• Ch 1

    “Today we will have a pop quiz.” Mr. Cradared, my English teacher said in his nasally voice.
    The class let out a collective groan. I sighed and got out a piece of paper along with the rest of the class. “The quiz will be on grammar.” Mr. Cradared said.
    Great. I thought, a Grammar quiz. Uncle Price is going to be so mad at me if I fail a quiz again. As Mr. Cradared passed out the quiz, my best friend John passed me a note. Has Tyler asked you to the dance yet? It said.
    I rolled my eyes and wrote under his note; No John, you’ve got to stop asking me that. I’m not going anyway. Me + Small gym + Lots of people= Fang catastrophe. I passed him the note. He rolled his eyes and gave me an irritated look. He passed me another note. You can’t let yourself being a bloodsucker get in the way of the Fall formal. It said. I just ignored the note and finished my quiz. After the quiz was over, the bell rang. I got up and gathered up my books. John walked over to my desk. “Seriously Bella, Please come to the dance. It’ll be fun!” He pleaded.
    “John, really, do you think I would be able to resist the whole grade in a small gym when all there is to drink is punch?” I said.
    “You could drink a couple more bags before the dance.” John said half-heartedly, knowing he had lost the argument.
    “I’m not going, and that’s that.” I said stubbornly.
    John just sighed and walked with me to 4th period.

    Ch 2

    “I was wondering when you’d get home.” Uncle Price said to me as I walked in the door.
    “I walked John home and his mom forced me to eat three cookies.” I said almost cracking up.
    “Oh that woman,” Uncle Price said, “Always trying to feed everyone.”
    We both laughed. “Speaking of food I’ve got an afterschool snack waiting for you in the kitchen.” He said with a twinkle in his eye.
    I walked into the kitchen. There was a coffee mug filled with a dark crimson liquid steaming on the counter. “Uncle Price is this O negative? It’s my favorite!” I exclaimed.
    “I knew you had a pop quiz today, so I wanted to make your day better.” He said.

    I smiled and took a sip. “Thank you Uncle, but you really have to stop hanging out with my teachers, it’s just weird.” I said.
    Uncle price just smiled as I drank the rest of the blood.
    “I have to work a late shift at the hospital, so don’t stay up too late, and make sure to finish your homework.” He said.
    “Okay, but can John come over? He needs help with his history homework.” if history included video games.
    “Alright but make sure he’s home by 9:30. I don’t want you staying up late.” Uncle price said.
    “Okay, okay.” I said as Uncle price walked out the door.
    The minute he was gone I called John. “Wanna come over and play Slasher 4?” I asked.
    “Have I ever said no to killing vampires?” John said.
    “Yes” I replied.
    “Well you don’t count,” He said, “Be there is five”
    Then we hung up. About four minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door. And there was John. “Who’s ready to slay some vamps?” He said.
    I grinned and pulled him inside. Ten minutes later we were in the midst of killing vampires with holy water and wooden steaks, while John was drinking soda and I was drinking blood in a soda can. “Hey John?” I asked, “Do you really think I could hold out on the bloodsucking at the dance?”
    He paused the game. “You’re really thinking about going?” he replied.
    “Well, I have been able to hold out on it for fourteen years.” I said smiling.
    “That’s so awesome,” John said, “Who are you gonna ask?”
    “Well that’s the problem,” I replied, “I really want to ask Tyler, but I heard he’s already going with Stephanie Jules.” I shivered at the name.
    Stephanie Jules was the most popular/meanest person at Beverly Junior High. “Well that sucks, pardon the pun” John said.
    I rolled my eyes. “I don’t know who I’m gonna go with,” I said, “Nobody in the eighth grade would go with a vampire except you.”
    My face lit up. “Wait, if I go with you, as friends, then I won’t have to bother asking anybody and I’ll still get to go!” I said excitedly.
    “And if you go with me, then I can keep you from going all bloodsucker mode.” John replied.
    We high fived, and then continued to slay vampires.
    Ch 3

