• "You obviously don't understand." He said through his smirk. "What don't we understand, Jinx?" Zachary shouted aggresivly towards him. His fangs were threatning to rip apart his own mouth. The chains around his wrists were trying to be yanked out of the wall, but not even a vampire's strength can do that.
    "Why vampires were created in the first place! We were created to over-run and destroy the human population. We are the rulers now, Zack. And if you won't cooperate--" "We need humans to servive! Without humans, there wouldn't be vampires!!" Zachary was litteraly bleeding from the mouth. His fangs scraped against his gums, and blood filled his taste.
    "And that's where you are wrong, my dear Zachary." Jinx was about to say something else, but August interupted. "What do you mean?" Zachary looked at her, because this was the first time she spoke up in the last 20 minutes. Jinx's sight trailed over to the girl, chained to the wall across the room. Just seeing her so helpless and weak made his mouth water.
    He started to walk towards her slowly. "How would we get blood to survive? Animal blood doesn't cut if for us, remember?" She asked. When he got close enough, he grabbed her chin in his palm and leveled her head to his liking. "Simple. We drink our own kind's blood." His grin sent a shiver down her spine. Those words reminded her about the time where she accidentally drank Zachary's blood. It was the worst thing she would ever expierence.
    "Are you Mad?" She growled at him. He laughed in response. "Think of all those innocent lives you're taking! Elders, Vetrans, and Children are all going to die because of your stupid proposition!" "Sacrafices will have to be made, sweety." He dropped her head and walked back towards the center of the room. "Alot of Vampire's lives will be taken as well. But maybe you will be spared, and able to see the beggining of the new world. But that's only if your a good girl." He turned back to what was Zachary, but his presence was gone. All that was there was lose shackels and drops of blood.
    "Where did he-" He started, but then Zachary jumped on his back from behind and tackled him to the ground. As they wrestled and punched each other, August felt the cuff around her wrist getting loose. She looked and saw Synth sticking a key into the cuff's keyhole. "Synth?" August asked, confused. Synth put a finger to her lips and unlocked both cuffs. As August massaged her wrists, Synth pulled her towards the other side of the warehouse to where they couldn't be seen.
    "What are you doing?" August asked. "What Jinx is doing is wrong. I want to see if I can change his mind, but it's not going to be easy. I need you guys to get out of here, and fast." Even though Synth is Jinx's younger sister, she does know right from wrong. They peeked out from the side of the wall, and saw Zachary's body laying on the ground as he moaned in pain and held his side. "Zachary!" August yelled and ran towards the man she loved. "No-!" Synth warned, but it was already too late. Jinx grabbed August by the neck and pinned her to the wall.
    "Trust me, he doesn't need your help." Jinx wispered in her ear. "I know he doesn't. But I made a promise to him." She said through her clenched teeth, as she tried to catch her breath. "Oh, really? And what is that promise?" He asked, catching what he thought was a bluff. "I will always stay by his side, if he's always by mine. If I'm in trouble, he would do anything to get me out of it. And now he's in trouble, so I'm going to kick your @ss."
    She kicked him in the stomach as hard as she could. He loosened his grip and she slid back down the wall. She got to her feet and she jabbed him with her fingers in a pressure point Zachary taught her about. He lost the feeling in his legs, and dropped to his knees. She kicked him in the face, and he fell back in defeat. August ran to Zachary.
    "You okay?" She asked him, out of breath. He sat up, then replied, "I'm fine," he put his hand on her neck, pointing out grip marks left by Jinx. "Are you okay?" She nodded, and helped him up. They looked back at Jinx's body, which was gone. "Dammit! I lost him!" she cursed under her breath.
    They then heard a cry of pain from the other side of the warehouse. They rushed there thinking the same thing: 'Synth is hurt.' When they turned the corner, August's eyes widned. Jinx twisted the blade going through Synth's stomach, and pulled it out slowly. Synth's eyes turned emotionless, something August never expected to see. She let out a breath and fell to the ground, lifeless.