• Hikari:Guess Ima go outside to see whats so silent.
    -Walks in streets-
    Hikari:No cars?They usually have traffic at this time of evening.
    -A girl sees Hikari-
    Hikari:Whos that behind the dumpster?
    A girl?
    Girl:Hi...Are you not hiding?
    Girl:I'll explain later.I'm Suzuri and I'm 7.
    -Hikari and Suzuri hide,seeing a tall man(?) walking slowly across the streets.When he goes out of sight,Hikari and Suzuri get out-
    Hikari:How 'bout now?
    Suzuri:There was an infection,and a man named Ippitsu was infected and became a Momen.
    Suzuri:Ippitsu is my grandfather..and a Momen is a slow zombie that pretty much kills you.
    Hikari:Are there any other survivors?
    -A boy gets out of dumpster-
    Boy:Hi,I'm Utsuho and im 5.
    Suzuri:I have a Bokken and Utsuho has a racquet.You?
    Hikari:I have a Tatso home.
    Suzuri:Lets go find more people.