    The next morning I woke and yawned. Tuesday. The day of the dance. I got out of bed and went over to the mirror to brush out my long black tangled mass of hair. After that was finished, I braided it and put my sunblock on. Then I put on my favorite black hoodie. It had a red smiley face with two pointed fangs on the front. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, careful not to cut myself on my fangs. After that I slid down the banister of the stairs and walked into the kitchen. “Good morning sunshine.” Uncle Price said.
    I cracked up. “Good morning Darkness.” I replied.
    He raised and eyebrow. “Well it’s kind of ironic to call a vampire ‘sunshine’.” I said.
    He just smiled and handed me two bags of blood. Breakfast. “Thanks.” I said as I pierced the plastic with my fangs and gulped down the blood.
    “Really Bella, use your manners!” Uncle price said with a disgusted look.
    I rolled my eyes and continued to slurp. The doorbell rang. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand staining it crimson. My fangs sunk back into my gums. I walked to the door and opened it. John stood on the front step and said, “You better wipe that off your hand or people will think that you kill things in your spare time.” John said.
    I laughed and grabbed my school bag. “See you after school.” I called to Uncle Price.
    “See you.” He called after me as I walked out the door.
    “So, do you know what you’re going to wear to the dance?” John asked.
    I stopped short. “Oh no.” I said, “I forgot to buy a dress.”
    “It’s okay, I knew that would happen, so I bought you one.” He replied smiling.
    I grinned. “Thank you so much,” I said as I hugged him, “You think of everything.”
    “No problem,” John replied smiling, “If you’re going to impress Tyler, you’ll have to do it in style.”
    When we reached the school John and I went our separate ways. “See you in 3rd hour!” I called.
    When John was no longer in my view I turned around to see Stephanie Jules and her gang of makeup plastered friends right in front of me. “There’s the girl we wanted to see!” Stephanie said over excitedly.
    She was looking straight at me. “What do you want?” I snapped.
    “I saw you and John walking to school.” She replied with an over innocent smile.
    I froze. “I heard you were going to the dance together.” She said.
    “Just as friends.” I replied and tried to walk past her.
    She blocked my way. “I heard he likes you.” She said sweetly.
    “Yeah right, we’re just friends.” I replied.
    “But don’t you like him?” She said innocently, “He is super cute.”
    I was silent. “We can help you.” She said and all of her friends nodded like over enthusiastic bobble heads.
    “How?” I asked cautiously.
    “We can make you gorgeous, then he won’t be able to resist you.” One of Shephanie’s friends said.
    “What if I don’t trust you?” I asked.
    “Oh, you can trust us,” Stephanie said, “We’re your friends!”
    “Since when.” I said as I rolled my eyes.
    “Since we offered to make you popular.” She replied as her friends took my arms and dragged me into the girl’s bathroom. Then the nightmares begun when Stephanie took out a little pink bag. It was filled with makeup.
    After the terror was over, I stepped out of the bathroom and headed to first period. The classes passed in a blur. When I entered 3rd period, John waved at me and then his face showed deep shock. I blushed deeply as I walked over to my desk next to John’s. “What happened?” John asked as I sat down.
    “Stephanie Jules.” I said.
    “What did she do to you?” asked John.
    “She tried to make me ‘pretty’ so-“ I stopped short,
    I can’t tell John about Stephanie’s plan, he might actually like me. I thought. “So she would become more popular by doing ‘good deeds’,”
    I finished.
    “Isn’t she popular enough? Well, better let her have her way, because you’ll never what she’ll do to you if you don’t. And anyway, I think you look kinda nice.” John replied.
    I glared at him. “I look like a possessed Barbie.” I said.
    “Whatever.” John replied.
    Then the bell for class rang and Mr. Cradared entered the room. “Today I will hand back your pop quizzes.” He said being nasally as always.
    When he gave me mine I looked at it cautiously. I couldn’t believe it. A-! I thought. I showed my paper to John and he gave me a thumbs up and a grin. I smiled back but then remembered what Stephanie had said. I quickly looked away. After 3rd period, 4th and 5th period passed in a blur. Then the bell for lunch rang. John met me at the door to my class and we walked together to my locker. I grabbed my sack of lunch and headed to the lunchroom with John. As we walked by Stephanie and her friends (or should I say slaves), Stephanie winked at me. I rolled my eyes. “What was that?” John asked as Stephanie and her friends were out of view.
    “Nothing.” I said as we reached the lunchroom.
    We sat down and I took out my lunch: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a little baggie of blood in the middle, a ‘strawberry’ pudding cup, and a mug of ‘Kool-Aid’. I reached for John’s cupcake. Human food had no nutritional value to me, but it still tasted good. “Not a chance.” John said and held me back.
    I rolled my eyes. “Would you rather me eat you?” I said.
    John and I laughed. After we finished our lunch, John walked me to 6th period. The rest of the day passed sluggishly. After the final bell rang John was waiting at the door with something draped in a black cover on a hangar in his hand. I got up and walked with him out the door. “Is that my dress?” I asked.
    He nodded and handed it to me. “Don’t look at it until you get home,” He said, “I want it to be a surprise.”
    I smiled at him. “Thank you again.” I said.

