• Tori used SCHTICK on Scout Haunter!
    Scout Haunter: emotion_jawdrop AWAAAAAAAARGHGHGH
    Scout Haunter Pops.
    Tori:Okay,so which door do I enter?
    Door 1-Just a Normal Everyday Wooden Simple Plain Door.
    Door 2-Dark and Purple,bats around it,thunder,rain,and a 'Hazard" and "Keep Out" sign.
    Door 3-Pretty pink door with butterflies,flowers,birds,rainbows and glitter. emotion_kirakira
    Tori: ........
    I wanna go to door 2 emotion_awesome
    Goes through door
    Tori:Hmmmm....Whats so-
    Tori: emotion_0A0 Y U POP OUT OF NOWERE GOAST
    Contacts:Child Onlooker-Very loud.You get startled easily.Dosent do damage.Pointless.