• A/N 'Ello everyone, this is a story I thought up while rewatching my favorite season of Digimon, the 4th(A.K.A Digimon Frontier). I was browsing both DeviantArt and Fanfiction, couldn't find any good adventure stories for this inparticular season. Nor could I find one story that doesn't include Yaoi or Yuri, any good any OC's(I'm sure everyone's was great they just didn't appeal to me), or a story that focuses on the side characters like J.P(Junpei), or Tommy(Tomoki), or even Zoe(Izumi). Anyway, I'm getting way off track here, This story is about Tommy, it takes place 3 years after the original Frontier story, Tommy's now 11. He's called back to the digital world, but it wasn't like before. The 'Ten Legendary Warriors' have disappeared, and something else new to Tommy, a digimon partner?? I'd like feed back on this story if you don't mind. I'll admit it's really cheesy, and almost angsty for the first 3 or 4 chapters, but if you'll bare with me it'll get better.
    I also have an account on DeviantArt, I submit both my Visual artwork, and Written there. I think it's easier to see it there. I've already got up to Ch. 7 uploaded there.

    Chapter 1: Special delivery!
    Another day another 36 bucks, was what a bed headed 11 year old thought as he pulled himself out of bed at 4 in the morning getting ready for his morning job; Delivering newspaper. His older brother said he should get out of the house more often, “Breathe the fresh air.” he said. Following that came a threat, “If you don’t get a hobby/job I’ll get one for you…..”. His brother had found a flyer for the Tae Kwon Do class at school the next day, but luckily this kid had a plan. Little did he know at the time that the job included early mornings. He had to be up by 4:00, out the house by 4:45, and to the distribution dock by 5:15. Putting on a green and white striped T, and a pair of baggy orange cargo pants, he rushed down the stairs so fast he hit the wall, or something.
    “Uh M-morning Yutaka.”
    “Tommy….” Yutaka grunted, an and thrust the small boy off, grunting again he made his way to the stair way and groggily climbed up the stairs. Tommy sat at the bottom step until he heard the sound of a slamming door. Tommy sighed, the two hadn’t been on good terms for awhile. Not even since he came back from the digital world. It had been 3 years since that awesome adventure. Since then he had loved traveling, and went nuts even when his mom went out to the grocery store begging to come along for the ride. Letting the scenes from a distant world play out in his head. “Beep-beep” His watch sounded, 4:15 he now had 30 minutes for breakfast.
    He got to work straight away, seconds later he was wolfing down a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. Just as he was helping himself to 5th bowl of cereal, his pocket rang. Reaching inside for his phone then flipping it open he was surprised to get not a call, but a text message.
    ‘Tommy be here by 4:45, we’re a little low on carriers today.’ - Yamamoto
    “Beep-beep” It was his watch again, ………….4:30?! “Oh no!” He fell out his chair, “I gotta go!” As he scrambled up his cereal bowl was knocked of the table by his elbow. Not looking back he ran towards the front door, and swiped a camouflage jacket right off the coat hanger. His sneakers weren’t even tied when he sprinted out to his bicycle. Pushing peddle after peddle furiously. He was down the block, and out of sight before, a very loud ‘TOOOOMMY’ came from the his home’s open doorway.
    Down the streets he flew, enjoying the breeze of the cool morning air, making him forget, temporarily, that his legs were on fire. Tommy quickly became familiar with shortcuts, for they helped get through his routes quicker. Though these detours had past, when he was younger he was picked on a lot, so thin, and dark alley ways were the perfect places for hiding, and quicker ways to run home. Drifting to make a sharp right turn, ‘This way will take me straight to the ’docks’.’ Tommy smiled to himself he loved being clever.
    Finally reaching the ‘distribution building’, as Tommy named it, he skidded to halt right in front of the back door. He searched his pockets for a key, but the door opened just as he was about to stick the key in the hole. The person responsible stood before him with a pair of blue lens glasses black Kingdom Hearts hoodie, and a white PSP in hand. “Your early, well earlier.” said the latter.
    “Kuroyama-” Tommy started,
    but Kuroyama interrupted, “That’s the AWESOME MR. EPICKUROYAMA to you.”
    Tommy laughed, “Okay, *ahem* The AWESOME MR. EPICKUROYAMA why did I have to come in early today??”
    “Weeeell since you asked so nicely…… Packages.”
    “Huh, what do you mean ‘packages‘?”
    “What I mean is packages, simple as that.” He then walked away from the door allowing Tommy to come in. “Whoa….” The room was filled top to bottom with boxes of almost every shape, and size. “AWESOME MR. EPICKUROYAMA what’s with all these boxes?”
    “Our industry’s expanding isn’t it great! We’re now delivering mail toooooooo!” The way Kuroyama was swooning over the boxes meant that he wasn’t kidding.
    “Anyway kiddo, here’s the your new route map.” He handed Tommy a folded up sheet of paper.
    ‘Not good, folded papers mean big routes.‘ Tommy looked up at Kuroyama pleading in silence for a smaller route, or an unfolded paper. Apparently not getting the message Kuroyama just made the same big teary-eyed face back.
    “What are we doing?” he whispered.
    Realized it was a lost cause Tommy answered with “Nothing.”
    ‘Aww I wanted get done early today, and I don’t see how that’s possible now.’ Tommy groaned.
    “Hey Tommy!” Someone yelled from…..above?
    Tommy looked up to see a boy no more then 15 with a red checker T-shirt, and Khakis on. “Yamamoto?”
    “Yup!” Yamamoto yelled again, and with that he slid down the cardboard mountain. “And guess what you’ll be delivering 50 packages today! Congratulations!”
    He gave a mocking laugh.
    ‘My day couldn’t get any worse, could it?’ The former Warrior of Ice, slumped to the ground. “Get up, mail doesn’t deliver itself y’know!” Yamamoto picked Tommy up by the arms, and marched him towards the door. Everything’s being loaded onto the delivery scooter now, good luck!” *WHAM!!* That was it the door closed, and now looking around to his task, it was going to be strenuous…………………..
    “I really wish I was Kumamon again, this wouldn’t be any problem for him….” The defeated 11 year old mumbled to himself as he zipped up, and down the street again, and again. Searching for the address his last package was to go to, it was now 6:47, and Tommy was tired, and wanted to get home for at least, an extra 5 minutes of sleep. He yawned as he glanced down at the package again, it seemed like every time he looked down the address changed, but that couldn’t happen could it? For the 14th time he turned around looking from door to door for the packages destination. He decided to look back down at the address again:
    Himi Tomoki
    432 Kame Ave.
    560712 ______, __

    ………………………… “That’s my address!! It’s for me?!”