• Gunners #1 The Secret War
    Sorrows of War
    My name is Hakuru Sakura, they use to call me Bio #01, a bio weapon, a soldier and a clone. A lot of them call us soldiers of war, because we fought the secret war. I was created to be used to stop a project that could wipe out the entire world and rule all of the planet resources; I was put into a platoon squad, a squad who are put into the frontlines of death. Our squad was known as Bio7 Squad. And this is our secret war
    Chapter 01: The Secret War
    Soldier: damn it! We’re getting pin down here! Where the hell is our back up?!
    2nd Soldier: this is Squad A! We need back up on the frontlines! We’re getting pin down here where the hell is our back up?!
    Radio: back up is on the way!
    Soldier: it’s been two hours now! There should have been here by now!
    2nd Soldier: damn it!
    2nd Soldier: somebody take care of that tank!
    3rd Soldier: sir we ran out of ammunition! At this rate we’ll all be dead!
    Soldier: damn it! I don’t wanna die here! I have a family back home!
    Suddenly someone blew a tank
    2nd Soldier: what the?!
    Soldier: what the..?
    In the smoke a girl who has long blue hair with dark blue eyes came walking out of the smothering smoke with her right armored shoulder pad and her armored gauntlets, she had half metal and leather boots, leather battle suit with an armored chest plate, she holds an M16, a heavy armored gun, with ten shells loaded
    The Heavy Armored Gun known as the H.A.G, is a weapon that weights more than a human being, its shells can demolish any human vehicle and can pierce through any armored metal
    2nd Soldier: is that….
    3rd Soldier: that’s the Bio #01 they were all talking about!
    Soldier: no way!
    Bio #01: initiating right armored arm, firing H.A.G at 12 o’clock
    Soldier: wait why is she aiming at us?!
    2nd Soldier: everybody r-
    3rd Soldier: huh…?
    Soldier: a Heavy Assault Suit was behind us?!
    Bio #01: mission completed all soldiers all green.
    Soldier: ah man, thanks for saving our hide there!
    2nd Soldier: did the B.W.F sent you?
    Bio #01: yes sir, I was ordered to give you back up on the front lines sir!
    3rd Soldier: that’s a lot of high tech gear she’s wearing, a normal human can’t even lift all this stuff all the way here
    Soldier: even that gun, isn’t that the H.A.G they were all talking about too?
    2nd Soldier: that model is suppose to be the main prototype for the Heavy Artillery Weapon that the company is working on, this is just an early built model
    Soldier: hey what’s that she’s carrying?
    Bio #01: I was ordered to carry some ammo here
    She drops the crate and opens it
    3rd Soldier: look! Rocket ammunition!
    2nd Soldier: the B.W.F is sure generous huh?
    Soldier: I’m pretty sure this bio weapon knows our mission is right?
    2nd Soldier: you, answer my question do you know the mission?
    Bio #01: yes, to give you back up and support and to help you eliminate Park Tronski
    3rd Soldier: yep that’s correct; this Park Tronski guy has been trying to take over half of this land
    I can’t believe they actually hired us to do this, man don’t they know a 4 man squad can’t take on an army?
    2nd Soldier: can it Jocks, we came here to assassinate Park, if we don’t well this b*****d is going to take over half of the land, and after that
    His going to take over America
    Soldier: well then, who’s got a sniper? It would be much easier if-
    She gets out a sniper rifle from the crate
    2nd Soldier: you were saying?
    Soldier: whatever
    3rd Soldier: come on we should get going
    They began walking to their destination point and sees Park Tronski
    Soldier: there’s that b*****d!
    2nd Soldier: you got the explosives ready
    3rd Soldier: got it
    Soldier: this should destroy their supplies
    2nd Soldier: do it!
    Park: what?!
    Soldier: attack!
    Park: hmph
    His men came in with shields attached
    Soldier: shields?!
    Park: you think you could just come in and attack?
    You already fallen into my trap already
    Activate, Code Zero
    The Violet Weapon
    A large cannon came and aimed it at the three soldiers
    Soldier: oh crap we’re done for!
    2nd Soldier: huh?!
    Soldier: phew…. Our sniper got it
    3rd Soldier: it’s a good thing we got her using the sniper huh sir?
    2nd Soldier: you’re done for Park Tronski!
    Park: you think a lousy sniper can take me out?
