• forgive is love

    She is loving, loving the wrong person
    Her childhood is filled with happiness and sorrow
    She used to live in a street with her so call father
    She used to dance, to the song that would make everyone forget their sorrow
    She once lives in the street with dirty and ripped cloth
    Begging for money and was always planting the blue flower

    She was abandoned by her so call father
    He went off to his own adventure
    Leaving her alone when he said it was too dangerous
    she survived in that dirty street, by herself
    She stops planting flowers or beg for money

    She went to a house full of dancer and make a lot of money
    There she met a man who she truly loves
    And married him
    Living in a mansion with full of servants
    She’s no longer a girl in the street
    But what is it that she still longing inside?

    She used to laugh but now she cried
    Because of her husband who said she is
    His women substitute
    The one that look like a girl in another rich mansion
    Who he yearns so much for but can’t have

    She is no longer from the street
    She is now raising a son
    With his beautiful smile that shine her life
    Filled her with innocent and love
    But his life does not receive respect as she expected

    The boy was bullied many time
    But no one care
    His smile has left his side
    And it’s drowning her inside
    There they both chose to die

    She was once from a street
    Living her life with a so call father
    He did give her all he has
    Until happiness was there with her
    Living in the street wasn’t so bad
    if only she wasn’t abandon by both of them