    Ch 4

    When I got home, Uncle Price was waiting on the couch for me. “There you are!” He said and noticed the hangar in my hand, “Whatcha got there?”
    “It’s my dress for the dance.” I said smiling.
    “Who’s the lucky boy?” He asked.
    “John.” I said.
    He raised his eyebrows. “We’re just going as friends.” I said quickly.
    “Okay, but I don’t want any funny business, and be back by 10:00.” He replied.
    “Uncle Price!” I exclaimed.
    “Fine, 10:30, but NO funny business, you hear me?” he said.
    “I know, I know.” I said. I’m going to go see what my dress looks like.” I said.
    “You don’t know what it looks like?” Uncle Price said as I went upstairs. I stopped on the last step. “John bought it for me.” I said.
    I couldn’t hear Uncle Price’s reply as I disappeared into my room. I excitedly unzipped the black cover and gasped. It was a blood red dress with black leaves covering the sleeveless bodice, and separating on the skirt. I just looked at it. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
    When it came time for the dance, I quickly slipped the dress on and pulled on my sneakers. No one could see the shoes anyway under my skirt. I braided my hair to the side. Then the doorbell rang. I rushed downstairs and opened the door. John was wearing a black tuxedo and a red tie. “You look amazing.” John said as he smiled at me.
    “Well you know what color’s I like.” I replied.
    John held up a camera. “My mom wants pictures.”
    I nodded and gave the camera to Uncle Price. “Get together you two” Uncle Price said.
    John and I stepped close together and he put his arm around my waist. Uncle price snapped about thirty or so pictures. “We better get going, or we’ll miss the dance.” John said.
    “Yeah.” I agreed.
    “Have her back by 10:30.” Uncle Price said.
    “I’ll be sure to.” Replied John.
    We walked to his mom’s car. When I got in, John’s mom gasped. “Bella, honey, you look amazing!”
    “Thanks Mrs. Myer.” I said, blushing.
    When we reached the school, John and I got out of the car and walked to the gym. When we entered the gym, the first thing I saw was Stephanie and her friends walking toward me. “Oh no.” I said.
    “What’s wrong?” John asked sounding concerned.
    “Nothing.” I replied, “I have to go to the bathroom.”
    “Okay, but be back soon, I think Tyler just got here.” He said.
    I nodded and started walking toward the restroom, but Stephanie blocked my way. “Nice dress,” Stephanie said, “Where’d you get it?”
    “Um,” I stammered, “John bought it for me, and I’m not sure where he got it.”
    “See? I knew it,” Stephanie replied, “He totally likes you.”
    I rolled my eyes. Stephanie’s face lit up when a slow song came on the speakers. “I think I left my makeup bag in the restroom, would you get it for me?” She asked, being over innocent.
    “Um, I guess.” I said as I entered the restroom.
    I couldn’t see the dreaded pink bag anywhere, so I checked in each of the stalls it was in the last one I checked. I picked up the bag and exited to restroom. I stopped short. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first thing I saw was John slow dancing with Stephanie. I just stared. Then Stephanie looked straight at me with a devilish grin and kissed John. I didn’t know why, but my eyes welled up with tears. When John saw me, he looked horrified. Before he could walk over to me I ran out of the gym, warm tears coating my cheeks. I dropped the bag and ran out of the school into the night. I slumped against a tree and cried. I didn’t even know why I was crying. I could hear the doors to the school open. I could see a blurry John through my tears. He crouched down beside me. “I’m sorry Bella.” He said.
    “I don’t want to hear it.” I replied.
    I could already feel my fangs poking out of my gums in anger.
    “I didn’t even want to dance with her! She started crying and everyone was looking at me like I was a monster if I didn’t dance with her. And when she kissed me, I was as shocked as you were.” He reassured me.
    “You know nothing about being a monster.” I said.
    He wiped a tear from my cheek with his thumb. “Well I know that I would do anything for you.” He replied.
    And that’s when my life got a lot more complicated, as if it wasn’t complicated already. John looked into my eyes, and then that’s when it happened. He kissed me. My fangs protruded all the way out of my gums at the smell of his blood. I could hear his heartbeat and the flow of his blood through his body. O negative. My favorite. He wrapped his arms around me. We were frozen like that for what seemed like hours but was only minutes. Our lips parted and I hugged him. I could see the throbbing blue vein on his neck. It was so close to my mouth. It smelled so good. “Bella, what are you doing?” John asked, horrified to find that my fangs were an inch away from his neck; I was about to bite him, to bite my best friend. “I-I don’t know.” I said sounding frightened.
    “I better take you home.” John said sounding as scared as I was.
    I nodded, looking pale, which was astounding, because I was as white as a ghost already.
    When John’s mom dropped me off, she said, “Are you sure you’re feeling good honey? You look paler than usual.”
    “I’m fine Mrs. Myer, really, it’s nothing.” I said as I got out of the car. When I reached the door I turned back and waved half-heartedly. John waved back, but he wasn’t smiling.

