• Jack and the Sky Raiders:
    An adventurous pirate follows a strange signal to a floating island hidden by mist, where he finds a dying water spirit and signs of a vast conspiracy that threatens his entire world.

    Thomas and the Wolf Boy:
    A young boy, bored with his sheltered home life and curious of the outside world, sneaks away to wander the city streets, where he encounters a vagrant youth with an unnatural condition as well as other mysterious wonders.

    Dimitri and the Winter Rose:
    Forced into a gruesome war, a poor soldier is injured in battle and abandoned by his company to die in the freezing snow, but instead he is saved by a mysterious woman with silver hair, crimson eyes, and too many secrets hiding behind her smile.

    Star Dancer:
    A wandering Native from a lost tribe of stargazers follows a fateful path mapped out in the night sky, which leads him on a grand quest across the lands of both Man and Spirit.