    Fools, you have no idea what I’m actually capable of
    Park got shot in the head
    Soldier: wow, is that all Park? Haha what an idiot
    Park: hahaha….
    2nd Soldier: what the?!
    Park got up as his head began to heal, veins began popping out of his whole body as his hands had a mass destructive power
    3rd Soldier: what the ********?!
    2nd Soldier: open fire!
    3rd Soldier: eat this!
    He fires out a rocket launcher but no affect got him
    Soldier: no no no! We’re screwed! Let’s get out of here!
    2nd Soldier: I guess… we’re done for
    Park: behold of my power!
    Park fires out a large huge beam from his hand but suddenly Bio #01 jumps in with her huge armored gun and began pushing back against Park
    Park: what?!!!!
    Soldier: look! It’s that bio girl!
    2nd Soldier: she’s…. she’s pushing him back?!
    Bio #01: initiating…..
    Maximum power….
    Bio #01: ah….
    The Gun began melting away but her whole body began pushing and pushing
    Bio #01: RAAAHHHH!!!!!!
    Park: what no?!!!!
    This is impossible!
    Bio #01 vanquished his power as she jumps up and slams the H.A.G weapon upon him
    Bio #01: ….
    Mission Accomplish
    Bio #01: Park Tronski, has been eliminated, returning to base
    Soldier: hey
    Bio #01: ?
    Soldier: let’s all take a picture!
    2nd Soldier: seriously? Why?
    Soldier: come on man, this is my last mission anyway, I thought I could take a picture of all four of us, come whaddya say?
    2nd Soldier: guess it can’t be helped, alright come on! Hurdle in!
    Bio #01 was in the middle standing as the rest was sitting down
    3rd Soldier: heh, this would make a great photo album
    Soldier: well I got a bunch in the album, well Bio-
    2nd Soldier: she’s not a Bio girl Lieutenant
    She’s our comrade
    Bio #01: Comrade?
    2nd Soldier: it means you’re our friend now
    I’m glad they sent you to back us up
    Bio #01: I was only ordered to-
    3rd Soldier: come on! We should all celebrate!
    Soldier: huh? Hey look that’s our chopper!
    2nd Soldier: well looks like we all get to go home, coming comrade?
    Bio #01: understood
    After the mission, Bio #01 was finally dropped off to the B.W.F Head Quarters
    Scientist: alright! Careful with her! try not to break her! jeez, well now Bio #01, how are you feeling today?
    Bio #01: no damage has been sustained sir, the mission was a success
    Scientist: glad to hear it, I see you’ve already tested out the early model of the H.A.G, so?
    How was it? Was it fun?
    Bio #01: the H.A.G managed to destroy multiple targets, however it sustained incredible damage against Park Tronski
    Scientist: hm well, we’ll just have to repair it, you’ve fought Park Tronski correct?
    You used the H.A.G as a shield; you’re the most clever bio weapon of them all
    And you even killed him with the weapon, is there anything else you “can’t” do?
    Scientist: oh well, let’s just get you to rest; we’ll call you when we need you
    Bio #01: understood
    As Bio #01 walks to her resting station, Onimaru the head of the directors of the B.W.F stands on inside of a tower with the rest of his scientists
    Onimaru: give me a full report on Bio #01
    2nd Scientist: yes sir, she was the one that escaped from our trucks when one of the two tubes fell from Mt Fuji sir
    Onimaru: what else?
    2nd Scientist: well her growing process has exceeded at an enormous rate, she began to grow at an age of 9 in just five months
    Onimaru: five months?
    2nd Scientist: her and the other bio weapon was being taken care of by Rukina Sakura and Tomoka Fujiwara
    Onimaru: them two? Didn’t them two disappeared when they stopped the ancient rocket?
    2nd Scientist: well actually, we found them dead a few years ago
    Onimaru: ……
    2nd Scientist: we believed they’ve been attacked by an unknown murderer, the only one that survived was Bio #01, but the other bio died
    Onimaru: I see, how were the missions that were given to Bio #01?
    3rd Scientist: most likely none of them had failed, she’s been working alone every time they sent her on missions and such
    Onimaru: I must’ve missed out a lot
    Keep an eye on her, this one is special for a normal bio weapon
    3rd Scientist: yes sir
    Onimaru: also, that H.A.G, when was it tested?
