• I glared at my trembling hands as he was there at one moment and gone the next...
    "Where did he go?" I asked my self confused. a cold hand touched my shoulder and I flinched back, and my eyes met his gaze. I quickly looked into the dancing crowd to the majestic waltz, and i stared back at him... his eyes stuck on my crystal idol on my orange and yellow dress as my heart skipped a beat...I blinked my green eyes and he questioned me "May I have this dance?" I froze for a moment and I nodded. He grasped my hand and we danced to the Music.

    As I stepped out into the cold flowing air outside on the balconey. He smiled and climbed onto the edge, and I stared at him "Dont fall.. Be Careful!" I said laughing at the moment he put his leg over..He waved me over and I stared into his eyes. I grasped the balconey and he reached over and grabbed the Crystal Idol. I Gasped loosing my breath as he laughed and he jumped over the edge, and Colonel Keiss came to my screams of horror as he ran off 15 floors below me. I grasped my hand at where the Idol was.

    "This cant be happening!" I screamed and hit my hand on the edge. Colonel Keiss grabbed my bleeding hand and hugged me to get comforted...I screamed in his chest and tears ran down my red face

    "My father is going to KILL me Keiss..." I said crying with fear of his beatings... Keiss frowned and kissed my forehead, and told me with a soft voice " Its ok Princess, you're going to be fine.
    and with down thoughts I knew my Kingdom was coming to an end, my Crystal Idol is gone, so I have nothing to guard..

    "I Will find you.. and I Will kill you..." I loly said in the chilly night air...