• In a land that has seen peace for many a moon, the balance of power was destroyed altering the course of the land. Many warriors and leaders believe they know what caused the distortion of the balance, but none can say for sure. What ever the cause maybe, lords of the fiefs started struggling for power; some sought eternal glory, others peace. But all want to full fill their own ambitions no mater how light or dark they are.

    On a small Island with in a military camp that bears a crest of a bat on all banners, a young, one eye battle scared man that smells of the sea and sweat sits on the only seat in the camp playing his shemesen. While he plays, a message currier runs up and kneels before the man. “Lord Motochika, The Mori army is advancing upon us from the east.” The young man stops playing the shemesen and looks up to the sky, a huge grin upon his face. With fire in his voice the man sets the instrument down standing up “Alright then let’s show that dog what happens when he enters the bat’s cave shall we?”
    Upon the ending of his sentence, the cloth that separated him from the outside world fell revealing an army of sailors and warriors ready for battle and cheering about the good news.

    On the north side of a larger island that surrounds the smaller one, an ominous cloud covers a temple surrounded by an army under the banner of the man known through out the land as the Daemon King, Nobunaga Oda. The temple has been a thorn in Nobunaga’s side for as long as he was able to breath. But just recently, the monks of the temple finally pushed the thorn in too deep; now they are paying for it. Standing upon the edge of a cliff in armor darker then the night sky, Nobunaga orders with hate and rage under a calm, calculated voice “Drown the temple in a sea of flames…let none survive...” With that order, the archers set their arrows on fire and launch them into the dark sky lighting it up a beautiful shade of death. Soon after the arrows are launched more are readied and launched in rapid succession. The arrows that landed first start to set fire, but it is not till the third set the temple starts to burn quickly and violently. The screams of women, children, monks and innocent men rip though the air and Nobunaga laughs in pleasure at the screams “Good, keep this up, I want the entire temple burned before the main force goes in and removes the last of their souls from this plain." A single general, whose identity will be disclosed later, pointed out the cries of the women and children. Nobunaga looked to the general with a slight grin "And this is wrong how?" He asked knowing the right answer. "We should not be harming the innocent my lord..."
    Placing his right armor claw like hand over his face, The Daemon King laughed. Once done, he looked to the dumbfounded General. With his calm and calculated tone slightly higher from his sudden laughter, he asked his general "What innocent?"

    Due west of the burning temple The tiger of Kai and the Dragon of Echigo sit together in-between two armies under each of their own banners drinking a glass of Sake while playing a quick game of Go. The tiger of Kai is a large, joyly old sould in his early fifties but looks to be in his late fourties. He wears a masked helm over the upper portion of his face with light armor and heavy cloths. He holds a wooden fan in hand, looking over the board plotting his next move.
    The Dragon of Echigo is a beautiful woman in her late fourties but looks to be in her twenties. She has fair skin and long black hair. She wears armor that hides her figure well underneath a white cloak preferring to hide her figure. She held nothing in hand but a sword lie next to her as she plotted her next move also.
    “So, Kenshin, what will you do if I win? Launch an attack on me with your army?” The tiger asked placing a black rock on the board.
    “Of course not Nemesis” Lady Kenshin replied looking over the board still “We are here just for a friendly game of Go and a bottle of Sake correct?” She placed a white rock on the board.
    “Then why did we bring our armies Kenshin?”
    “Incase we wished to do battle sometime later”
    The two of them laugh at the ‘joke’. The Tiger placed a black rock on the board
    “And that is game”
    Lady Kenshin claps her hands together a few times before standing up and bowing to the young tiger “May Bishimonten provide you and your men safe passage back to Kai”
    The Tiger stood up and bowed respectively “Yes and for the next game, let us leave the troops behind and play at ether Echigo or Kai shall we?”
    The Dragon lifted her blade with a reverse grip “Maybe next time, but for now Mitakatakahara is yours Shingen, use it well”
    With that the two armies went their separate ways.