    2nd Scientist: just today sir, we just given it to her to test it out on the fields to back up Squad A when they were assigned to eliminate Park Tronski
    Onimaru: you mean the one that has been trying to take over America?
    2nd Scientist: yes
    Onimaru: hm…..
    This one is indeed special; I may have a team for her
    3rd Scientist: you mean like the Elite Bios?
    Onimaru: yes, there are a lot of special brilliant bios
    A few of them can think with their own minds
    Onimaru: someday this one might think with her own mind too, or either way she might someday go berserk on the company, prepare a team
    I want a team that can think of strategy, work together like one, have leadership
    Onimaru: mix it up with humans too, I don’t want all of the bio weapons to be in one team, I want you all to go around the world and find the best soldiers you can find, and also I want one of you to assign some bio weapons in one as well
    2nd Scientist: yes sir
    Onimaru: I just hope that this time doesn’t run into….
    Meanwhile later
    Afghanistan U.S Bunkers
    Hello I’m looking for a…. Rachael Clark?
    Rachael: yep that’s me alright, you need something?
    I hear you’re the best of the best; I came here to recruit you in a special team
    Rachael: special team huh? What kind?
    A one of a kind with the best of the best in the whole world, teams that can take on anything in the front lines and can work together like one, how about it?
    It will make worth your while, not to mention we’re paying good money
    Rachael: heh, money huh? I don’t care about money; all I care about is protecting what’s dear to me but…..
    If you say so
    Rachael: besides I’m sick of sitting out here in the desert, fine I’ll join you
    United Kingdom Air Force
    I’m looking for Leon Davidson?
    Leon: that’s me mate, what you want?
    I hear you’re the best pilot Leon; you could also pilot a helicopter
    Leon: bloody hell, of course I can I can pilot anything, heck if I had time to get off this bloody ship I could pilot a ******** tank
    Well then, would you like to join a special team then?
    Leon: a special team? What’s the catch?
    Join and you’ll get a lot of money in your bank account, each mission you complete we’ll put in the extra pay, besides the B.W.F can provide anything you need
    Leon: the B.W.F huh? Isn’t that where they develop new weapons and stuff?
    Yes, we could even give you better machines to pilot with
    Leon: well I’ll be….
    Alright chap! You got yourself a bloody pilot, let’s go
    Russia Soviet Union Army
    Open the cell
    Guard: but she is still-
    Just open it will be fine
    The door was opened as he walked in
    Hello, you must be Valentina correct?
    No last name I see
    Valentina: what is it…. That you want?
    I have to recruit you in a special team
    Valentina: special team?
    I belong here, in my cell
    If I join this…. Special team, they would just end up dead because of me
    What you did out there wasn’t you’re fault, it was too late anyway
    Well Valentina, this special team doesn’t intend to die that easily
    Once you get out of this cell, you can change everything; this special team might save the world as well
    Do this and you might also serve your mother Russia well
    We can even give you a proper normal life once you are done in the military and with the Special Team
    I’m here to give you a chance Valentina
    Or should I say The Burning Wolf?
    Valentina: …..
    That name is no more
    I am Captain Valentina, my squad was known as The Burning Wolf
    Now…. Lead me to my helicopter
    I want to join this…. Special Team
    Very well, as you do know too that you will be leading this squad because you have a mind of a true general
    Not to mention you have won over fifty operations and have done many suicidal missions
    It was all just for your squad
    What do you want to do after you have retired the military?
    Valentina: do not ask me that meaningless question I want to get out of here, now
    Very well Cpt. Valentina
    Bio #015 you are assigned to a new team
    Bio #015: new…. team?
    Yes a very special team, a squad that can work with humans and bios all together
    Are you up for it Bio #015?
    Bio #015: yes sir
    That goes with you too Bio #01
    Bio #01: yes sir
    And also with Bio #010
    Bio #010: yes sir
    You three will be joining in on a special squad with three soldiers
    There will be more
    Now hurry up and gear up and head down to the briefing station
    Bio #01/Bio #015/ Bio #10: understood sir!
    He heads outside as they all prepare their gear
    Bio #015: Bio #01
    Bio #01: what is it Bio #015?
    Bio #015: what is this…. Team they talk about?
    Bio #01: I don’t know
    I really don’t know
    Onimaru: hm….
