• name-Caine
    eyes-light blue
    ~The Dark Angel and The Dark Vampire

    Caine stormed the hall of his home,going straight to his room and turning on his computer. his cell phone buzzed in his pocket and he knew exactly who it was. his ex boyfriend. again. he had called caine 5 times in that same hour wishing to speak to him,begging to be taken back. caine flung his phone on his bed and sat infront of his computer with a loud sigh. he immediately logged on to his favorite sites and messaged his best friends,praying for help without saying a word. 5 minutes into his being online Caines ex girlfriend logged on and messaged him,some how knowing something was wrong with him.
    ~you okay?~fox asked him
    ~no..not rly~he answered quickly.
    she was silent for a few minutes then she sent him another message~ -hugs-i love you and im here for you,honey~
    Caines eyes filled with tears but he bit them back ~thank you,Fox...i love you too~
    Caines phone buzzed again and he snagged it. it began ringing silently,the song he had set for his current boyfriend.
    the next monday at school---
    Caine took Benni's hand in his as they approached Fox. She smiles at them,
    "hey guys."
    Benni laughed softly and kissed Caines cheek.''hey Fox. whats up?"
    "just got out of computer class. what about you two?"
    they both laughed."we skipped algebra to have some time...alone"caine told her shamelessly.
    Fox laughed softly and looked away as they kissed.she was proud her best friend finally found a boy who understood him. "so...boys..we going hunting after school?
    caine laughed."im famished...so yeah.where are we going today?"
    "i was thinking northern georgia."Benni suggested
    Fox looked around to see that the halls were empty then looked at caine"go for it'
    wings the color of the night sky exploded from his back and he grabbed her hand and held tighter to benni's."to georgia it is"
    Fox watched as Benni and Caine walked into a patch of trees,following the scent of a dying animal. they would call on her when they found it,either to heal it and let it move on or to kill it for them to feed on.
    the minutes passed slowly and Fox focused her ears on listening for them as she texted her lover,who was many states away laying in his room waiting for her. he had sent her a text telling her he missed her terribly and she bit back tears,replying that she missed him too. moments later caine called her name and she was at his side immediately. the three of them stood over a dying doe,a large shot gun wound in her left side. she was screaming in pain and fear and Fox understood her pleas. she kneeled beside the doe and touched the wounds,healing it the best she could. caine watched as the does eyes dialated and her cries stopped. she stood and faced her healer and Fox bowed her head."go on,young doe."
    a half hour passed before benni came across an animal they could feed on.
    3 hours later
    Benni layed down with his head in Caines lap and looked at Fox who was laying with her head in her lovers lap.he was playing with her hair and she was relaxed by his kind touch.
    Benni laughed softly at something she had said.
    Caine watched the joy in her eyes as she looked between them.he knew she was happy he had found Ben and he knew he would never want anything else. suddenly an idea hit him and seeing his look Fox fell silent,her lover and Ben followed her and looked at him.
    Caine smiled at her."Even the dark angel can find love."he said softly as he touched Ben's hair.
    his vampiress best friend smiled,her fangs down as a show of her power. "yes...i suppose he can."
    Fox's lover laughed softly "even the dark vampire can find love as well" he teased her.