some weren’t even protected. She thought that people were TOTALLY WRONG when they said it was the most secure building in the continent.

    Just then, she got another call from Dan.

    -ring- -ring-

    She flips it open.
    Abby: What? Did I breathe too loudly?
    Dan: Haha…very funny. Aren’t you done yet?
    Abby: Well, the press WAS right about one thing. It’s a big building.
    Dan: Okay. Keep looking, then.
    Abby: Okey-dokey.

    She hangs up and searches, and finds that a certain hallway was different than others. She looks at her cell phone.

    Abby: What? Is this the right time?
    The time showed it was almost 3:00.
    Abby: I spent three hours here already? Wow. Well, I have three hours left, and I know I can’t take so long.

    She got through those lame laser and heat sensors.

    At last, she was in the room with her target in it. The target, obviously, was the ring .She takes the ring very carefully…and trips the alarm to have her fun. It really was fun. She shouted “HEY, LOSERS!!!IF YOUR BUILDING IS SO “ SECURE ” WHY DO I HAVE YOUR RING!?”

    And after that she went up to the roof and mounted the TerraByke. It went pretty fast and reached the edge of the roof, and was like it was about to do a wheelie, now listen you people who think she really was going to do a wheelie, you thought wrong. She rode the TerraByke that was now riding down the building’s side. Oh yeah, D-O-W-N, DOWN the side. But, at the last 25.3 feet, she dismounted and the TerraByke landed perfectly, like all it did was stand there, and Abby landed perfectly right beside it.

    Dan was already waiting for them. He was clapping.

    Dan: Awesome! So that’s the result of your Parkour lessons.
    Abby: Yep.
    Dan: You get an A+ in my book.
    Abby: Thanks. Now, let’s go. There’re people on my tail, and I wanna get outta here.
    Dan: But of course! Zee Dan does not ever fail to calculate our getaway timing. And…3...2…1…now!

    Abby: Can we get outta here now?

    A car had come for them, and they boarded it, pushing the TerraByke in first.

    Abby: Gotcha, li’l ring!
    Dan: Do you really think you’ll get her back for a simple ring? I mean, do you think it’ll work?
    Abby: I think it will. Why?
    Dan: I dunno….The rings a pretty small thing to be held in such high regard.
    Abby: “Never underestimate a small package”, says the old proverb.
    Dan: Are you sure it’s a proverb?
    Abby: Uh….well….er…
    Dan: Aha! So it’s not a proverb!
    Abby: I never said that!
    Dan: Are we actually joking about proverbs?
    Abby: Yeah. ”Weird and cool”, says the old proverb.
    Dan: That’s not a proverb either.
    Abby: Good point.
    Dan: Zee Dan is amused.
    Abby: Seriously, where did you get that?
    Dan: Zee Dan does not give away or sell his secrets.
    Abby: Fine…..

    They arrived at their destination. Abby was supposed to exchange the ring for her sister.

    Abby enters the abandoned warehouse….boring….

    ??? : Ah, good to see you, Abby.
    Abby: Same here. But why do you need this?
    ??? : Ahahaha! Why do you need to know?
    Abby: I don’t need to know. Just asking.
    ??? : Don’t poke your nose into other people’s business.
    Abby: Fine, fine…
    ??? : Now, give it to me.

    Abby hands the aging, but handsome man the ring. She hadn’t seen him for some time, 5 years, to be exact. The man took it and gave it to his accomplice, and he sprayed it with a God-knows-what-type of solvent.

    Abby was restless and was looking around, sometimes turning and walking.

    ??? : No need to get restless.
    Abby: Then where is she, Rieze? I told you I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t see her.
    Rieze: And you will. Carl, show her.

    As it was revealed, the accomplice’s name was Carl, so Carl opened a door and out came Abby’s sister. Her name was Aliss. She was shaking. Abby had a look of relief, but she also seemed to be worried.

    It totally went downhill when Dan burst in.

    Dan: HANDS UP!!!
    Dan: Saving you two!

    Rieze takes out a gun and shoots Dan in the chest. Dan falls with a thud.

    Abby: DAN!!! Rieze…you…you…!

    The words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. Well, they couldn’t, rather. Her teeth were clenched too tightly. And then, Carl pulled out a gun, and shot Aliss.

    Abby: NO!!!
    Rieze: I’m sorry, Abby. But I can’t leave behind any witnesses.

    And with that, he shot Abby in the forehead.

    And everything went dark……...

    Then the car hit a bump and Abby woke up from her 2-hour sleep.

    Dan: Finally! And good…uhh…before evening?
    Abby: Ehh…? How long have I been sleeping?
    Dan: Two hours exactly. And that was long enough for you to receive 50 voice messages, texts, E-mails, calls and so much more from Josh.