    Onimaru sees a helicopter as it lands, but Valentina just jumps off the helicopter and lands on her feet
    Valentina: Cpt. Valentina reporting for duty sir!
    Onimaru: at ease, you must be Valentina correct?
    Valentina: yes sir, I heard about this special squad you wanted me to be in
    Onimaru: yes, we have recruited people around the world, the best of the best, however you’ll need to start off with only the six of you, the others you will meet will join you once you meet them in your missions
    Valentina: what about weapons?
    Onimaru: we have every weapon you need
    Valentina: equipment?
    Onimaru: that too
    Valentina: good
    Please come in
    Valentina opens the door and meets up with the rest of the squad
    Rachael: yo cap! You must be our new squad leader! What’s up?!
    Valentina: I’d advise you to address me as Captain
    Rachael: woops, sorry Captain!
    Valentina: who are you soldier?
    Rachael: oh, the names Sergeant Rachael Clark, reporting for duty!
    Valentina: I see what about him?
    Leon: oh sorry didn’t notice you there too busy sleeping
    The names Leon Davidson, I’ll be you’re pilot from now on
    Valentina: what can you pilot?
    Leon: nearly about everything
    Valentina: a master of vehicles I see, I may need of that, and what about them?
    Rachael: heh, their kinda the silent type Cap
    Valentina: hm…..
    You there tell me your name
    Bio #01: my name is Bio #01, I will be working under you from now on
    Valentina: so they only talk if I tell them to
    Mr. Onimaru
    Valentina: what are they?
    Onimaru: their known as bio weapons, their handmade engineered
    Rachael: you mean like robots?
    Onimaru: you could say it like that, they act like real machines but under their body they have the same organs like us, but they function differently than us
    Leon: wait hang on are you saying their humans?!
    Onimaru: not humans Mr. Davidson, their experiments
    Experimental bio weapons created by one of our top scientist
    You could say….
    Leon: damn, I never knew these guys have this kind of technology!
    Valentina: clones….?
    Does your government even allow such thing?
    Onimaru: this was actually secretly built from the government, it has not been ordered by the government nor will the government know, this is our secret organization, we get supplies from other companies we work with except one
    Valentina: and who’s that?
    Onimaru: The Hurisha Company
    Valentina: The Hurisha Company?
    Onimaru: that company has been our enemy for years now, not to mention in the end of WW2 they tried to steal our first bio weapon
    But this bio weapon was a human
    Rachael: human experiments? But how come?
    Onimaru: it is so that we could make something to change the world, this drug we injected her is different from one of our productions, this one could expand her mind even further, predict what her enemy will do, and strike without mercy
    Though she rejected us and managed to escape with one of our top scientist who went missing
    Now enough with the chit chat
    You’re first mission will start tomorrow I want you all to rest
    Valentina: what’s our mission though?
    Onimaru: you are to cut off The Hurisha’s supply route
    Valentina: and what about this station?
    Onimaru: I think you’ll have to split up in two teams
    The Bio’s will handle the airport supplies
    While you handle the truck supplies
    Valentina: so I see, we’ll need explosives then, do we need to capture any supplies then?
    Onimaru: no, there is nothing useful in the trucks, just normal parts, you just need to destroy the route and destroy the trucks
    Valentina: got it
    You’ll deploy next morning, now all of you get some rest, that’s goes the same with you Bio’s
    Valentina: wait, I want that one
    Onimaru: you mean Bio #01?
    Valentina: yes, I need to examine her, may i?
    Onimaru: of course
    Valentina: Bio #01, step forward please
    Bio #01: understood
    Valentina: hm…. This equipment looks heavy, though to her she can still move like a normal human, can she fight bare handed?
    Onimaru: every bio weapon can, she knows tae kwon do and ninjutsu
    Valentina: what’s this?
    Onimaru: that’s known as the H.A.G
    Valentina: a new weapon?
    Onimaru: yes, it is hers now; she knows how to use it than other bio weapons
    Valentina: this one is different, I can smell it, I want her in my room, I’ll need to study
    Onimaru: well as you like
    Valentina: also, put the other bios to bed and I mean an actual bed
    Bio #015 and Bio #010 I order you to sleep on a bed
    Bio #015.Bio#010: understood
    Rachael: what’s gotten into you Cap?