    To the north western part of the Island, a fifteen year old boy prepares to take over the state of Oushuu and the rest of the island; Planning to unite them under the Banner of the Date. Unfortunately, the boy, Masamune Date, could only muster up a group of six people including him but not the small kitsune spirit.
    In the group there is a young tall tanned woman with dark blue hair in a pony tail. She wears the same cloths as her partner, a shorter younger girl with light skin and short black hair with twin long braids bound in a white cloth ending with a large gold ring located be hind her ears. They wear black backless shirt with matching hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi and Waraji. The only difference though is the fact that the tanned one wears a white Haori with a picture sleeping black cat on the back.
    A young male strategist no older then seventeen wearing a hakama with the kanji of ‘kitsune’ or fox in Japanese on the back stands with the other women. His figure is mainly hidden in loose cloths, but from what anyone can gather by looking at him, he is of average build most likely. His hair is a red but for some reason, his left bang is orange with a snow white tip. He travels with an even younger looking girl with fox ears and tail. She wears a sleeveless white peasant top with baggy shorts that are tied off at the bottom of the knees. Her fox tail is short like her and a bright orange with a white tip. Her hair is past her shoulders but not to her waist. It is a darker orange then her tail; though her left Bang is red.
    Lastly, a woman older then twenty but younger then twenty five with short messy black hair, downing crimson and gold armor that has seen its fair share of battle leans against a tree with her arms crossed and her eyes closed. She wields a cross spear much like her armor, it has seen battle. A tall one eyed boy not even past the age of fifeteen arrives. His hair is short and messy save for the area that is kept under control by a bandana that cover’s his right eye. He wears a sleeveless peasant outfit with a worn out top made from a white tiger’s pelt. The tiger’s head is still attached and hollowed out into a hood for when ever he needs it. He has a pair of beaten up bokken at his waist. The boy examines his small force before looking to the only other male in the group “Mitsunari is this really the only people you could muster?”
    Mitsunari shrugged his shoulders “I did manage to recruit more but…” He points to the small kitsune girl hugging his right leg tightly with a large smile upon her face. “Most left as soon as they learned I have a Kitsune-kami following me around”
    Masamune scratched his head, irritated at the fact that his plans are foiled quit possibly from this small force of women and man. "Damn cowards..." Masamune cursed under his breath.
    Mitsunari tried to help out the situation by advising Masamune that they could postpone the assault and gather a larger force. Masamune laughed loudly, the armored woman looking at him interested by his actions while the tall tanned woman looked to him with a smile and her arms crossed. The third one seems afraid of Masamune's words and hides behind the tanned one who is now laughing to her self “Do not fret Mitsunari, we have your mind and four swords that clam to be able to able to win no matter what right?”
    The ladies looked at Masamune like he is mental for a moment. The tanned one laughed. In a voice that shows experience but a relaxed personaluty, she replied moving out of the other's way “He’s right; the best way to prove you’re the best is to face death head on and break him in two.” She looked to her partner and says "Right Shizuko?"
    The shy girl, Shizuko, looked down as if she was beaten before the battle even started. She nodded lightly in agreement.
    The Crimson Armored girl sighed after examining the silent girl. 'What is her problem?' She thought to herself for a moment “Well, I have no intentions on dieing today...” She crossed her arms looking to Masamune “If we some how win this and you become lord, will I be guaranteed a spot in your army?”
    Masamune laughs once more “Even if we fail, you’ll still be part of my army”
    The crimson armored girl sighs heavily “Alright then” She drew her spear, spinning it in hand until the bottom of the spear slams into the ground “You have Yukimura Sanada’s cross spear under your command then…”
    Masamune looked to her with a smile “Yukimura eh? I heard of you, can’t fight worth the coin spent for your armor from what I understand".
    Yukimura fell onto the ground face first as everyone else laughed save for Mitsunari and Shizuko; both show worry about Yukimura's fall. The crimson armored samurai pushed her self up after a minute or two under the embarrassment of Masamune's statement. The tanned girl calms down soon after Yukimura stands; she says “My name is Kasumi and that is all I will tell you now for my name." She slaps at Shizuko's back repeatedly, declaring her teammate’s name, personality and abilities "This is Shizuko, a shy girl that's great in bed and stealth missions." Shizuko blushes heavily and tries to hide her beet red face by turning around and covering her face with her hands.
    Mitsunari and Yukimura blush lightly at Kasumi's statement about Shizuko. Masamune laughs about it while the kitsune-kami looks completely confused about the incident and has to ask about what good in bed means. Kasumi goes to answer the little fox girl but Mitsunari intervenes saying "You'll learn when you're older Moriko-hime" Masamune laughs along with Kasumi.
    The small fox looks up to Mitsunari putting on a cute face "Aww but but"
    Mitsunari turns around lightly pinching in-between his closed eyes. "I said when you're older so deal with it" the small fox runs in front of him preparing the cute face but Kasumi covers the fox with her Haori claiming "He said later so you'll learn later and possibly Shizuko and I will show you when Mitsunari says you're old enough"
    The small fox escapes the Haori after a few seconds of pulling it off. She looks up to Kasumi along with a still blushing Shizuko.
    Her voice is soft and sweet, but Shizuiko did not say anything. But she thought to her self with that voice 'Is Kasumi-sama being honest...'
    Masamune laughs before stating to Mitsunari "Sounds like I have the perfect army right here"
    Mitsunari sighs "I will not complain Masamune-sama, we have more then you and I in this so our chance of victory is easier at least.
    "Good Mitsunari, now come up with the plan and let's take Oushuu"
    "Yes Masamune-sama"

