• I can't see my friends.
    I hear them, I talk to them.
    But I can't see them.
    They have no voice though, just thoughts.
    Other people call me weird, different, crazy. They say my friends don't exist. They say I'm just talking to myself. But I know my friend's are there. They help me. They know what's right. Always.

    It was just another normal morning for me.
    My alarm went off for me to get ready for school. The ringing of the alarm running through my head long after I turn it off.
    My mum makes me go to school. My friends call her silly. They say I don't need school. I don't need other friends. But I don't want mum getting sad so I made a deal, with my friends. Now I'm not allowed to talk unless they say it's OK.

    Today was almost like a normal school day. But I saw the new kid and for some reason, I wanted to talk to him. The voices told me I wasn't allowed, but I did anyway. My friends did not speak. My only friend's were angry at me. I had said hello to him as he walked past.
    Worried, I looked for a place I could apologize to my friend's in private. The new guy watched me walk away.

    The voices didn't answer me. I apologized, but it wasn't good enough, I would try to make it up to them later...