    Valentina: you could say I can see some humanity in these bios, now come along Bio #01; I need to take a look at you
    Leon: well whatever, I’m going back to sleep
    Rachael: me too, just had a rough night on the ride here
    Meanwhile in Valentina’s room
    Valentina: this equipment looks too advance for a normal soldier, radio communications, grenades, not to mention this H.A.G and this new modified SMG
    What are you anyway Bio #01?
    A super soldier? A clone?
    A human?
    Valentina: all of you are very strange; do any of you have a purpose fighting here?
    Of course not, because you are all being controlled by them
    You see me?
    I’m just a human being with no potential
    Back then I led a group to death, a group that would might win the war, though we did succeeded I made many sacrifices
    Those men trusted me, and I trusted them
    They would risk their lives for me, but I did not risk for them, I was selfish, and I made a heavy price
    Bio #01, do not forget, because you are a soldier, you have a purpose to fight
    Every soldier has a purpose to fight, never forget that
    Valentina: well that’s all for now I’ve already examine you, all that’s left is to see you in combat, there’s only room for two for one bed I guess you could sleep next to me
    Come on then comrade
    The next morning
    They were all on a helicopter
    Valentina: you all know the mission, flank them with the rocket
    They have a few tanks with them to protect them all, there’s only around three or four so we must take out one by one, first off attack the front with a mine, and then flank the back
    The Bio’s should know what to do with the air supplies
    Valentina: Leon you’ll give us air support with the F-14 right?
    Radio: yeah, besides I can pilot anything
    Valentina: good, then all is planned
    Let’s make this count!
    As they all landed the other helicopter lands to the nearest airport
    Bio #01 begins hand signs for Bio #015 and 10 to go through first to secure the place
    They all take out the guards and began firing
    Bio #01: maximum input to right arm
    She blasted a huge wave with her fist against the guards
    Bio #01: area is secured, moving on
    Bio #015: …..
    A guard shows and begins shooting at Bio #015 but her armor protected her
    Bio #015: ….
    She aims her SMG and began firing at the guard as he is shot down
    Bio #015: more enemies ahead
    Bio #010: initiating phase 2 then….
    She takes out her grenade launcher and holds out as Bio #01 and Bio #015 goes on ahead
    Suddenly more guards came in
    Guard: don’t let them get through!
    Bio #01 grabs out her combat knife as she runs in and slices all of their necks
    Bio #015 begins to take out both of her SMG’s and began firing at all of the guards
    Bio #015: continue on the mission
    Bio #01: understood
    Bio #01 runs outside and sees the plane outside
    Bio #01: time to eliminate target
    Suddenly another bio weapon showed up but she was one of the Hurisha’s
    Bio #01: initiating combat mode
    She takes out her SMG and fires it at the bio weapon but suddenly her enemy took out a string and destroys her SMG
    Bio #01: firing H.A.G
    The bio weapon jumps up in the sky and kicks Bio #01 in the face, but Bio #01 grabs her leg and breaks it as she turns her hip around and back handed her
    She then takes out her 9mm pistol and fires it at her stomach and kicks her in the head
    She sees a motor bike and jumps on it as she grabs out her H.A.G
    She rides it and goes as fast as she catch up to the plane, she fires the plane with a H.A.G as it crashes down
    Bio #01: mission complete, phase 01 completed
    Radio: good work Bio #01, kill the rest, we’ll handle the truck route
    Bio #01: understood
    As Valentina grabs out her rocket launcher she and the rest of the squad mates hide in the bushes
    Valentina: wait till my order
    Rachael: roger boss
    Leon: I’ll be dropping in ten minutes, let’s make this count
    Valentina: copy that
    The tanks begin to move in closer and closer
    Valentina: in 3….
    Valentina: fire!
    Rachael fires her rocket behind the enemy as Valentina fires her rocket in the front
    Leon: five minuites!
    Valentina: got it! We’ll hold out as long as we can!
    Valentina grabs out her grenade and throws it at the trucks
    Men: send out the bio weapons!
    Valentina: Rachael!
    Rachael: I got it
    She takes out her sniper rifle and shoots at the bio weapons heads
    Rachael: hehe, piece of cake
    Valentina: Leon!
    Leon: yep, gotcha
    He fires down missiles and began firing round shells
    Leon: grounds clear, looks like it’s a mission complete
    Valentina: good then we’ll be on our w-
    A portal suddenly opened
    Valentina: what the?!
    Leon: huh what’s going on down there?
