• Adriana. She was his everything. Her breath-taking smile. The way she could make him laugh on the worst of days. She was all he could think about when they were apart but, here she was breaking up with him. All he could think about was not wanting to let her go, he couldn't, not the girl he loved. He had imagined growing old with her. Always together until death. She didn't want him anymore, never again. He had to leave, get away from her, this wasn't the girl his once knew. He tried to speak, but couldn't. He just nodded. She told him they could still be friends, he had shaken his head. How could he be friends with her now? After everything? No, he couldn't. He gave a faint smile with a nod, put his head phones in, and walked home silently in the dark.
    Three years, he thought to himself, why now? After all this time. He just couldn't wrap his head around it. He wasn't going let himself get worked up about it. He might as well move on right? No, he thought, I never will.