• Argh!! It seemed like a never-ending horror. My life had changed more-over- my dad seemed to jump at every chance to torcher me. He'd cut my black hair short after a long battle-and I knew i'd always be different!

    My sister Anthea had it all. She was older by thirty minutes- yet she was more childish than me. My dad enrolled me in history classes- all I ever wanted was alone time practicing archery!

    This summer, I got back to camp and nobody recognized me. MY soul was drained of the little humor left inside of me. My campers wondered what had made me- a strong, totally serious and adventorous person- into somebody who hid, who tried to get away like an outsider. I've always thrown myself into the thick of things... Now..... i WAS CHANGED!!

    I knew I would feel a liitle more like myself with my braid down my back, and my gray eyes fierce. With my hair a 100% moire girly than ever, I didn't know what to think. And the torcher went on.