• “Ms. Donahue I’m so sorry I’m late to class. But what had happened was on my way across from the hall I saw the bunny from Alice in Wonderland. Now even though I’ve seen the movie, I still followed the bunny anyways. The bunny kept screaming ‘I’m late, I’m late’ so I go ‘What are you late for Mr. Bunny?’ The bunny looks at me for a swift second, than continues hopping down the hall ‘I’m late, I’m late.’ He repeated checking his watch. And then you won’t believe what happened to me next Ms. Donahue!”

    “So I continued to follow the white bunny down the stairs and outside the school into that small tree covered spot that PE students use to cheat in the mile run. Again I asked the bunny ‘Mr. Bunny what are you late for?’ He replied to me ‘No time for idle chit chat. I’m late, I’m late!! My goodness! I’m late!’ He ran behind a tree and I followed him there too. He leaped into a hole and I contemplated whether I should follow the bunny or go to class? While I was super curious about where the hole lead to, I decided it was best if I turned around and went back to class…”
    “Just then, when I turned around, the bunny hopped out of the hole! ‘Where do you think you’re going!?’ He protested
    ‘You silly girl your making me late!’

    ‘What?’ I questioned him. Then everything went black. It took me a while to realize… that crazed time obsessed bunny pushed me down the friggen hole!! As I realized this, I saw a white lite appear… I stared wishing, hoping, and crying that I land on something soft.
    Then I blacked out again”

    “When I woke up, Mr. Bunny was tapping his little white foot ‘Alice! Alice get up now Alice, oh no! Oh no! Awake now girl’ Mr. Bunny said shaking me. I pushed his fuzzy paws away. ‘Alice,’ I mumbled ‘Ugh, my head’ I reached up and touched my head…there was… a headband? Funny was I wearing that earlier? I stood up and felt a breeze on my legs and looked down to see… IM WEARING A DRESS!! Grabbing Mr. Bunny by his fluffy white ear I say ‘Look here bunny rabbit, what happened to my clothes? Why are you calling me Alice? When clearly I am soooo a brunette. And this better not be wonderland, cuz the only head that’s going to be going off is yours for pushing me down that hole’ He wiggled out of my hold ‘Now look here Alice, we have no time for your silly games. Oh no, not today.’

    ‘So which Alice in wonderland am I in, Tim Burton’s or Disney’s? I hope it’s Tim’s I like his more. It has Johnny Depp in it and WOW is he HOT!’
    ‘Ooooh Alice’ Mr. Bunny says, he hopes away ‘Come now we’re late… I’m late!’

    “I looked at my surrounding, I was standing in a small meadow, there was an ocean blue cloudless sky above me and surrounding me was a forest cutting through the meadow and leading towards a small part of the forest was a small stream. That’s the direction the bunny went. Looking around I decided whelp, there’s no ladder so… I guess I’ll go with the flow, can’t be any worse than the time I took the place of Capitan Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Going the way I saw Mr. Bunny go, I came across a fork in the road. ‘Holy crap’ I said, ‘I’m screwed’. I looked left, then right, and then left again.

    ‘Mr. Bunny?’ I said. I cupped my hands over my mouth ‘Mr. Bunny!?’ I yelled.
    “’Mr. Bunny… Mr. Bunny’ I see a toothy grin appear in front of me. Oh god I think… a pair of big yellow eyes appeared above the wide toothy grin.
    ‘Oh my what is this’ the mouth says
    ‘Look Cheshire Cat, where did Mr. Bunny go?’ His smile gets wider… it creped me the fudge out…
    ‘Well what’s this, you know of me but I don’t know a thing of you’ I stare at the cat ‘My name is Al-…” my mind went blank
    ‘Well?’ the cat asked
    ‘I’m not sure… I remembered it a minute ago, my name…’
    ‘Well whoever you may be you don’t belong here. Follow the yellow brick road, and be on your way’ the cat lowered his eyes at me. His smile turning into a sneer ‘Whoever you are, you are not Alice, therefore you do not belong here for it is not called ‘I’m not sure, I remembered it a minute ago, my name in wonderland.’ No it’s called Alice in wonderland’
    ‘Well wtf duh,’ I said ‘tell that to the bunny!’
    The cat disappeared.

    “’Yellow brick road’ I mumbled. ‘What yellow brick road! There’s no brick road there’s only—‘
    The trees in the middle of the fork road parted revealing a yellow brick road. My mouth drops.
    ‘Follow the yellow brick road and get out of here’ the cat whispers to me appearing out of nowhere. ‘You don’t belong here’ he says again and again he disappeared.
    ‘You are no Alice’ the cat’s voice echoed in my head… I’m no Alice… but who am I?

    “The yellow brick road was a dark path with small specks of light peeking out through the trees above. ‘Ugh how long does this road go?’ I yelled
    ‘Follow the yellow brick road’ a mysterious voice sings.
    ‘Oooh no what the pop tarts was that’ I say looking around
    ‘Dorothy, Dorothy there you are.’ A short bald man with a green beard said jumping in front of me
    ‘Dorothy?’ I looked at him lost. ‘My name isn’t Dorothy’
    ‘Why of course it is, you look just like her’ the green bearded man said. What I think looking down at my clothes. Ruby red slippers, white and blue checkered print dress. Ugh you’ve got to be kidding me when did this happen?
    ‘Bark, Bark’ I turn to my left to see a brown and black small dog with a white patch of hair on the top of his head.
    ‘Bentley? What are you doing here?’ Just than five more green haired people came out. Strangely on cue they all started singing
    ‘Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road’ I stared at the green haired people in disbelief ‘Well Bentley, I don’t think I’m in wonderland any more’