    Towards the south west beneath the army of Oda, the strongest warrior in all the land, Tadakatsu Honda, spars against the maverick vagabond, Keji Maieda, for Lord Ieyeasu Tokugawa's enjoyment as well as their own.
    The two have been sparing for the last hour or so, and neither showed signs of fatigue.
    Keji Maieda is a young woman with black hair in a ponytail that reached her ankles. She woar a tattered hakama, a torn haori bound by her sash, heavy bracers that reach her elbow over bandages and bandages from her stomach up just too where it covers half of her breast. She wields an Odachi with her right hand and her left hand free and moving for evasion.
    Tadakatsu is armored from head to toe in a rather slim heavy but flexible steel armor with a design of a dragon. He wields the spear so sharp it was said that it sliced a dragonfly in half after it landed on the tip.
    Ieyeasu Tokugawa is younger then Tadakatsu Honda. He is about the age of twenty years meaning he has very little experience as a leader of men. But it is his drive and heart that have been showing his abilities yet tapped.
    These alone are what caused such a mighty warrior to join such an inexperienced army. The young leader is about 5'4 with short black hair that barely reaches his ears. He wears no armor at the moment, dawning only what a daimyo would wear. He sits upon a small wooden thrown, cross legged for comfort.
    He sat there astonished that they have been battling for so long and seem so...so unaffected by it. It's as if the two of them were born and breed to battle till the end of days.
    As spear and odachii clashed once more, Keji and Tadakatsu enter a dead lock and looked to each other enjoying the match a lot themselves.
    In a light but powerful voice, Keji said looking into Tadakatsu's eyes "you know... it's hard to tell if we should end this act and change stages for another more brutally honest one..."
    Not one for words, Tadakatsu only smiled before breaking the lock by adding enough force that Keji's blade snaps in two and sends her flying into the near by wall. The force is so great; a perfect outline of her body is imprinted within the crater that was made.
    The warrior turns and looks up to his lord. Ieyeasu stands up clapping slowly; he enjoyed the match immensely and did not expect the match to end so suddenly. Then again, it seemed as if the only way the two would really enjoy themselves is on the battlefield. This was obvious, even to Ieyeasu.
    Keji pushed herself out of the wall slowly, but painfully. The maverick fell to her hands and knees; wiping the blood from her lips and chin, “I’ll take that as a yes then"

