• [your POV]

    Ricky didn’t comment when I told him to contact our back up subject for tomorrow’s program. He nodded and went right at it. That’s the main reason I like that man. He is definitely one of the most efficient people I have worked with.
    I was just getting back to my desk when someone called me. “~~~~~.” I don’t need to turn to know who it is. Choi Jonghyun is the editor for the interior design magazine that shares the same office floor as ours. Half of T.O.P staff, female AND male included, are in love with him and I truly believe if it isn’t for the fact that he’s married to the managing director of T.O.P's broadcasting department (who also happens to be the eldest daughter of T.O.P’s chairman) more than one girl would already be trying her best to tempt him into an affair. As for me, I’ve known changjo since I was in university. He was a fourth year senior in the designs department when I first entered university and I knew him through the school’s broadcasting club. Yes, before you even bother asking, we did have a history together, I suppose you can even call him my first love if you want to label it that but as circumstances dictate, he’s now a colleague who married my boss so let’s leave that there shall we. “~~~~~,” he called again, walking into my office, “Do you guys have any stock photos of Chrysanthemum flowers?” Flowers AGAIN? What is it with men and flowers today??? “I’m not sure, why?” “The new café we’re featuring is called Chrysanthemums,” he explained, “And the stock photos we have are just not good enough, so I’m just going around collecting from other departments.” “Heh? Why would YOU be doing that?” I asked in surprise. He could have easily told any of his subordinates to do it.

    “Everyone’s looking. Our printer deadline is in an hour. I can’t sit around when the rest of my crew is running around can I?” he grinned. That’s another part of changjo that most people tend to fall for. His absolute disregard of class and stature. Even though he’s the editor, he thinks nothing of running around to help the office boy as well. He’s unassuming of people and treats everyone, from the Chairman of the company (who just so happens to be his father in law) to the cleaning ladies with the same kind of cheerful respect and friendliness.
    “I’ll ask our graphics department for you,” I told him. “Thanks!” he called out heartily before rushing out again. T.O.P is the country’s biggest media group. We publish about 25 to 30 magazines ranging from sports to women’s magazine, not to mention books and periodicals along side the four TV channels under the T.O.P name and 3 different radio stations. Running around the fifteen story building to all the departments would take a little time, particularly if they’re trying to beat a one hour deadline. Changjo’s magazine, ‘Paradiso’ is a niche market magazine so they were not a big crew. About ten of them including their 4 freelancers so that meant six full time staffs who were currently scrambling in search of the pictures. I suppose most people would probably think, ‘what’s all the fuss about? It’s only a picture.’ The truth is, in the magazine publishing world, there’s no such thing as a ‘random picture’. Everything that goes on a page, from the article to the last squiggle has to be carefully planned and edited. Once it goes to the printers you don’t have the chance to make any more corrections. Deadline in getting the issue to the printers is also an absolute must. Delay means delay in release and that can never do. It’s a cutthroat world out there with millions of magazines vying for readership so a good editor knows that every little detail counts. So yes, even something as mundane as a picture of Chrysanthemum flowers can cause a scurry in the editorial team.

    I called our graphic’s department and told them to start looking before turning back to the program schedule I had in front of me on my desk. ‘Choices’ has been getting good feedback from our viewers and I’m proud of it. The section was one of my brainchild and it’s focused on individuals in unique careers, like a female professional boxer in our last week’s episode – or in this episode’s case; a male wedding planner. Breaking gender stereotype is something I’m all for and Choices helps with that goal. But since the brilliant wedding planner cancelled on us, there’s nothing we can do about that.

    [L.Joe's POV]

    “I don’t know why you had to cancel on them,” Soeun said thoughtfully as she chewed on the carrot stick. She’s still on another one of her diets – something which I just don’t understand about Soeun because she really doesn’t need to lose weight. She’s already as skinny as a stick but she refuses to believe me. Then again, she refuses to believe her boyfriend too and he’s always insisting that’s she’s thin. Her boyfriend, Siwon is my late girlfriend’s step brother.

    Late? Well, you can say that God loves her more but I’ll save that story for another day. “Cancel on who?” I asked as I arranged the last centrepiece on the table. This wedding hall is going to be perfection tomorrow. “That interview from T.O.P. You could have easily had their crew come here instead and interview you while you work...” “I hate people bothering me when I’m working,” I said, looking at Soeun, “You know that.” “Sure I know that, but I also know you’re regretting your decision.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I lied, turning back to the flower arrangement but she laughed at me instead as she pulled out a business card from the file she was holding, turning it in her hand. ~~~~~ -----’s business card “Really?” she teased, “Well, I suppose you won’t be needing THIS then.” Oh no. I shouldn’t beg. Must not beg. Must... NOT... Beg....
    “You don’t want it?” Soeun grinned, “Oh, okay then. I guess I’ll just chuck it. Not like you can call them and reschedule the interview right? She did say that the show is already filled for the next three months...”