• I pondered out the window thinking "how did i get my self into this...where did it all go wrong!".The rain drizzled out side as drops of waters filled the window. I watched the rain drops race each other down the glass in self disappointment and regret. I began to cry, now having drops of water race on my own face. I could hear foot steps marching down the hall outside my room, so i quickly wiped the tears and grabbed my book, pretending to read it.
    The door that was once closed was now opened. A dark shadow of a man stood in the door. It was my dad.

    "Well, come on. Come have dinner."

    I could hear the disappointment and sadness in his voice when he talk. He turned around and walked out. My actions have affected not only me, but everyone around me. My eyes drifted down to my book. I slowly closed it. I took several deep breaths, knowing that this dinner was not going to be like any other. I had to brace my self for the awkwardness, questions and tears, that waited at the table.
    I slowly got up, adjusting my close. I slipped on my Poke'mon slippers. Another deep breath was taken in as i began to walk to my door.