    Meanwhile back at Oushuu; we find Masamune's rag tag army of six and a half prepares to assault the castle and claim it as his own. Or well that was what he was hopping until he and his team were arrested by None other then the silent Tigra, her subordinate Magoichi Saika of the Saika renegades and his personal rifle unit.
    "Lord Masamune..." Tigra started in a soft but cold and calculating voice. "You and this...Band of miscreants are charged with aspiring to overthrow Date-Sama."
    Masamune laughed at her words. "What?” Masamune started. “He’s an idiot."
    “An Idiot, in which I serve.” Tigra shot back with a deathly glare that made everyone uneasy but Masamune; whom actually seemed to be enjoying this dance of will and duty.
    “You know Tigra.” Masamune started crossing his arms. “You still have the soulless eyes and death glare down but I still find that soullessness a pity.”
    Tigra sighed as she closed her eyes. “Once one achieves their goal of revenge...” She said looking to him again with her glare. “Do they really have use for a soul?”
    Masamune ponders this for a moment. “Of course.” He started offering a hand. “Once one achieves their revenge and their hatred have become all that they know. It takes another to heal and sooth the tormented and corrupt soul.”
    “The Issue is finding that soul that can heal the corrupt soul.” Tigra responded looking to him ignoring his hand.
    “Well of course it is when the farthest you go is on portal at the boarders” He replied not meaning to poke fun at her but tell her the truth. Tigra turned around in thought as Magoichi rested his rifle on his left shoulder. He looked everyone over and sighed after noticing the Kitsune-Kami. “Well now that is an interesting girl.” He said with a light smile of boredom rather then anything else. The team snaps out of their silence from watching the drama unfold in front of them.
    Mitsunari nods lightly before picking up the Kitsune spirit. “She is just another girl that wants to play more then work.” The Kitsune smiled happily at her guardian’s description on how she thinks.
    “But her ears and tail…” Magoichi responded crossing her arms.
    Assume patted Magoichi on the head lightly. “Just a thing that helps makes our little kitsune-kami unique to other girls.”
    “Still...” Magoichi said looking to the fox sprit intrigued. “It looks like something that would scare children away and prevent her from playing with them.” She finished rubbing the back of her head lightly.
    Mitsunari looked down slightly annoyed by that statement. “People wonder why I dislike many adults…” He said under his breath. The Kitsune-Kami looked to him as her ears danced to the sound of his voice. She patted his head. “It’s okay Mitsu-Chan he’s just another old bat.”
    “Hey!” Magoichi replied taking a step forward with a light stomp. “I’m only 34 years old little lady.” He was shaking his free fist at her playfully.
    Everyone save for Tigra and Masamune laughed at the comment.
    Tigra turned to Masamune and looked at him. “Are you over throwing our lord for personal gain or for the people?” She flat out asked him keeping both of her eyes on his single eye.
    “Personal gain.” He replied keeping a close eye on eye her twin eyes.
    Tigra closed her eye and turned around. “Magoichi stay here I have a trap to set.” She said leavening.
    “Aw man and here I thought we were goanna arrest Em.” He replied standing up. “Whelp I guess I’ll be following you for a bit." he said looking to Masamune whom had his arms crossed and his eye closed. “Mitsunari we’ll need to make a new plan to include the fact that she is going to inform my father of this.”
    Mitsunari nodded and sighed. “At least we have a rifle unit to help us out now.” He said setting the Kitsune-Kami down.

    In Azuchi Castle other wise know as the Deamon king’s palace. Nobunaga sat on his thrown over looking most of the province with his head resting upon his right fist bored. His Wife No and sister Oichi stood next to his thrown while a younger lord in full armor kneeled before him asking for a way to ally the two clans together. His name was Nagamasa Azai; age 23. His hair was snow white and in a small pony tail. His height was barely over five feet and his body was rather scrawny and pale as he did not get out much as he was rather sick from a disease that was only with in his family. His face was full when compared to the rest of his body but it still showed he was sick.
    Nagamasa coughed a few times before speaking once again to Nobunaga. His voice was slightly horsed and tired “Oda-Sama, please give me an answer about us becoming allies. I must know as to…” He gets cut off and started to cough again this time heavily. Nobunaga continued to look past Nagamasa. “Darkness fell upon the land like the sun that rises. A warrior of honor wished to face the darkness by allying himself with the source of the most darkness. Why?” He asked noticing Oichi’s look of worry from the corner of his eye but not once looking to her. Nagamasa looked up to Nobunaga. “The strongest source of darkness always heralds forth the source of peace and prosperity in the end.” He replied before coughing up blood. Oichi broke her bearing and rushed to his side. “Lord Azai you must rest for now or risk killing yourself over peace talk.” She started to help him up but he lightly pushed her hands away. “Please Lady Oichi I…”He coughed more and fell only to be caught. Oichi looked to her brother and offered a deal. “Brother please let me be his wife so that I can help treat his sickness while also giving you one less opponent to face on the field of battle even if it is only temporary.”
    Nobunaga said nothing as his gazed change from his land to his sister. Oichi was kneeling before her brother holding on to Nagamasa’s weak body. “L-Lady Oichi…” Nagamasa started but was hushed soon after by Oichi. Nobunaga stood up from his thrown and looked to the sickly leader and his sister. “Oichi...” He said walking to her. “For leaving your post with out permission I should kill you as punishment.” He kneeled down placing his hand on her head. “But the proposition you have given me will keep me from killing ether of you until I see no use for you or He.” Nobunaga stood up and pivoted on his heel. “No get these two out of my sight and prepare a wedding for them.”
    Lady No bowed at her husband’s orders and proceeded to have the two removed from Nobunaga’s sight. That Night a small wedding was held in which Nobunaga his wife and a few generals under Nobunaga and Azai were there to witness it happen.