    Valentina: something just came up! This mass energy or some sort!
    Rachael: what the ******** is that?!
    Valentina: could this be one of Hurisha’s technologies?! No!
    They couldn’t have built this technology! How can anyone build a technology like this?!
    This is impossible!
    A man and his group appeared from the portal as they went through
    Valentina: it’s a…. portal?!
    Leon: seriously! What in the hell is going on down there?!
    Rachael: some guy just walk out of that…. Thing!
    Leon: that’s it you want me to shoot it down for ya?
    Valentina: you! Who are you?!
    Seth: I am Seth…. And we are The Gunners
    Do not try to resist human, or we will use force
    Valentina: what is your purpose?!
    Seth: our purpose?
    Is to consume the world
    Valentina: consume the world?! Where are you from?!
    Seth: heaven of course
    Now die…..
    Bullet Crusa-
    Valentina: what the?!
    Seth: hm?
    Bio #01 came out of nowhere with her motor bike as she crashes it down against Seth
    Seth: insolent bug….
    Crusader Star…
    Bio #01 jumps up and lands on the ground with both hands and feet
    Bio #01: Bio #01 reporting for duty the mission was a success, initiating combat mode now
    Valentina: all squads! Surround them!
    Let’s take them down! Give em all you got!
    Leon: firing missiles!
    2nd Member: Crusader Barrier!
    Leon: it didn’t work?! Who the hell are they?!
    Seth: Lutz! Take that plane down!
    Lutz: as you command my lord!
    Seth: now…. All members destroy them!
    Bio #01 jumps in and fires her bullets at Seth then fires her H.A.G
    But Seth cast a shield and destroys her weapons
    Bio #01: ?!
    Seth kicks her in the face as she begins flying to a tree
    Bio #01: damage sustained 31 percent…. Carrying on combat mode
    Bio #015 and Bio #010 appeared to give Bio #01 back up
    Bio #01: initiating full combat mode to maximum percent, all units forward in
    Seth: you think man kind’s creations can take me on?!
    Fine then! CRUSADER!!!!!
    They all dodged it as they jumped up and flies down a kick but Seth blocks them all as he launches his blades up against them
    Bio #01: !
    They all dodged it but suddenly
    3rd member: BLADE CRUSADER!
    Bio #01 takes out her knife as she tries to block the attack but Bio #015 came in and pushes her away
    Valentina: damn our weapons aren’t affective enough! Rachael!
    Rachael: okay boss!
    I bet you can’t dodge this
    She fires her sniper rifle but Seth still had his shield on
    Rachael: what the?!
    4th member: found ya!
    Rachael: s**t!
    Damn it!
    Leon: damn get off my tail!
    Lutz: stay still!
    Leon: huh?!
    Lasers of seekers begin to follow Leon
    Leon: damn!
    But no affect did it!
    Leon: come on Leon focus! Focus!
    Don’t let em hit ya!
    Bio #01: all units spread out, get them one by one
    Bio #015/Bio#010: understood
    Bio #01 faces Seth as Seth had an interest in her
    Seth: so you would face me alone?
    Hmph, and letting you’re squad spread out? Wise choice but still all of you would still die
    Bio #01: ……
    Seth: I see… creation of mankind cannot speak is it?
    Bio #01: initiating strength boost to right arm….
    She steps in and punches Seth’s shield
    Seth: ha! You think a lousy punch will disrupt my shield?!
    Bio #01: RAAAHHH!!!!!
    Maximum percent to the right boost!
    Initiating code zero red!
    Seth: what?!
    Seth’s shield begins to crack
    Seth: why you! AAHH!
    Bio #01 begins to dodge and doge, as she fires Seth hand to hand combat, she flips and kicks as she kept on hitting his shield
    Seth: TAKE THIS!
    Blades begin to pop out of the ground as Bio #01 runs towards Seth, she flips forward up high to dodge the blades as she launches a full scale attack
    Bio #01: launching full scale attack to the right leg!
    Code zero red!
    Seth: WHY YOU!!!!
    The shield begins to crack even more
    Valentina: that’s it…
    The more force we put into it, the more the shield weakens….
    But it will have to take more time and time…
    Unless I destroy the crack parts!
    Valentina got out her pistol
    Valentina: keep at comrade!
    This shot better count!
    Seth: what the?!
    5th member: oh no you don’t!
