• The first thing L knew when he woke up is that he should be dead. A shinigami had killed him after all! But he was still alive. How? He wandered. From his deductions he shouldn't be able to even see the top of his coffin. Hold on he was in a coffin? He put his thumb in his mouth in order to think.

    He heard footsteps. Two footsteps. They were digging from the sounds of them. L smirked, he toyed with the idea of having a catch phrase L, it stands for luck. Well in this circumstance it did, for the two footsteps were in-fact body-snatchers.

    He looked at the wooden service of his coffin and started the scratch it out of sheer boredom. He started to draw a picture of cake. The one thing that he valued above everything else. Well almost everything. There was his farther-like Guardian Watari, whom had took him in when he was eight after he had dropped Nate off at a separate children’s home.

    L had seen Nate on several occasions at Wammy's home. When L and Watari had established it. In order to groom the children who went there to be the next L. He had handpicked two candidates and one of them was Nate but he went by the name Near. The other went by the name Mello.

    There L, little did he realise it, bumped into his twin brother, Beyond Birthday. But his father had sent him away to be adopted into another family when he found out that Beyond Birthday was in fact a freak. His father died sometime after and then when his adopted parents died he went to Wammy's home. L and B as he was called would never know that they were brothers. But that's how life often worked.

    L then drew a plate and Watari holding it with his usual smile. The picture put a smile on L's face and also a tear, because Watari was dead. Watari was about the only one who L loved. He was like a second father to L and now he was gone, and so should L. Then how is it that L is still alive and Watari was dead?

    Then details o0f the time before he had closed his eyes came back. Watari being killed by a shinigami, him dropping his spoon, his wasted cake, Light catching him as he fell. Light's face revealing that cruel smile on his lips. Light's face, the face of Kira. L had been right all along! Kira was Light and Light was Kira.

    Light if there was any one who he had at least looked at as a friend, no as a brother it was him. But that was all an act in order for Light to win and Kira to prevail. In that instant L knew how close he had been to Light and how close L had been to him. L wished he was dead. After all death was more merciful than life.

    He had a whole range of emotions inside of him. More than he had ever felt before! Rage, anger, sorrow, grief and depression. He banged next to the picture releasing his locked up emotions. But he must have miss judged the strength of his hitting because the coffin broke where he had hit!

    Then the digging had stopped. He wandered what had happened for the diggers to cease. But then he realised it must have been him. Could it be that they heard him hit his coffin and that it made them jump? If so then they must be body-snatchers.

    “Oi 'ear vat?” called one of them that was definitely a girl. Judging by their accent she was a Londoner. He might have been wrong but he was hardly ever wrong.

    “Yeah, you were right there is one here.” said one with such a high pitched voice. But he sounded disappointed as if he didn't want 'one' to be here. Then again he didn't know what the hell the two people were talking about. Then he realised that this 'one' that they were referring to must be him. There was no doubt about it.

    Then he saw the soil brake revealing a very strong light. One of the many things that he had never seen in years. But as the rays of sun light sat on his flesh he felt a slight burning sensation from them. As if they were ten times hotter than they actually were. But there was another thing he had noticed. That as much as he was exposed to the rays the more he felt week.

    “Sorry about vat kid!” she girl said as she pulled him out of the coffin. She then brushed him down getting off all of the dirt and picking off all the worms that had been sinking themselves into L's flesh. After that she immediately went back to her shovel and berried the empty coffin.

    “By the way Dante,”

    “Here we go again.”

    “Told y one was here!” she said to the little boy.

    He glared at the girl with his eyes narrowed.

    “Oh shut up little girl!”