    Ieyeasu was in his quarters inspecting his map that showed all of the island and the smaller islands surrounding it. He had chess like pieces placed exactly where his eyes and ears of the land explained where each of the forces were along his last long but swift journey around the land. Thinking heavily on his next move of battle, Ieyeasu found himself thinking about Yoshimoto Imagawa’s troop movement. ‘Imagawa-sama is a rather dim-witted leader but this…tossing around his large force like this is…is…’He bit his thumb in order to prevent himself from yelling. ‘Is just madness! Does he hope to kill his men or does he actually have a plan?’ Soon after his door slid open and Keji Maeda was kneeling before him. “Lord Tokugawa. The Imagawa Forces are preparing to attack The Fool of Owarii from all possible directions.” Ieyasu stood up with his head lowered in deep thought about what to do. After fifteen minutes of silence he gave the order to Keji to travel to Azuchi castle and inform Nobunaga to not worry of his southern boarders except for to send you back to me when it is time to counter attack.”
    Keji looked up. “You know that your forces are out numbered even more then his correct?” Ieyasu nodded lightly. “Yes… but that is why I am putting my faith in a fool. He would launch the attack at the right moment and it is then that we shall force the southern units to retreat.” Keji arose and bowed. “As you will.” She turned around and paused. Looking back to Ieyasu she commented. “Just know that if I join the Imagawa army during this act it will be to dual your dragon on the stage of battle.” Ieyasu sighed lightly. “Then so be it.”
    Keji left soon after she was given the answer she sought from the young lord. Ieyasu sat back down with his eyes closed. The candle lights quickly blew out from a gust of wind brought from an un-natural source “Hanzo…” Ieyasu started. “Follow her and should she change sides before returning, tell me so that I can make the proper changes to my counter attack strategy.”
    The candles in the room quickly lit revealing only the young lord to be sitting in his chair with a list of new information about the locations of all army and forces. Ieyasu quickly adjusted the peaces on the board and started to formulate his plan.

    At Motochika’s Island and main base; we find him sitting with some captured Mori Captains and Sailors drinking sake and having a good time for the moment.
    “So…” Motochika started. “Why has Mori set his eyes on my island?”
    One of the Capitan’s took a hit from sake and set it down. “He sees you as a threat to us and as such believes you must be put down.”
    The other captains and sailors nodded.
    “Well then I guess we need to make a deal that as long as he stays on his side of the sea and I stay on mine we are can live in peace. On those terms until better terms are made.”
    The crew of Mori’s shook there heads no. “Mori Sama would rather see you dead then be at peace with you.”
    Motochika laughed whole heartedly. "The feeling mutual but we should not waste live as if our fight was a game."
    One of the sailors of Mori's stood up and then bowed. "Lord Motochika we fight not just because we are told to but to help our lords achieve their goal of unification and peace." He said quickly
    "Loyal until the end, The signs of a good sailor that is also blind to the world Other then by what his lord tells him." Motochika replied before sighing heavily. "Well then!" He started “Eat your fill and prepare to return home." Mori's men bowed respectfully to their host and continued to eat.