    Valentina: ah!
    Bio #015 came in and saved Valentina as she pushes her back
    5th member: damn she’s got some good muscle, try this for size!
    Wazabara: see if you can taste my claws!
    Cross slash!
    Bio #015 tries to block it with her right arm armor but the armor got destroyed as her body took serious damage
    Valentina: Bio #015!
    Wazabara: hehe…
    Bio #01: no……
    She see’s Bio #015 with serious wounds as she falls down to the ground
    Bio #01: NO! NO!
    Seth: hm?!
    She destroys the shield immediately with all her strength as she pushes Seth to the ground and gave it all her got to destroy Seth
    Seth: Crusader Star!
    She was still hanging onto Seth
    Seth: what?!
    Bio #01: AAHH!!!!
    She grabs Seth’s face and begins to push him to the walls one by one
    Seth: ah!
    You think I will take pain that easily?!
    He shoots Bio #01 to the gut but still she hanged on
    Bio #01: AAHH!!!!!!!!!!
    While she pushes Seth she begins to keep hitting his rib and gut
    Seth: why you!!!!!
    Rachael: AH!
    4th member: now die where you belong!
    Rachael grabs a pack of dirt and throws it to his face
    4th member: ah!
    Rachael begins her escape
    Rachael: “huff” “huff” Cap!
    Valentina: Rachael!
    Rachael: yo sir, their everywhere!
    Valentina: I know, help me treat her wounds
    Rachael: woah what happened to her?!
    Valentina: no time to explain! Put pressure on this wound will you?
    Rachael: yeah sure
    Valentina: comrade…
    She destroyed his shield and began a full scale attack on him….
    How long can she keep this up?
    Seth: WHY WILL YOU NOT DIE?!!!!
    Bio #01: I….
    I… do… Not…
    Intend to… die…
    Seth: AHH!!!
    Members of the Gunners! Destroy this worm!
    Wazabara: SLASH CROSS!
    It made serious wounds on Hakuru’s back but she still hanged on
    Wazabara: what?! It should of killed her by now!
    She was going at a full speed at maximum percent her bio cells were rapidly speeding through her veins as she carries Seth and slams him to trees and forests
    Seth: AAHHH!!!!
    DAMN IT!
    Seth: why don’t you let go?!
    This is meaningless!
    Bio #01 takes out her combat blade and stabs it to Seth
    Seth: GRRR!!!!
    She keeps stabbing against Seth more times than she did to her other enemies as she kept stabbing it deep in there
    Seth: fine then!
    Try this!
    He transforms into an angel and stops Bio #01 pushing against him
    Seth: die!
    Bio #01: Ah… ahh….
    Seth: heh…
    Seth: what?!
    Bio #10: activating code zero, unleashing “Berserker”
    She goes berserker as she runs in with full speed as her body is at maximum capacity she then begins to fire all of her weapons such as grenades, rockets, bullets, everything she had in her hand
    Seth: stop her!
    Wazabara: CLAW UNLEA-
    Bio #010 appears behind him as she grabs him behind and throws him against Seth
    Seth: ah!
    Bio #010: Bio #01, can you stand?
    Bio #01: affirmative….
    Bio #010: it’s time to fall back, our mission is complete
    Bio #01: not yet
    Bio #010: Bio #01 that is an order
    Bio #01: …..
    Seth: hmph, you are quite strong, we’ll meet again
    He turns on the portal as everyone walks in
    Bio #01: …..
    Body… sustained…. Multiple damage… going offline….
    She falls down as she shuts her eyes
    Meanwhile back at the B.W.F base
    Bio #01: ….
    She opens her eyes as she finds herself in a regeneration tube tank
    Valentina: Doc, how is she?
    Doctor: she’ll be alright but…. A normal Bio weapon couldn’t survive that long I mean, the way she sustained damage was….. Un-imaginable
    Valentina: what do you mean?
    Doctor: I mean that, no normal human can damage a bio weapon like this
    Valentina: so you’re saying the people we encountered weren’t human?
    Doctor: exactly, and base on her memory data, it all makes sense
    That’s because they are called Gunners
    Valentina: Onimaru?
    Onimaru: in Japan we call them Ganazu
    The ones you’ve encountered were The Gunner Masters
    I can tell by their rank
    Valentina: what do you mean? This doesn’t make sense at all!