    Abby flips her phone open, the newer version of what she used to use, but they look the same, except this one has new functions. She still has the same ring tone, though. And to her, it…was…awesome! She looked at the “Missed Calls” menu


    Josh: Tell Gunter I didn’t do it! I….jh….er……yu….!

    -call ended-

    Abby: Where were we when he called?
    Dan: Uh…2000 kilometers back while we were on that riverside road.
    Abby: Aha! There wasn’t any signal there.
    Dan: Is a riverside road so boring that you fell asleep after 15 minutes?
    Abby: Whatever, and more importantly, let’s go back.
    Dan: We already are.
    Abby: Huh?
    Dan: Zee Dan does not wait for commands.
    Abby: Um…Okay?

    They get out of the car and hurried into the K foundation. They quickly found Yuki and Kai and asked them some questions about Josh’s weird calls.

    Yuki: He-gave-ring-guy-evil-photo-Gunter-help!
    Abby: He gave a ring to a guy with an evil photo of Gunter needing help…???
    Kai laughed behind his hand.
    Kai: She…phwww….means that Josh handed a ring to an evil-looking guy and a photo was taken and Gunter saw it and now we gotta help Josh.
    Abby: Oh.Yuki, ya gotta get your words straight.
    Yuki: Sorry. Can’t help it. “A new adventure rears its TOTALLY AWESOME head!”!
    Abby: Where’d ya learn that?
    Yuki: I’m not telling!

    Abby was annoyed at that sing-song voice.

    Abby: Why can’t I get an answer? Is this the curse of not-answering?
    Dan: Hey, this is a secret for now. Live with it.
    Abby: Grr….Beware…You have Abby K looking for your secrets.
    Dan: Yeah, yeah.

    Gunter came around the hall.

    Abby: Hello.
    Dan: Hi.
    Yuki and Kai: Hi!
    Abby: Why was Josh taken away?!
    Gunter: Hello. He was taken away for betraying us.
    Gunter: I shall take my leave of you. I have important duties to attend to.

    Gunter leaves the scene.

    Dan: Easy there, tigress.
    ??? : Are you sure he can’t have? Because I have proof!
    Abby: Ehh? What proof? And who are you?
    ??? : My dear lady, I am merely a pawn at your disposal, a spy only spying when needed.
    Abby: I meant your name…
    Zavier: Oh, right…..It’s Zavier Marx.

    Abby had seen him around before. Everyone seemed to call him “Marx”. Although there were very few who called him Zavier.

    Zavier: Now, ladies and gentlemen, boy and girl, feast your eyes upon the glorious proof!

    Abby thought this guy is a totally poetic crackpot.
    Zavier had just taken out a photo put of his pocket that clearly showed that Josh was handing a ring to a rather elderly man who looked like he was from the Firm. Abby couldn’t shake the feeling she had seen the ring before. Where was it…?

    Zavier: Voila. Proof.
    Abby: So…that’s your proof…
    Abby: Man, Japanese shouting is as loud as it is in anime.

    Zavier took that moment to light a matchstick, throw it into the air, turn it into a rose and catch it. Abby was impressed, but she still rolled her eyes.
    Zavier: Are any of you interested to go somewhere with me?
    Kai: *cough* failure *cough*.
    Abby: No, not really.
    Dan: Pass.
    Yuki: Find somebody else.
    Zavier: Very well. What about…Lingo 6?
    Abby: Fine. Whatever.
    Yuki: ME! ME! PICK ME!!!
    Kai: DON’T PICK HER!!!PICK ME!!!
    Dan: Don’t leave me out!

    As the three fight over the chance to go to Lingo 6, Zavier takes the chance to leave the building with Abby. Abby was shocked at the color of his Ferrari. Almost all of them are red, but this one was silver and black. She thought it would be somewhere between pink and red, the way he’s poetic…

    Abby: Uhh….is it really supposed to be this color?
    Zavier: Yeah. Why?
    Abby: No reason, but you gotta have big bucks and pretty pennies to gat a car like this.
    Zavier: Well, I’m fortunate to have both of them, then.

    Abby was surprised that he didn’t get offended, but take what you’re given, as they say.

    They both get into the car, Zavier opening Abby’s door for her. Before getting in, Abby checked the back of the car, in case it was an old and unreliable car instead of a Ferrari. To her surprise, it wasn’t a Ferrari. It was an entirely new car that she never even heard of. Both the brand name and the car name were “NightRaven”. After she finished checking, she got in.

