• In the year 2110 a new branch of the human race has appeared Homo daemons or Daemons for short. The Earthen Government has decreed that all Daemons be forbidden to exist until more is known about them. If a Daemon is suspected to exist then said Daemon is to be immediately detained and experimented on. With that said, I welcome you to Earth: Year 2135: Human Population: 10.5 billion. Good Luck keeping out of the prying eyes of the Normie Government.


    Chapter One

    "Alex," my sister, Maria, called over the blare of the radio. I was hunched over a workstation currently trying to update my web comic on FaceFastComics.com, but nothing was coming to me…if I hadn't of jumped in before I mapped everything out. Oy Vey.

    "What," I asked. She shut off the radio and glared at me.

    "Mama is waiting for you in the Sanctuary." I dropped my digipen and hi-tailed it downstairs, through the secret door in the wall, and made my way through the twisting mazes to the Sanctuary.

    [Mama, are you here?] Mama whirled around in the swivel chair located in the back right corner. The room was a small square with a computer, refrigerator, and a small stove. There wasn't much on bedding since the Federal Agents only stay for an hour or two.

    [I've been worried sick, Alex; I thought I told you to come straight home from Art class.] Mama was a native born of Northern Russia and she taught me the language.

    [Sorry, Mama, but I had to stop at Raven's house.] Mama nearly had a heart attack.

    [Raven!? Raven of the Fears!? That boy is NOTHING but trouble, why would you be going there?] I bit my lip; I didn't want her to know about the recent Order of the Darkness.

    [Answer me, boy, why?] I sighed, might as well.

    [Raven and I have been gathering the secret Daemon society to form a rebel group called the Order of the Darkness.] Mama clutched her heart.

    [No son of mine is going into any rebel group, never mind the fact that you're a Daemon. The feds have enough on you for being what you are; I'm not going to add to this to your record.]

    [Mama, I'm already in it. I've created a calling card and everything.]

    [Calling card? What is this calling card?] I took it out to show her.

    [Oh, Alex, that's your nineteenth birthday party, and what have you done? It looks like you took a Picture Negatizer to it.]

    [I did, everyone did.]

    [Everyone, who all is in this rebel group of yours,] Mama asked. I hated to rat everyone out, but I could never lie to my mother.

    [Delilah, Daniella, Fynn, Raven, Lucifer, Jesse, Lilith, Helven, Vivian, the Daemon Twins Gemini and Taurus, Hextor, Nina, and the Prince Aiden are all conspiring to change the way things are.]

    [Normies are in on this as well?] I meekly nodded. [What has the world come to?] Then there was a loud thump above us, and Mama motioned for me to be quiet.

    [I'll see what's up there; you stay here just in case.] I nodded. Mama made her way out into the corridor and swung a right going to the secret staircase above. I bite my lip harder to keep myself from going after her. Then I saw the screen on the computer pop up and the message:

    'Everything is ready, Alexander of the Shadows, proceed to Phase B of operation: Announce the Order of the Darkness'
    Raven, I knew I could always count on you.