    Rachael: yeah, I was here because we were like going to save the world, but I really didn’t know we HAD to fight some aliens from another world!
    Onimaru: Rachael, they are not aliens, they are in the same world as us
    Rachael: same world? So what? Different beings then?
    Onimaru: their angels, they just take form of a human
    You only encountered their human form
    But once they unleashed their wings and full power, they all get serious
    Leon: phew…..
    Valentina: Leon!
    Leon: hey
    Valentina: what happened to you?
    Leon: well luckily I got fished out by some fishermen, my F-14 just got shot down by one of “them”
    Rachael: man these guys are scary as ********! Our weapons are useless!
    Valentina: not really Rachael, doctor can you rewind Bio #01’s memory?
    Doctor: certainly
    He rewinds her memory
    Valentina: stop!
    There look!
    Valentina: Bio #01 managed to crack his shield
    Onimaru: the Crusader Barrier, yes, the only way to break it is to use full maximum force, even humans can’t do that, but with Bio #01 she had to use her hands and feet with the code zero level
    Valentina: Not only those once that crack shows up I just have to fire at it
    Onimaru: though it’s a bit odd, why did they come here?
    Valentina: they said something about consuming the planet
    Onimaru: consuming the planet? And I thought that was the Dark Gunners plot
    Valentina: Dark Gunners?
    Rachael: oh come on! There are more of them?! Come on dude seriously! How many do we have to kill these guys?!
    Leon: we never really did “kill” any of them Rachael
    Rachael: oh…. Good point
    Valentina: Onimaru, can you brief us about Gunners
    Onimaru: I can brief to you right now
    A long time ago, there was a legend and this is a real legend. She was known as the Demon Knight
    Rachael: yay fairy tales
    Onimaru: this is a true fact Rachael, its better if you listen
    It’s quite a good story
    Rachael: yeah well I had my sniper rifle torn apart by one of those “Gunners” anyways my ears are listening go on
    Onimaru: The Demon Knight was thought to be justice, and protected the humans from the demons. She was hunted by angels and the devil Satan. Though Satan wanted Earth so that he could rule this planet and land and begin his invasion on the gates of heaven itself by however, The Demon Knight couldn’t allow that to happen, so she entered through hell and battled the devil himself, though she managed to defeat Satan, she was immediately turned to Statue, but thanks to her efforts she managed not to let Satan himself hold Earth
    But before she turned to statue she used her power to create
    For the humans to use their power for good and keep the balance right
    When the Demon Knight was turned to statue the heavens and devils knew about this power that she had created and used the power to train the humans to fight against one another
    This power was passed down many generations
    Rachael: are you saying that heaven and hell exist now?
    Great… I can’t wait to ******** die! Don’t know where I’ll end up! Geez…
    Valentina: that’s one heck of a story, but still none of it makes any sense
    Why do they want to consume our planet? Their angels, their job are to keep the balance of evil and good isn’t it?
    Onimaru: most people aren’t good in heaven Valentina
    Look at the Gods of Greece, there’s a lot of history in them
    Sometimes the humans would battle the Gods
    Many lives were lost
    Onimaru: The Hurisha Company also knows about this as well
    Leon: why not a peace treaty? Work together and fight this menace
    Onimaru: it isn’t that easy Leon, we’ve both been enemies and were fighting a long time
    Leon: for what? Money? Resources? What is it?
    Onimaru: it is to see who has the most power, which side is worth to live
    We have a cruel past since our war first started
    Leon: I’d say this is the most meaningless war I’ve ever got myself dragged into
    Valentina: whoever these Gunners we will stop them, if they come over to take over our world then so be it, I never really believed in Hell or Heaven
    But if heaven is our enemy
    Valentina: then this squad is ready
    Rachael: heh, I promised to someone that I would protect them as my dearest ones
    I’m with ya then, I’m not going to let them take over the world and hurt people how are dearest to me
    Leon: damn it….. oh well fine, as long as the skies are clear people can keep on flying
    I joined the air force to clear the skies of evil, but since a new reign of evil has come, looks I’ll need to go full throttle
    Valentina: Bio #01?!
    She was talking inside the tube
    Bio #01: family…. Love… happiness……
    I must understand…. Everything…..
    I must know…. Everything…..
    The answer lies in the darkness…..
    To be continued
    Next Chapter: #2 First Step to War