    Zavier: Why did you check the car?
    Abby: I have to. In case this thing’s a broken down or sabotaged car, I will not allow it to be driven. Or carry people from one place to another.
    Zavier: Who gave you that job?
    Abby: Someone.
    Zavier: Very good answer.
    Abby: Anyway, I did find something of interest.
    Zavier: Ah, but it’s brand-new, as you see.

    If he literally meant that the brand was new, he was right.

    Abby: The brand name. It doesn’t exist.
    Zavier: Ahahaha! That brand was created by my father. The cars I think of and mostly customize lack publicity.
    Abby: Wow. Didn’t think a prince would-
    Zavier: Hm? What was that?
    Abby: Ah, nothing, nothing!

    They were at the doors of the heavenly video game café, Lingo 6. All the latest games reached their doors first, from Nintendo DS Lite to PS3, they have it all. They’ve also got Wi-Fi and an entire room full of computers and laptops for the people who like MMORPGS, or simply for people who like social networking . Including delicious desserts, tea and the heavenly Plasma screens displaying the finest graphics, even if it was a simple brick game, you’d totally want to play in this place. Plus, you can get any game you wanted, simply by searching a room hat has the first letter of the game written on its door. Of course, there are some attendants in every room to help you if you ever got lost, or if you couldn’t find the game you wanted. The attendants have razor-sharp memories of all the games in the specific room.

    For example, if you wanted to play a Pokemon game, all you had to do is simply go to the room with “P” written on the door, then go to the cabinet marked “Pokemon”, and voila, the game-fest begins. The place is also famous because of its multiplaying rooms called “Guilds”. The entire café has a convenient size for its needs (which is fortunate since the Guilds, the main café, the rooms with the games, the rooms with the actual consoles need lots and lots of space). The gamers there don’t have to pay anything. They just enter and play and eat to their hearts’ content. Ah, it really is heavenly… and the ice cream is not to be missed.

    They enter the game-café.

    Waitress: Welcome, welcome! Say, did you two get a chance to play Hexachess?
    Abby: Oh, hey Eva. That AWESOME new game? The one with iWare? The one that’s played entirely in virtual reality? Well, I couldn’t find an opponent.
    Eva: That’s the one!
    Zavier: Might I have the pleasure of being your opponent?
    Abby: Sure. Just remember, there aren’t any Kings in Hexachess.
    Zavier: I know.

    They both entered what many Lingo 6 usuals called “The HexaCube”

    They had to put on their iWare (immersion-Ware that provides a gamer with total immersive experience) before entering. This specific iWare used advanced DNAnotech gears that enabled the gamer to shape shift the armor. Basically, their iWare consisted of data-gloves, data-suit, boots, a 6 DoF (degrees of freedom) head mounted display and a belt all modified to suit the game.

    Zavier: Since there isn’t a King, I shall be the Knight!
    Eva: You need a Queen to play. Since I’m on break, how ‘bout I play with you guys?
    Abby: Sure. The more the merrier.

    Finally, the game began. Each Queen could summon her own party of pieces.

    Abby: BLACK, QUEEN!

    And, right then, the iWare changed form to make her look like the Queen. Of course, she chose the Black side, so her gown, crown and gloves were black.

    Eva: WHITE, QUEEN!

    And, like Abby, she now had a gown, a crown and gloves, but these were pure white.

    Zavier: WHITE, KNIGHT!

    In a flash, he had a white sword, a white horse and white armor.

    Zavier: Ah, the White Knight is as good as the Queen.
    Eva: Right.
    Eva: YEAH!
    Abby: AWESOME!!!

    Eva, Zavier and the rest of the White side were on the Fire Terrain where flames danced and swirled, the ground was entirely made of rocks, very hot rocks. It seemed the perfect place to have a barbeque party. The Black side started on the Earth Terrain, where rocks floated and moved around. This was probably one of the hard Terrains, ‘cause if a piece missed a rock…well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be cool for the side with the piece that missed the rock. Missing a rock would be easy as sand always finds its way into the pieces’ eyes. The only good side is if you make it to the corner where Water and Earth Terrain join, you’ll be in the DeltaWall area which often saved pieces from falling into a God-knows-how-deep hole. Trouble is, you need a TerraStone to activate the DeltaWall, well, the DeltaWall’s worth finding a TerraStone.


    And the Black Knight moved forward and held the card in his hands for a moment, then the card rocketed towards Abby leaving a trail of sparkling blue and white dust. It stopped and Abby saw that it was a card with a picture of…a TerraStone! It was round. The color was green and brown in some parts. The green parts looked a little like grass. But that wasn’t all that was on the card. A creature with beautiful wings was on the card as well. Wings…that were made out of leaves! She quickly saw that the creature’s wing twitched a little, then started to move slowly, then they were fluttering…and at last, it flew toward the face of the card. Abby seriously thought it was coming to hit her on the head with a claw of sand and rock…or something. She threw the card away, and the creature came out of the card! Abby...actually could believe it. She had played enough games to believe it (specifically Final Fantasy Fables). Now it was clear what that creature was. A wolf with wings made of leaves. The wolf itself was made of sand, rocks, soil and earth.

