• Rain falling, dropping onto the roof of the church. You sit in there in the church on your knees, hands in a praying position, eyes closed. You sit there thinking of what to say. You weren't really a Christian, but because of a certain event, you came here. Sitting there in silence. Opening your eyes and looking up at the large stained glass in front of you. The rain pelts down onto it from the outside. You assume it's supposed to be Virgin Mary. You let out a sigh. You were getting frustrated. Why did you even come in the first place? You remove your hands from a praying position and placed them on your lap.

    "Hmm," You hear from behind you. Getting scared you quickly turn your head behind you, you meet a tall figure standing behind you. You were so flabbergasted to do anything, all you could do is stare. The church was supposed to be empty. The figure seemed to be amused by you. He shakes his head as if he was disappointed in you.

    "Another lost cause.." You hear come from the man. What was that supposed to mean? You tilt your head at him, confused. He shakes his head laughing as if he was laughing at you now. He comes closer and sits on his knees next to you. Taking your hand into his and staring in your eyes. The moonlight lights up the male’s face. You could make it out more. What catches your eye the most was his deep dark red eyes. Reminding you of the dark red rose bush you saw outside. The male lets out a small "Hmm" as he advert his eyes from your form. You look away from him, you look at the stained glass. You could have sworn it was Virgin Mary but it’s Jesus now? You were too tired to care. Your eyes started to close, your body started to feel weak. You tried to stay awake but instead falling asleep on the man’s shoulders.