    Lord Shingen was in his war room looking over a map of the entire island. Unlike most other war rooms this room took an entire floor of his main keep to allow advance details of his map and the locations of watch towers, keeps, units, villages and terrain.
    There between Shingen's borders and Kenshin’s boarders were their watchtowers that alternated location with each other to force the other to force each other's hands into careful maneuvers.
    Shingen sat a top a small chair the hung above the north western corner of the keep, his attention drawn to Kenshin's movement. Kenshin was fleeing from their boarder as if something had spooked her else where. With no Word or news from Kenshin, Shingen was worried that his old friend may need help but their pride would prevent them from helping unless they knew the other needed help.
    Shingen tapped the wooden fan he held with in his hand lightly. “Yukimura, My Boy! Come here!” He called. (Then they all died a horrible and bloody death. THE END! biggrin ~signed Alissa ~)
    A young amnesic male came from the stairs wearing crimson armor with a cross spear in hand. “Yes Shingen-Sama?” He called back, moving his mildly short, messy, black hair from his eye and face, revealing a large bandage over one eye and a quarter of his face.
    “Come here my Boy!” He yelled joyfully. “I need your input on something.”
    The young samurai did as he was told and walked over to where his lord and savior rested. He leaned his spear on the wall and climbed the latter and looked over the map. “What is it you need my help with Shingen-Sama?”
    Shingen pointed to Kenshin’s land with his wooden fan. “Tell me, does it not look like she is retreating to face another threat?”
    The boy looked long and hard at the map in thought. “Yes, she is worried about something or she is playing a game with us.” He replied looking to his Lord. Shingen let out a bellowing laugh. “Outstanding my boy! You are becoming more thoughtful and adaptable by the day!” He smashed his hand into the boy’s back repeatedly in happiness rather then anger; though the force used would make another think otherwise though.
    Yukimura kept quiet as his lord’s hand smashed into his shoulder, weakening his grip on the latter. Once Shingen was done, Yukimura climbed down and placed one hand upon his shoulder. “M-my lord, is there anything else you require of me?”
    “Tell me, what you think of the movements of the Imagawa army.” Yukimura climbed the latter once more and looked to the map. The army was thrown around like it was just a box of toys. A few thousand her, a few hundred there, what on earth was their leader thinking? Yukimura paused in thought taking everything in until he noticed that the Lion of Sagami was close to being under attacked by an army of twenty thousand soldiers. “It seems like all he is doing is throwing his men around and having them fighting on their own…” He replied unsure on what to make of the situation.
    “That is correct my by, he may have the largest army in the area, but…” He directed his fan to Sagami, Owarii, Kai, and then to Mikawa. “With his forces scattered so horrendously to attack everyone in the area Imagawa is destined to lose in the end. Unless he hired the Dragon to aid him as well as Ieyasu.”
    “But Ieyasu is allied to the Oda are they not?”
    Shingen laughed joyfully once more. “Listening in on my war councils my boy?” Yukimura looked down as if he did something wrong. Shingen slammed is free hand into the boys back once more. “Ha-ha do not fret my boy! It is good to listen in on war councils! You may just learn a thing or two!”
    Yukimura looked up with an uneasy smile. “Like the secret Alliance between the Oda and Tokugawa?”
    The Crimson Samurai started to climb down latter before Shingen grasped his hand. He shot the boy a serious look. Yukimura looked up worried that he was in trouble. Shingen spoke in a serious, calm and soft voice. “Now you are not telling anyone about what you hear in the councils, are you?”
    Yukimura wanted to quake in fear but he did not. He replied with an unstable voice, “N-no Lord Shingen, I-I owe you my life.”
    Shingen quickly smiled and let the boy go. With a joyous voice he responded. “Very Good My Boy! Now why don’t you go get us something to eat?” He ordered
    Yukimura climbed down the latter and took his spear in hand. “I will return as soon as I can my lord!” He replied bowing running though the floor to the exit.

    In Sagami’s main keep, we find the Sleeping Lion, Ujiyasu Hojo, resting in his black and red robes; sitting alone with a glass of Sake in hand. He drank the glass, looking out from the third floor of his castle on to the lands bellow.
    Ujiyasu was a large, rough well built man; his sand blond hair well kept but mildly long, reaching a little past to his shoulders and forced out of his face by a head band, His face was scared clean across his nose from the last time some one tried to invade his home and land.
    He was waiting for the inevitable assault from the Imagawa army to come in to the Lion’s den and feel its fangs tare into their flesh. As he waited for the moment to strike, much Like the Daemon King was, Ujiyasu’s silence was interrupted by a gust of wind.
    He finished his drink and sat the glass on the table. “Tell me Kotaro…” His voice was rough and experienced in battle. “What news from beyond my sight do you bring?”
    Kotaro Fuma, Ninja of the Hojo, appeared near the door opposite of the outside pathway in which he entered. He was a tall slender man with little to no armor on his torso, white dreadlocks that reached his shoulder blades. His arms held only spiked gauntlets with a forgotten language inscribed on them. He wore a pair of black hakama tied off at the ankles leaving his bare feet exposed. His skin was blue with red tribal markings all over his body. His voice was dark and moderately calm and collected. “The Winds of Chaos are near, as is the Lion’s Pray…” Ujiyasu stood up with his left hand behind his neck as he tried to pop it as his ninja spoke. “If the Lion’s Pride leaves now, it can feed upon the unsuspecting Imagawa Army.”
    Ujiyasu pointed to his Cain by the Door. Kotaro arose and threw the Lion his cane. Ujiyasu caught it with his right hand and quickly slammed it on to the floor. “Then The Lion will hunt now.” He replied undoing his robes. “Send for the boy and tell him to bring my armor.”
    Kotaro Nodded and vanished soon after as Ujiyasu stood there looking outside a slight smile along his face. “So if the Wind tells the Lion to hunt now, what does the Fool of Owarii plan to do against the larger forces of the Imagawa?”