• The scientist in a white labcoat sat staring at me with a pen poised over his clipboard. My hands were clammy and I clasped them in my lap.

    "Your name is Alexandra Carter correct?" He pushed his glasses up his rather pasty face.

    "Yes sir." I smiled. "Alexandra Lynn Carter born June 18th, 1995. I'm Irish and Native American. My parents are divorced with my dad in Ireland and my mother in Arizona. I have a younger sister who is a year and two months younger than I. Her name is Cathyrin." I paused.

    "Thank you for answering the rest of my questions about your family and yourself." His face grew mottled red.

    "Sorry sir." I blushed and bent my head, wishing Dev was in the room with me.

    "Now you applied for the Moro project because you want to help the future correct?" I nodded and he quickly wrote a note on the paper. "Now, we have accepted your application because you have some potential credentials that we could really use. It says here that you are a budding mechanic?"

    "Yes sir. My mother's boyfriend is very into mechanics and I learned from him."

    "Very good." He smiled, his face draining back to the pasty color once again. "You can choose to heighten two senses. What would they be?"

    I bit my lip, thinking deeply. Finally, I looked up. "I want to increase my sense of smell as well as heighten my eyesight please." He drew back and I quickly explained. "Smell and eyesight are important in any aspect of life. I've had bad vision all my life and I grew up with a smoker. So my sense of smell has never been all that great."

    "Very sensible of you. Alright. Follow me out to the cryo room and I'll show you your capsule." He stood and moved rapidly out the door and down the hall. Scrambling, I raced after him.

    He led me to a cold room full of tanks that were about 7 feet long 4 feet wide. Each one had a small name plate on the end. He led me to a set of two that were next to each other. The one on the right had my name and I made out Dev on the other which immediately made me look around for him. And there he was, standing next to another scientist. He shot me a grin and I returned it before tuning back into the scientist's spiel.

    "This is where you will be frozen in cryo." I gently ran a finger over the surface. He explained a few more things and then I was released to go and wait for the freezing.

    "Hi there beautiful." Dev wrapped his arms around my waist and I leaned back into his warmth.

    "We're actually doing this aren't we Dev? I can't believe. It's surreal."

    "I know love." He kissed the top of my head softly and I smiled.

    We stood there for a long while as a lot of people shuffled into the room. I noticed a beautiful redhead striding into the room. She gravitated towards us with a smile on her face.

    "Hope you guys are ready for this." She patted my head and then danced off.

    Twenty minutes later, the group of scientists came back into the room. Dev grabbed my hand and I stood straight.

    "Please move towards your tanks now. Then follow our instructions to the letter." Dev and I hurried over to the tanks with our hands still linked. Then we stood by the ends and waited patiently.

    "Now. Men and women both, please remove your clothing and fold it and place it at the end of your cryogenic tanks." My face bright red, I did as told. Then I waited. "Now pop open your tanks and lay down inside them. We will come around and close you in and begin the cryo process." Apprehensively, I laid down on the soft mat. Crossing my hands over my stomach, I turned my head to look at Dev. He met my gaze and I focused solely on him.

    "Are you all tucked in ma'am?" One of the white coats came over and began fiddling with the control panel.

    "Yes sir, thank you sir." I slowly relaxed into a completely prone position while the glass came down and sealed with a hiss. Momentary panic set in before I felt myself getting sleepy. Wanting to see Dev one more time, I looked over and caught his gaze once again. He smiled and then I blacked out, aware only of cold air assaulting me before total oblivion.