• "Diriel, will you get back here? It was just a joke. You look fine now lets go." Davi was in a rush to get to the tree. Diriel and Davi have grown up together and you will always find them sitting and hanging around that old Cherryblossom tree.
    "Alright, but if you make fun of my ears one more time i'll stick something up your nose." The too giggled as they approched the tree.
    "Well its not my fault your ears have always been odd looking." Diriel is half wood elf and half fire demon her apperence may look odd at first glace but shes a beautiful girl.
    "Blah blah blah I can't hear you!"
    Davi climbs up a branch and sits with a cute tree spirit "Diriel its another spirit. Come over here." she pats the tree messanger on the head before putting it in her hoodie pocket and climbs down the tree to Diriel.
    "What color is it?" The color of the messanger determinds the mood of the assignment. These two wonderful girls get sent on missions by the spirits for the tree.
    "Its purple, my color." Davi is half ice demon and half siren. Purple indicates that the mission will involve a child and it will not be happy or sad but greif.