• kakuzu sighed waking up to another boring day at ashford academy. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He hit the snooze button and took his shower and preceeded to walk toward his class. While walking, people turned away trying not to stare. With a black knight mom and a drug dealing dad, people were afraid of him and left him alone. He was always in his thoughts and was constantly talking about western cult leaders and the comparison to the revolutionaries of eastern culture. He was also constantly on online forums concerning the black knights and the zero conspiracy.
    The zero conspiracy is the idea that the 99th emperor of brittania, Lelouch had a special ability in which he was able to control others. Which is why he was able to get so far in a war with a superpower almost without his true identity being known by anyone. It also says that even thought he was stabbed by a zero imposter he still lives somewhere and that empress nunnally and the false zero that is currently her knight are hiding him. To kakuzu this meant nothing. All he wanted was vengance for his family,something he was powerless to obtain.
    As usual he casually looked at his classmates from the back, where he could see everything. He observed the 2 girls gossiping about the third and the class lovers exchanging notes. He also saw one boy texting and one falling asleep the 2 guys right in front of him were talking about another color gang with a false zero and the real black knights capturing him with aid from the police force. More were popping up every day, some with actual knightmare frames and they were installing fear into innocent citizens without reason.
    kakuzu walked off of campus and to a nearby pawn shop, where he sold his mom's black knight mask. Hoping this would let her go. "A knight mask eh. this would go for a lotta money. come with your refrain or were you a fake cop." He smugly said
    "shut-up! Its my mother's and she was an original knight!" i yelled
    "yeah whatever here" he handed him the money and as kakuzu was about to leave a man walked in with an orange haired girl. The girl was obviously being held captive but the shop owner ignored that. The fact no one called the police sowed everyone else did as well. The man walked toward the counter stared at the man and said" where are they"
    "They havent come yet"
    "WHAT! you'd said they would be here today"
    " I sincerly apologize but-"
    "but nothing we dont need you. we're the black knights and-"
    "you are NOT the black knights" kakuzu cut him off. Everything went silent. "the black knights wouldnt bully anyone they wouldnt cause a scene they wouldnt fire around civilians and they WOULDNT HAVE A CAPTIVE GIRL!" The guy pulled out a gun and shot at kakuzu. the girl pulled out of his grasp and protected him.
    She was shot in the stomach and fell into kakuzu's arms bleeding. kakuzu stared at her "you b*****d!" he yelled. All of the sudden he saw colors and places he never saw before. All the while a girl was telling him of a contract, one he saw as the perfect opportunity for vengance. He agreed and looked into the man's eyes. The man started screaming "no!" until he killed himself. kakuzu could finally get his revenge thanks to this mysterious girl.