• vampire vs. vampire,huh great what does that have to do with me"? I asked, kicking a near can.

    The group turned round ,and looked at me as if i had said justin beiber was the greatest.

    "One ,those 'other vamires' aim to destroy the whole world,second as an infantry you do exactly what your told!!!"fSpark yelled, obviously trying to get brownie points to the captian.Everyone else kept staring at me.

    'geez , did'nt know your were such a girlscout when comes to following .Espically if it includes being ripped limb from limb.Besides im not infantry,im in the spy department,too."I said

    "for such great spy you sure do have a mouth,do you scream people's ears off to get t information?"Spark sneered.

    "Another mission please"! Changing the subject, I was done with going in circles

    Spark sat down ,and went to sharpening his blade.

    "The spider vampires have a very powerful dicator,trave motis,plus the poison they inherit is so lethal we might as well try to get brownie points with their side".

    there he goes again,agrueing at one time ,then being a little angel at another.Guess just his personality.

    "Again what does this have do with me?" I repeated, sitting.

    Spark was finished sharpening ,and was polishing the handle, ignoring me.The captian answered with quick explantion.

    " Last time your cousin jade helped us agianst them , and she was able to stand up agianst them.She had some sort of healing process that was immune.She Could do hand to hand combat without worrying about the poison."
    " what makes you think I could it , too?" I responded, I've heard alot about trave motis,and I really didnt want to get involved.But it seemed somebody knew the right button to push.
    " maybe because your cousin told us ,and she would have wanted you to help."