• the list that lays before me is utterly sickening to even think of things that might hint to it. Which, in retrospect, would be things like me. Some people say I am heartless and only do my job. But then those people either don't think, are heartless, or just plain idiotic assholes. I have a soul, just like you (possibly), I just have a line of work that made me leave my family. I am shunned by the world and constantly sent after to be assassinated.
    The list itself with like curdling milk to my eyes, and as i glanced at the first name on the list, it both brought a pain to my heart and tears to my eyes. I dragged myself away and laid down to wait for the pain and suffering to come.
    I never got the chance to feel the whole life of the girl whom i'd seen on the list, for at that moment a soft knocking erupted from my door. The door softly creaked open at my gestures, and in flew in Jaden, my childhood friend from when i still was in my home land and not in this foreign wasteland. She immediately rushed to my side and started fussing over me, as she always seemed to every time we met.
    Her icy blue eyes were full of worry, her raven black hair framing her face perfectly to show that she could be both majestic when serious and a cute little scatterbrain when not calm. Her naturally black lips were speaking, but i couldn't fixate on their words for long.
    "...and you really need to take better care of yourself, Kurayami! You've been starving yourself again, haven't you? Really, what would my sisters say if they saw you lie this? What would Panikura do?!" My ears perked at the mention of her name, and my heart slightly fluttered and calmed itself down.
    "Panikura," I chuckled softly, "How has she been doing lately, Jaden-chan?" I softly ruffled her hair and smiled mischievously, "You and your little sister complex."
    She blushed and stiffened her lower lip, stubborn as always.
    "I'm going to sleep now, Jaden... Can you let me take a little nap and take a look at the list so i can stay alive?" I chuckled at the irony of my words. Jaden sighed, giving up on me listening to her fussing.
    I awoke later to see Jaden speaking with her, Panikura, the Russian assassin that I'd had a secret crush on since we were 5, although I think it was fairly obvious since i continually gave her gifts and flowers. I smiled, knowing i was in good hands, and slept for the first time in the 4 years i had been in this line of work.
    I seriously needed a new job....