    Abby: Hmm…how weird! I guess it’s a…a…HEY EVA!!!THERE’S A WOLF HERE!!!

    The wolf actually bowed, like it was ready to work. The Black Knight to the right got it, and now he could fly over the rocks and enemy pieces, and land safely.

    Eva: My turn, eh? MIDDLE PAWN, FORWARD, TWO!!!

    And so the game began. Unfortunately, it didn’t continue.

    - ring - - ring -

    Abby flips open her cell phone. Caller ID: Yuki.

    Abby: Yo! What’s up?

    Abby didn’t realize that the HexaCube had depixelated. They were now back in the room which seemed way too cool to be real.

    Yuki: We’re in BIG trouble here at the K Astronomy Tower! BIG!
    Abby: Nice Phoenix Wright impression. Do you really mean trouble, or was that part of the impression?

    Abby pulled back the phone from her ear, then set the call on speaker.

    Abby: Who’s Edge? And stop shouting!
    Zavier: Ach! Why are you yelling!?
    Zavier: Game over, huh? We gotta…go to the K Astronomy Tower!

    Abby was already in the car waiting for Zavier to get in.

    Abby: c’mon slowpoke!
    Zavier: Now that’s not true!

    Zavier got into the car and drove as fast as the law would permit. They arrived at the K Astronomy Tower just in time…to witness a tragic event transpire. Josh was falling…falling…falling…

    Abby: JOSH!!!
    Dan: NO!!!
    Yuki: NOOO!!!
    Kai: ….NO….!!!
    Zavier: NO! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN!!!

    He fell. It was done. But Abby kept trying to get a look at him. The only people holding her back were Dan and Zavier. Yuki was crying into Kai’s shirt. Kai was looking at the ground.

    Zavier: STOP THIS!!!

    He said as he was pulling on the sleeve of Abby’s coat.

    Dan: He’s right! Stop it! Looking at him will never bring him back!

    Dan was also trying his best to hold her back, but he was losing his grip.

    Abby: Shut up! Lemme go! LET ME GO!!!
    Dan: No! Stop this madness!

    Zavier indeed put a stop when he dragged Abby down to the K Foundation.

    Zavier: What the hell is wrong with you!? Are you crazy!?
    Abby: Nothing! Let go!
    Zavier: Maybe…when you calm down a little!
    Abby...Shut up and lemme go…now…

    He let her go, and surprisingly she didn’t move from the spot.

    Abby:…Hey, Zavier. Could you tell the others that I’ll be out by the park? See ya.
    Zavier: Alright.

    She rode the TerraByke all the way to the park. It was about 200 miles away from the city. There’s a mountain over there. It is said that stars actually fell there and because of millions of years of piling stars, it was finally a mountain. A village was built there and its people collected Stardust to make pendants, lockets, necklaces, enhanced clothing, weapons and et cetera. Some strange artifacts were found there as well, proving that these people made items out of Stardust. Abby’s locket happened to be made out of an unknown substance. Weird coincidence, eh?

    The park’s name was “Stardust Park”. No matter what time of day you went there, you’d think it was night. A night with beautiful stars. And it just so happens that she went exploring in the woods to the west and found a nice path to a cliff hidden behind bushes and trees. “You can’t see the cliff through the trees”, as no one today or any day ever said. Anyway, the cliff was a very nice place indeed. There was a very big tree that looked very magical if it was truly night.

    Abby had been reading, hanging out and most importantly, been looking at sunsets for a long time there. It took 63 bunny-hops to get there from the entrance of the woods. After that, there’s always finding the place itself, but Abby had memorized the bush she had to topple through to get there. The seventh bush beside the seventh tree. It was befitting the view, as one had to be as lucky as the number seven to stumble upon a place like that.

    It was also a place with a lot of now hidden memories. Memories hidden in the pages of her life, letters distorted by amnesia, but still there, just waiting to be read. She was really lucky to have seen a map, otherwise there would never be a place for her to go to and have fun, even if she was sad there were plenty places to explore. And that’s what she’d do. Explore, and find places that never seemed to exist in any scientific world where people “invent” things. Though Abby always saw everything invented to be actually discovered by anyone who wanted to. That is why she likes the cliff. Discoveries.

    Okay that's it.

    A BIG THANK YOU TO MY BUDDIES WHO RP-ED WITH ME!!! heart heart heart (Even if it never gets published)