• “Hey come on Jessica they’re here.” April yelled to me once the doorbell rang. Closing my laptop I rose out of the black comfy office chair, which I had sat in for a good four hours straight working on a new case. “I’m coming,” I yelled back. Walking out of the office, and closing the door behind me I proceed through the kitchen to the living room where April was waiting for me.
    “You seem nervous,” I teased.
    “I am,” she said with a sigh, “I have all reason to be.”
    “It’s going to be fine,” I said cupping her cheeks between my hand I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.
    The doorbell rang again, stepping back I made my way over to the door, April following after me.
    You ready for this I said hesitating before opening the door, glancing back at her I stared into her pale blue eyes looking for some assurance she nodded causing strands of her sandy blonde hair to fall loose from her ponytail, giving me a nervous smile, “Yeah,” she said softly.
    Opening the door we were greeted with Mr. Cassidy and Megan, April’s father and sister. “Hey dad, Megan come on in.” Stepping back to let them thru I closed the door once they walked in.
    “Hi Mr. Cassidy, Megan thank you for coming,” I formerly addressed April’s family.
    “Well, when April called say she had something important to talk to me about I really didn’t have any choice, but to come and find out what’s going on.” Her father responded abruptly. “So anybody want to tell me what’s going on,” he said staring at first me than April.
    Both I and April glanced at each other, “um way don’t we all sit down,” I said calmly.
    Megan and her father took a seat on the couch, April and I took a seat across from them in the love seat.
    “So what’s going on?” Megan said with a knowing smirk looking so much like April. Her build was a lot shorter then April though, and her blonde hair was more of a light blonde and cut shorter with bangs.
    “Yes cut to it, why did you call me and your sister over here?” Her father on the other hand didn’t look much like April or her sister. He was taller than both Megan and April the same height as me at a solid 5’8”. His hair was a black like mine, only mines was more of a midnight black and longer reaching my shoulder the only identifier that even showed they were related were the matching pale blue eyes.
    “Well Mr. Cassidy the-“
    “Dad,” April said cutting me off, “There something I and Jess have to tell you” she glanced at me warily. “We both think that it’s very important to have your support and the reason I called you guys over here is to give you some good news.”
    “Well what is it, we don’t have all day,” Her dad said gruffly.
    With another glance at me, “well…um… I have been wanting to tell you that…I uh,” April said her voice trembling.
    Grabbing April’s hand, I addressed her father staring pointedly at him, “Mr. Cassidy, what April and I are trying to say is that we have decided to get married, and it would mean a lot to us to have your blessing.”
    The room was completely silent, except for the music coming from the apartment next door. I looked at April she was staring at her father, her hand grasping mine tightly, I looked towards her sister, and she too was looking at her father. It was of no surprise to Megan she had already known about me and her sister she had picked up on it when she had come over to visit us many times before not really saying anything about it just eyeing the both of us when we would be caught hugging or holding hands. Her father on the other hand was a completely different story he hadn’t known about me and his daughter at all. Even when she had told him that she would be moving in with me he hadn’t even been suspicious thinking that we would only be roommates not lovers, as two years passed and I made my marriage proposal too April it was only a matter of time before he would find out and what better timing.
    Finally finding the voice to speak Mr. Cassidy spoke coolly, “This is some kind of joke isn’t it.”
    “No dad it isn’t we-“
    “Because,” he cut in, “there is no way that you too could possibly get married, you’re both women for Christ sake. You’re both straight women, April…”
    “Dad, I’m in love with Jessie and we both really want this, nothing would make us happier than to have you support”
    Running his hands over his face, “You want my support?” he said glaring at April.
    “Yes dad, it would mean a lot to us.”
    He rose swiftly off the couch, “Well I am sorry to have to say that you won’t be getting any support from me.”
    “Dad.” Megan said finally speaking.
    “No, Megan let’s go.”
    “Mr. Cassidy,” I said also rising pulling April up with me, “Please at least consider-“
    “You, don’t say anything to me my daughter was perfectly fine before she met you,” he said harshly, “Now thanks to you she thinks she some sort of homo-
    “Dad I am-“
    “No you think you are this is just some phase,” he said, “This isn’t you, the daughter I know isn’t this, this girl,” he said pointing at me, “ is putting thoughts into your head, and corrupting the daughter that I know.”
    “And until you’re ready to see that I want nothing to do with this… this lifestyle that you believe your apart of. I am so disappointed in you April, what happened to the sweet girl that I raised?”
    “Dad I’m still here, I’m still your little girl,” April cried softly her eyes glistening with tears.
    “No, you’re not and I want nothing to do with you, and you will not be getting any approval from me,” he said. “I will not accept or support this ….this sin.”
    And with that he walked towards the front door, “Megan let’s go.”
    “Daddy, please-,” April choked out.
    Not turning around to face either of us he spoke brashly, “I pray that you can see what you’re doing is wrong, and that you get over this phase of yours.”
    And with that he left with Megan, slamming the door.
    Flinching and covering her face with her hands April began to cry, wrapping my arms around her I did what I could to console her.
    *Hospital Waiting Room*
    With my hands still covering my face I couldn’t help think back to this event that had taken place only three days ago.
    Would we even be able to get married now? Sitting back in my chair Mr. Cassidy and Megan were still stand by the window, but the conversation that they had before had ended. I had been sitting here for at least two hours. Looking at the clock it was now 2:30 in the afternoon. The women that was sitting two seats away from me had finished looking at the magazines and had switched to her cellphone. The door to the waiting room opened and with that a doctor wearing scrubs walked in looking around, “Cassidy…,” he questioned everyone in the room.