• Wolf Twilight Neo


    When the Twilights begin to awaken, and their leader takes his rightful position, a great evil will reveal itself. It is known only as “The Beast” and has threatened this world once before. The Beast gathered his followers, lost souls of the Earth’s children. Death befell the animals while famine and disease were spread throughout the world. It was an age like no other, but the world was not without hope. The Earth called on its own champions. Humans, able to use the primal powers of the animal Twilights. Together, the champions were able to drive the evil back, but not destroy it. The Beast sleeps, even now, waiting for the Twilights to reawaken.

    Chapter 1: The First Glimpse

    Troy stepped inside the diner and let the ambiance take over his senses. The bitter but pleasant smell of freshly brewed coffee mixed with the sweet scent of syrup on pancakes. The sounds of sizzling bacon and the occasional silverware scraping against a plate made the environment all that he remembered. He stood by the door for a moment, inspecting the faces in the restaurant.

    “Can I help you sir?” asked a waitress while Troy was still looking around.

    “Yeah,” he continued to look around, “have you seen a girl come in? She’s about 5’5”, with brown hair and hazel eyes…” A mirror in front of Troy revealed the answer, as the girl he was looking for was entering the diner behind him. With a smile he continued, “and a little less than sun-kissed skin, likes to complain, and can outyell anyone in here?”

    A hard slap to the back of his head stopped him from going any further.

    “Amy! We were just talking about you.” Troy turned around as he rubbed his head.

    “Only the last one is true, and you know it!” Amy stated as she walked in.

    Amy looked around for a seat and picked a booth by the front window. Troy smiled and thanked the waitress as she went back to the other costumers. He followed Amy to their booth and sat down across from her. She seemed irritated and Troy had a good idea as to why. He couldn't help himself as he teased the pouting girl, hiding behind a menu with a smirk plastered across his face.

    “Don’t start.” She said not bothering to look up from the menu. “I left a little late ok?”

    “Oh no,” Troy used a finger to lower her menu, “I leave a little late and I hear about it for the rest of the day, but for once the ever prompt Amy has arrived late, while I was on time.”

    “Actually...” Amy pointed to the black, digital watch she had on, “I saw you come in just a minute ago, and we were suppose to be here five minutes ago, therefore we’re both late.” she stated matter-of-factly.

    Troy shrugged his shoulders and picked up his menu.

    “Oh well, it was worth a try.”

    As he browsed the menu, a strange light in the sky grabbed his attention. Troy gazed at it, trying to figure out what it was. He moved closer to the window and squinted his eyes in attempts to make them readjust to the bright sun light.

    “It’s… getting bigger…” Troy said under his breath.

    Amy looked up at him with confusion.

    “What? What’s getting bigger?”

    Troy’s eyes widened as the once small light was now the size of his fist, and growing rapidly. Whatever it was, it was hurtling towards them fast. Troy stood up quickly and pulled Amy out of the small booth they were sitting in. He pushed Amy in front of him as they ran towards the door.

    “Everyone, get-!” Troy screamed, but was cut off by a deafening roar.

    The next thing he heard was voices and the sound of machinery digging through something. He couldn't move, nor did he feel like moving as the voices got closer. Sun light broke through the darkness he hadn't even realized was there and Troy could make out a blurry face.

    “Hey, we got one over here! Bring the stretcher!”

    The voice seemed to echo into the background as darkness consumed him once again. A steady “beep… beep… beep” guided him out of his deep sleep. Troy felt as though he was a computer that had just been restarted. Some process started before others, and it all seemed to take hours. His hearing was first to come back. Focusing on the beeps that kick started his brain. His eyes began to flicker open, but they quickly closed when he was blinded by a bright light. Troy coughed into an air mask while he tried to sit up, but found that particular action to be quite painful and laid back down. The light that had blinded him turned into a fluorescent light hanging over his battered body. Turning his head he found the source of the life saving beeping. It was a heart monitor reading a normal pulse.

    “Well… Not dead… That’s a start.” He said to himself.

    A nurse heard him speak and rushed into the room. He checked Troy’s vitals on the monitors as he spoke to him.

    “Hello my name is David, nurse David, and you my friend are lucky to be alive.” David spoke to him calmly.

    “I… what? What happened?” Troy asked.

    Troy couldn't tell why, but he felt confused. Confused about nothing, or everything he couldn't even focus enough guess as to which.

    “You've got a concussion, but that’s pretty lucky considering you had a building on top of you.” David bit his lip in silent thought, he wasn't suppose to overload a concussion patient, “Why don’t you just rest for now. The doctors will be in soon.”

    While Troy found it hard to concentrate, there was one thing on his mind that wouldn't go away. Where was Amy?