• Unable to maintain her gaze upon the tatoos that now rested well upon her palms, Shawnyece's body had began to shake with both anger and confussion but among her feelings there was a bit of fear as well. Looking back towards the door she would jump forth quickly slamming it shut and locking it from inside.
    [********! What the hell did I do last night!" Pacing back and forth Shawnyece had forgotten about the nausea that had consumed her not so long ago and was not so focused on trying to figure out what exactly had that night brought with it. As bits and peice's began falling into place, Shawnyece would bang her palms against her head in rage and would even sock at the wall which led to her fist going through the plastered wall and creating a crater within it. Amazed at the fact that she felt very little pain and that it had even ocured Shawnyece stood in awe gawking at her own hand. Now the thing about this damn tattoo was the fact that she had seen the writing amongst it before but for the time being she could not recall exactly what or where she had even came across itm but as she continued to think about it, something would smack Shawnyece within the back of her head causing her to fall atop the floor, her vision blurred as a figure stood infront of her mumbling strange words. "Who the ********..." And with that she had passed out once again, the person's last words echoing within her head. "Death.."

    The freezing cold was stinging against Shawnyece's cheek as she walked through the electronic sliding doors of the hospital wearing nothing more then a jacket given to her by a man and the hospital gown though she carried a bag given to her by the nice nurse which contained her cellphone and tattered clothing. Her feet could handle the could since they had grown rough on the bottom due to the hardship and its constant endurance to nature. Looking around, all one would see is the Hospital's parking lot and an emt coming in with some stuff, probably from someone they might have brought in but hey what did this matter? At the moment Shawnyece should have been worrying about getting home and preparing to explain to her mother the tattoo that magically appeared upon both of her palms and as the thought raced in her head about the tattoo Shawnyece's gaze would lower down to look at both palms only to gasp in shock as the black tattoo had now vanished without a trace. Was it all in her imagination? Had the medication given to her made her have hallucinations of some sort? [******** s**t!" Now infuriated and mad at the fact her feet would begin to carry her off down the street as she began to realize that she was only about a good thirty minute walk away from the small apartment she shared with her four other sisters and mother. ******** men they never stayed around long enough for any of them and having so many sisters had brought the comfort one could need. Making way down the darkened streets with a hum, Shawnyece was swept with the feeling of agony and pain as she neared am empty parking lot of a closed cafe. Coming to a dead stop and looking within the darkness that seemed to consume the area, Shawnyece would try her best to focus on a certain spot that just seemed to bring chills all down her body."Who is there? If you wish to get ******** up you'll come out!" But the tough guy act obviously didn't do much as a pair of illuminating blood red eyes began to float back and forth as though trying to place some type of hypnosis upon the girl, when it was obvious that it wasent going to work a shadowed figure that resembled that of a man and a feline lunged forward towards her with amazing and shocking speed. Sharp razor like nails dug within Shawnyece's shoulder as both eyes widened in fear and agonizing pain "AHH! Get..the ******** OFF!!!" Her voice sounded high as she screamed the words trying her best to push the beast off with both her legs, but her atempts obviously werent that good since it seemed to just smile on in amusment. Blood now warming her body as it seeped through the wounds and began to stain her clothing which just seemed to piss her off even more. With out even taking any note Shawnyece would bring her right palm to land against the beast's upper shoulder and as they continued to hold their gaze a illuminating light would spawn forth around them, the creature screaming out as its facade seemed to vanish leaving only a man in his bare skin laying upon the ground lost in sleep. As she was now free and suddenly scared at what happened and questioning herself a familier voice could be heard behind her. "I see that you have finally awaken doll." Quickly snapping her head to the left to obtain a view, Shawnyece's jaw would drop as she had turned to see not one but two of her close male friends standing behind her with slight smile's. "Chris?! Daniel!?! Wha-what are you doing here?" Chris would stare at her, pushing his glasses back upon the bridge of his nose. "Well dear, that is a complicated story...but we will give you the highlights as we walk you home.." Now everything that was this girl's reality had began to break that night as she listened to there tale and what exactly it was that had attacked her, but the one question she wanted to know was why it attacked her. Daniel didnt hesitate to answer her question as she thought among herself. "It attacked you dear cause you are just like us..." Looking to him with a confused expression he would only offer that sweet laugh and shake his head with a swift movement. "I forgot to mention that I can read minds oh and can develop abnormal strength." Oh now everything really seemed like that of a comic or some sort of horrid dream. Chris woudl wave his hand franticly while speaking "OOh Ohh, I can run at a superb speed and can even use levatation!" He seemed all to overjoyed. "So what is my power then?" She'd replied causing the two to come to a hault and look at each other. Chris being modest would shrug "We are not sure yet dear...some fear of the worst." The words made her heart skip a beat as the twinge of pain caused her to cease walking as well, slowly turning to face her friends. Why did she feel as though something was wrong and that many expected the worst at the moment. Daniel would lower his gaze now concentrating on the blackened cememt. Speaking up Chris would try to lighten the mood"Well come on lets hurry on perhaps we can get some food at your house shawn, hm?" And as the mention of food came up a loud ravanged sound broke free from the girl's belly Causing the three to all bust out in laughter. But as they walked and the laughter eventually died down, Shawnyeve would turn so that she was now walking backwards. "I do have a question though...Explain to me the true story of how this all came to be.." Chris then turned to Daniel and nuged his shoulder slightly, daniel snapping at him as he did so"Hey! stop it or I shall spank you!" Instantly the three stared each other down Chris and Shawnyece both trying to hold back the laughter within them but failed as they began laughing hysterically. "Yeah right daniel, we all know thats my game." her blue eyes glowed as the words flowed from her mouth and chris nodding in agreement "Well me too if its a sexy a** peice of eye candy." Chris would then gain a sparkling gleam in his eyes as he always did when he imagined something he liked. Daniel would sigh and walk on speaking loud enough for the two to hear him. "Well if you would like to know what we are and exactly what is happening I would suggest coming along since we are only like a few feet from our destination..." And like that he was off in a sprint yelling at the top of his lungs as he headed towards the gated apartments. Now the two behind would shrug continuing to trail after him seeing how home was not so far and not worth the run even for the information they wanted to gain.

    To Be Continued.