• There was once a secret, a secret that many people haven't heard of, The Legend of the 'Golden Snakes Eye'. The Eye is said to show hidden items and holds knowledge of all the world's secrets and treasures. This beauty will be the greatest of all catches, which would not be a problem for me, Adel Daemon Tracey, Worlds Greatest Treasure Collector. The jewel was located in a deep jungle of East India. Legend had it was guarded by a sacred beast call Undra. This beast that was said to be a large serpent with feathered wings and scales that shined like opals.

    The ruins were covered in vines and mossy cobblestone and ancient statues stood tall and proud, as they guarded the way in, protecting their precious treasures. I walked inside, hoping that they would not come alive like in some of the 'Tomb Raider' movies. As I walked down the damp walk way, it began to become dark. I grabbed a torch from the wall. Luckily it wasn't damp and lit it with the matches I keep in my pocket. As I looked around, I saw something I thought I wouldn't see in my life, a skeleton wrapped in cobwebs. My heart skipped a beat. I hit it out of the way with the torch and continued to go forward. "I came too far for this" I said over and over, "I will be famous. My name will be in the paper. I'll be a hero." The thought gave me courage as I went on.

    Scrapes, bumps and bruises were all over my legs and hands from falling and tripping. I soon walked to a part of the temple with the roof ripped open. In front of me was a musty wooden door so aged, it had saplings and vines grew inside it. I slowly placed my hand onto the door, pushing it open. I could hear the creak of the hinges. It opened easier then I suspected. As I walked inside I was amazed to see the most beautiful area. A giant tree grew in the middle of the room, with a stream of blue, clear water around it. The room was filled with color as flowers and birds flittered around. I looked around to see a small glitter at the tree; it was the "Snakes Eye"! I ran to see if it was truly The Eye. It was imbued into the bark. I touched it with the tip of my finger and felt a cold sensation down my spine.

    "You did well little boy to find my treasure." A female voice said.

    "…I'm sorry." I said. I was too scared to even move.

    "Hmmm…I see you are here for the Eye as well? I am Undra, and I grow bored of watching this Eye." She slithered around the tree. "Let's have a little wager shall we?"

    "A wager for The Eye?" he said. I opened my mouth to say, but it felt like it had been stuffed with cotton balls.

    "Yes, for the Eye. I shall ask you a riddle. A riddle that was used by my old friend. You may have heard of her, hmm?" She stuck out her tongue with a smile.

    "I accept this challenge"

    "Very good, now let us begin." She swished her tail under me and set me on it as if her tail was a swing. "What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the evening, and three legs at night?"

    I only smiled as I remembered the riddle from an old legend that was my favorite about the sphinx with humans, four legs as a baby, two legs as an adult, and three as an elder."

    Undra smiled. "Correct, and as promised the stone" She bit the stone off the tree and dropped it into my hand. "You are a smart one. Please use the stone with care," she said with a smile.

    "Thank you, Undra."

    "I shall take you out." And with a flash I was outside the temple. The gem was so beautiful in the sunlight. Hopefully I will be able to help the work with historical finds and better understand the past, and also be a hero to some out there.