• One misty day in the middle of the woods, lived a little girl mysterious just like the fog that surrounded her. Her name you ask....... Well your about to find out.
    So on that count, the story begins. As the little girl found her way to the city, she found this small hotel. And she decided to take a break there, but she didn't have enough money, but she didn't care. so as she walked to the check in counter, she didn't even bother stopping there though. As the check in lady at the counter saw; she screamed and ran after her. But as those eyes turned around, the lady fainted. The little girl broke into the room and settled in.
    Meanwhile, in another part of the city.... There was a girl named Rosey, she was tired from a long day of working. So she decided to rest a bit, so she to walk in to the same hotel. As she checked in there was music, so Rosey decided to check it out. And she found out that the music was room 6B. so she peeked threw the key hole. and there was this girl with a white dress, white hair, and red eyes; dancing to the music. But as she walk back to her luggage she decide to go back. But this time when she looked threw the key hole, she didn't see anything but red. Rosey thought it was a red dress, so she walked away. Rosey went in the elevator and went to floor 3 to find her room. but when she turned around there she was the little girl, standing there staring. And the girl pushed the stop button on the elevator and the whole thing stopped right their. Rosey was horrified that she couldn't move a muscle, and on that count the girl held Rosey By the neck and choked her.