• Backstory~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``This is my first story ive written..this is the first chapter soo the "gist" of the story is not shown yet. If your into magical creatures or vampires and werewolf stories this might NOT be one of them. This will be about A girl meeting a boy in high school and the boy is blind. She becomes interested in his ways and how he learns...that's all i have now but i may put a little 'magic' or something along those line in it later. Any added ideas would be great!.
    Oh! and if you guys would like to suggest pictures for the characters that would be cool.

    CHAPTER 1The New kid.
    She took her seat as the second bell rang and put her handbag on the floor next to her desk . Then took her hands and ran them through her dark brown wavy hair, as if it was a brush,pulling her hair behind her her ears into a messy bun. She bent over at her side and reached into her bag and pulled out one spiral note book and a pencil then gazed up to the front of the class room looking at the teacher. The teacher spoke, telling the class to take notes on what he said. Her pencil pressed against the paper causing little pieces of the lead to crumble. She began to write, moving her pencil quickly across the paper, writing down every detail that she could catch, these were her notes to study for the huge exam on Friday. What felt like 2 hours in her dreaded history class was really 32 minuets. The teacher stopped speaking and told the class they had the rest of the period to catch up on any late work. She slowly raised her hand "Mr Garcia".
    The teacher turn his head, facing down at his desk now up at the girl.

    "Yes Ariella?" He asked.

    "May I go to the restroom?"

    "Of course" he responded.

    She placed her pencil on her note book and got up, adjusting her clothes while walking to the door. Ariella placed her hand on the cold round door nob, turning it to left. She pulled the door toward her and walked out of the class.
    As soon as she got out side the class room she pulled out her phone and started to text her friends and tell them how boring her class was. Her feet moved one by on, left right left. With out looking in front of her but at her phone. She managed to reach the hallway the bathroom was in. She glimpsed up and saw a teacher standing outside a class room talking to a boy. She quickly sent the text and put her phone into her back pocket. Casually walking by , she went into the bathroom. She could her the teacher yelling at the boy

    "Your being very disrespectful and your not behaving like a junior. Your in high school not middle school. Enough with the smart guy jokes." He said.

    Ariella ignored them and proceeded to use the bathroom. When she was done she washed her hands and looked into the mirror, she noticed that her eyeliner was smudge around her dark mud-like brown eyes and started to fix it. Ariella could her the student and the teacher bickering again.
    She walked out side the bathroom and turned her head slightly to the left facing the opposite side of the hallway where the argument was going on. Ariella could see an older thin man with black and gray hair yelling at a boy slouched against the lockers, the boy who was in 11th grade was wearing a brown leather jacket and cop like sun sunglasses. The boys hands were in his jacket pockets and his head was tilted up towards the ceiling as if he didn't care at all what the teacher was telling him. Finally the teacher dismissed the boy and walked inside the class room. Ariella was still studding the boy. She had never seen him around, though she felt like she knew every one in her small high school with a population of 846 teenagers.

    He had light blond hair and was tall thin,muscular, and in good shape, she did not see his eyes because he was still wearing the sunglasses, but he was hoping she would. Finally he stood up straight and put his hands against the walls and started moving them. He was stroking the walls until his hands touched the rim of the door way. He took a step forward and walk into the class room,still holding the wall, using it as a guidance. Ariella wondered why,then quickly went back to class.

    History was now over and it was lunch time. All the kids met up at the quad searching for they're friends. Karmel one of Ariella's best friends,was reserving a table for her and her friends. The table quickly filled and the friends started to chat among each other. A lot of "omg's" and "did you here what she said" were exchanged at the table. Ariella usually gave her undivided attention to her gossiping friends but today she was only slightly paying attention. Every few minuets she would sit up straight and strain her neck to look around the quad. She was in search for that mysterious boy. She wanted to keep him a secret from all of her friends but she managed to gain the courage and ask her friends if they had ever seen him before. Confused and careless her friends responded with an "I don't know" and "anyway". Ariella shrugged and took one last look around ,then joined the juicy gossip with her friends.