• When America goes the bar, he's the guy that can just walk in, but he usually tips the bouncer. "Hey Isreal, buuy yourself some weapons." He says as he gives Isreal 100 dollars.

    France is also at the door, but he tugs on America's sleeve, convincing him to let him in. "We gave you the statue of liberty, no?" Afterwards America gave in, watching France run into the bar without another word.

    When inside, America can see Denmark and Germany getting wasted; Scotland and Ierland were wearing kilts and dancing that foot dance that Irish people and lepricons do; Sweden is planning to build another IKEA near by while groping Finland; Russia and China had one too many drinks and they want to pick a fight with America... However Korea wouldn't join in the fun with his aniki because he was too drunk to function... Japan warns China and Russia that America might be a total baka but he's border nuts. Although the duo don't listen...

    "Dude there's no way you'll beat me!" America shouts, rolling up his sleeves. Although the fun suddenly stopped when.

    "Hi I'm here." Canada says as he walked into the bar. "I brought maple syrup!"

    "GO HOME CANADA!" America says.

    "Hey Canada!" Prussia shouts, running to Canada with two beers in hand. "You're letting me stay at your place, right?*"

    "Yeah sure." Canada leaves the bar when he was picked up by Prussia like a bride.

    The fight continues as America's allies come to back him up.

    "Tally ho!" Britain shouts randomly as he uses his umbrella as a sword.

    "You got it mate!" Austrailia shouts. "THE OUTBACK STEAKS ARE ON ME!" He shouted, quickly fallowed by cheers from everyone in the bar.

    "This one's for America letting me work!" Mexico shouts. Then he suddenly stopped to think... Deportation, racism, harsh stereotypes by the dozen... Mexico snapped out of it when Cuba tapped his shoulder. "Oh nevermind! I have a meeting at Home Depot after this!**"

    "AIYA!" China shouts randomly.

    "kolkolkol." Russia started, the other countries freaking out...

    However before the fight could start, bartender Spain tapped America's shoulder. "This is your bill."

    "Whoa, France left a tab?" America shouted, calculating the total with the calculate app on his smart phone. "$3,015,896.03?!" He shouts.

    Suddenly the Italy brothers came into the bar with fat wallets in their pockets. "DON'T WORRY I GOT IT!" They shout at the same time, searching for the thousand dollar bills in their stashes of ones.

    The end.