• Character name: Lucarita26.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 31 years old.
    Favorite place to rest: Forest temple.
    Race: Android.
    Pet: Wolf named Midnight.
    Title: Warrior of Justice.
    Bio: Lucarita26 is the strongest fighter and she love to fight for justice and that's why is his title of "Warrior of Justice". She fights for the monster and he lives with her mother. Her's father was died on the war of justice. His mother told him that he must watch out for things what I must do, so she will fight for Justice and wants to follow his father order what her father was fighting for it. She has befriend with the wolf and his name is Zero the wolf. So from now on she has the first pet.
    That is wolf Midnight.
    Abilities: Cheering some peoples and befriends with random animals.
    Weapons: Two long swords in her both hands.
    Shield: Shield of Justice.
    Armor: Light steel knight clothes.
    Head: Head clips.
    Accessoires 1: Glasses.
    Accessoires 2: Twin elemental ring (Wind and Water).
    Attack 1: Wolf fang fist.
    Attack 2: Wolf spirit power up.
    Family: Özkan family.
    Username: Mehmet.
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    Lucarita26's pet: Wolf.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 15 years old.
    Favorite place to rest: Forest temple.
    Race: Wild animal.
    Befriend with: Lucarita26.
    Bio: Midnight is a kind wolf, who protected Lucarita26's father and he wasn't strong to protect him from the Dark knight. He must run away from the request of the father. He was killed from Dark knight and must search for the chosen one of the warrior of justice, he told to him "find my daughter Lucarita26, now go" and Midnight was searching for her. He is tired and hurted from the battle and can't move anymore. Lucarita26 was on the road to find the wolf and must named Midnight. She found it and began fighting together to become friends and see that she is the really of the chosen one for the warrior of justice, they befriend together to take her revenge.
    Abilities: Fusion with his friends and teach some moves.
    Armor: Holy armor of justice..
    Head: Fire horn.
    Accessoires 1: Scouter.
    Accessoires 2: Sonic wave protector.
    Family: Royal knight of Justice.
    Wolf's name: Midnight.
    Attack 1: Wolf fang strike.
    Attack 2: Wolvering's claw attack.
    Username: Mehmet.
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    »Prologue: the beginning«
    It's a very perfect morning to have a nice day, so the girl Android named Lucarita26 woked up in that morning and want to have big adventure, because she dreamed it about and she wished that she had the big adventure like othe adventurers. She want to explore the world and have a wild pet, because she loves wolves so much, she is also kind Android who wanna help every living creatures and peoples. She want to become the strongest Warrior of Justice and she trained with his father to become that Warrior of Justice. But one day there was a war and he father was died and killed by the evil knight his name is unknown, maybe later we can come closer to his name!

    Ten years past, she is awakend by nightmare, the nightmare was about the knight who killed her father. She want to revenge her father, her mother made the breakfast and she eat that breakfast. After breakfast her mother found that letter under her bed, Lucarita26 read the letter and she want to go to the grass inminiatly. Because there is something to must fill her father's wish and there is a wolf, she must help him and befriend with that wolf. She want to that but the wolf don't want to trust her till they fight for friendly battle, because her father did the same!

    She start to fight agaist the battle, wolf starts the battle with the claw attack and she evade the attack then counters her slam attack to the wolf's neck. Wolf is now knock out by that hit on his neck and when he woke up, he want to become the friend of Lucarita26 and she called her Midnight. After the battle lead Midnight her to the cave where her father was hiding his weapons and she take the weapons to fight against the monsters and the evil knights to take her revenge!

    She is going to the forest now and she train there her new moves for attack, she learn from her wolf the attack that he had learned from Yamcha. Yamcha was one of her father's best friend forever and he learned that attack. Now he want to learn to Lucarita26 and she learned quickly and tried to the tree, the tree was in ten peaches. They are tired and hungry they make a camp fire. Makes some food then eat and they are rest for more energie and power to recover, because there is much way to walk and fight. Therefore they had to rest to restore their energy!