    Ch 5

    When I walked in the door, I saw Uncle Price watching TV in the living room. I tried to walk discreetly to the stairs, but was stopped buy Uncle Price’s voice, “How was the dance?”
    I cringed. “It was fine.” I replied
    “Your eyes look puffy. What happened? Did someone make you cry?” He asked protectively.
    “Yes, I cried, but it doesn’t matter.” I said sharply.
    “There’s something you aren’t telling me,” He said, and then realized something “Did a boy make you cry?”
    I just looked at him and my eyes welled up with tears. “It was a boy, wasn’t it.” He said.
    I just nodded and hugged him. “Who was it? Do you want to talk about it?”
    I just shook my head. “Well its alright, whoever he is, he is an emotionless jerk.”
    That just made me cry harder, because I knew that wasn’t true.
    After my sob-fest was over I just sulked in my room. I was going through pictures of John and I on my laptop and crying softly while I did so. John and I at the fair, stuffing our faces with cotton candy, John and I making faces into the camera, John and I playing video games, slaying digital vampires, John and I before the dance, his arm around my waist. I cried the most at that last picture. There we were, both in black and red, standing there with unknowing smiles at what was going to unfold in future time.
    I closed the laptop. I couldn’t bear this any longer. I picked up my phone, and just as I was going to call John, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. It was he. I answered the call. “Hello?” I said cautiously. “Hi Bella,” said John, “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have freaked out before.”
    “It’s okay, it was my fault,” I replied, “I wasn’t thinking. We just were so close in that moment that I couldn’t use my head.”
    There was a silence. “John? Are you there?” I asked.
    “I love you Bella.” He said quietly.
    I was stunned. “You what?” I said.
    “I said I love you Bella.” He said louder and more confident.
    “Um,” I stammered, “I’ll have to call you back.” And hung up before he could reply.
    I fell on my bed. A small smile crept onto my lips. “He said he loves me.” I said to myself.
    Then I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

    Ch 6

    I woke to find myself lying on my bed with my dress on from last night. I quickly got up and changed and went through my routine. I ran down the stairs and hurriedly downed tow bags of blood. “Where’s the fire?” Uncle Price asked.
    “What are you talking about I’m not in a hurry.” I said quickly.
    He looked at me suspiciously. The doorbell rang. “Bye Uncle see you after school.” I said, rushing my speech. I rushed out the door and shut it. There was John, standing there on the porch. I flung my arms around him. “Well this isn’t like you.” John said grinning.
    “I’m starting to try new things.” I said looking into his eyes.
    Then I kissed him. My fangs elongated like before, but before I could get the urge to bite him, he pulled away. “Hey, I wasn’t done yet.” I complained and tried to kiss him again.
    Again he pulled away. I had a frustrated look on my face. “Be patient,” He said, smiling.
    I rolled my eyes. “We’d better get to school” He said.
    I groaned. “Great. That’s just what I need.” I replied.
    “Be optimistic, at least I have this moment with you.” He said smiling.
    I smiled and planted a small kiss on his lips before letting him go.
    As we walked to school, I had this feeling I was being followed. I looked behind me over and over to see no one there. “What’s wrong?” John asked.
    “It’s nothing.” I said.
    John smiled and laced his fingers through mine.
    When we reached the school, John and I passed Stephanie. She raised her eyebrows when she saw us. I pulled my hand away from John’s, blushing. “I thought I made it clear that I belong with John.” She said coldly.
    John stepped in front of me. “I can choose who I want to be with. It’s not your decision.” He said angrily.
    Stephanie just rolled her eyes and walked away. “Don’t listen to her. You’re the one I want to be with.” He said as he took my hand again.
    After that he walked me to class.