• The BIG Surprise

    I Woke Up Every Morning,
    Just As I Awlays Did!

    I Got Up,
    And Got Dressed!
    But Today Was Different!
    I Was Depressed!

    I Don't Know Why.
    But Every Time I Tried,
    To Put On A Smile,
    Upon My Face,
    It Would Just Dissapear,
    Without A Trace!

    This Is My Third Day,
    Going To My New School.
    But There Is Something In The Air,
    Something I Know That I'll Dispear!

    I Went Down Stairs,
    To Eat My Cereal.
    To My Surprise,
    There Was An Envolope,
    On The Table!

    I Went Over And Picked It Up.
    Then I Relized Something.
    Its The Same Envolope As Before!

    There Was No Return Address!
    Only My Name,
    Written On A Lable!

    My Brother Came By.
    He Scared Me To Death!
    I Swear I Jumped Three Feet!

    He Told Me He Found It,
    When He Had Arrived Home,
    Last Night From Cadets!

    But I Didn't Care,
    So I Ran Out Of There!
    I Grabbed My Sling-Over Back Pack,
    And Made It Just In Time,
    To Catch My Bus!

    I Got To My Locker,
    And For Me This Wasn't A Shocker!

    There Was Yougart,
    Smeared ALL OVER My Locker,
    And The Word "f**",
    Scratched In,
    Big Bold Letters!

    I HATED It Here,
    I Mis My Old School Dear!

    The Bell Went.
    I Looked At My Schedual.
    I Said To Myself,
    "Looks Like I Got Gym Today!
    Hip Hip Hooray!"

    To Be Honest,
    I Loved This Class!
    The Teacher Had,
    A Very Fine a**!

    I Got To My Class,
    All Happy And Giddy!
    But It Was Then,
    And Only THen,
    Did I Relize,
    That The Girls From My Old School,
    Came To This One!

    Luckly None Of The Three,
    Had Saw Me!

    We Were Outside,
    Playing Soccer,
    My Favourite Game!
    When Someone Called My Name!
    Or So I Thought!

    Class Was Almost Over.
    I Headed In Early,
    To Take My Shower.

    Little Did I Know,
    That I Was Being Followed!

    I went Into The Change Room,
    To Put On My Bathing Suit.
    I Came Out,
    And I Had Set,
    My Stuff Including My Envolope,
    Beside My Usual Showering Place!

    I Was Humming A Tune,
    That My Mother Once Sung To Me!
    I Got Intrupted By Someone Calling My Name!

    I Stepped Out Of The Shower Stall,
    I Looked To My Left,
    Then To My Right.
    There Was Nothing In Sight.
    As I Turned Around To Go Back In,
    I Got Tackled To The Ground!

    I Felt My Heart Pound!
    Pounding Harder Than,
    What It Ever Did Before!
    I Tried To Move,
    But THis Person Was Strong,
    And Quite Heavy!

    Then I Heard Her Roar,
    "Over Here, Over Here!
    I Got Her Over Here!"

    The Other Two Girls,
    Came Dashing Over!

    They Pined Me,
    Blind Folded Me,
    And Put Something In My Mouth,
    So I Wouldn't Scream!

    I Was Flat On My Stomache,
    With This Majour Headache!
    When I Heard A Noise!
    "Ch-Ch, Ch-Ch"

    The Girl Said,
    "Don't Worry Hun,
    It'll Only Hurt ALOT!"

    She Took,
    Whatever It Was,
    To My Ear!
    Thats When I Relized,
    That It Was A Stappler!
    She Made A Staple Earring!

    I Tried To Scream,
    But Whatever It WAs,
    Was Too Far In My Mouth!
    So I Cried Instead!

    They Decided To Flip Me,
    Onto My Back!
    Then I Thought,
    "Yes! This Would Be My Chance To Run!"
    But What Stopped Me Was The Fact That,
    I Was Still Blindfolded,
    And Now My Hands Are,
    Tied Behind My Back!

    One Of The Girls,
    Probably The Leader.
    Bent Down Infront Of Me,
    Stroking Her Hand Throught My Hair,
    And Asked Me,
    "Hey Hun I Missed You,
    Do You Remember Me?"

    She Removed The Article From My Mouth,
    And Started Kissing Me!
    I Don't Know Why,
    But I Knew For Sure,
    That I Started Falling For Her!

    She Took Off My Blind Fold,
    Her Warming Smile,
    Was As Bright As Gold!

    She Knew Something!
    She Knew That,
    That I Was No Longer Afraid!

    I Don't Know,
    What Wa Going Through Her Mind!
    All I Know WAs That,
    She Was Now Really Kind!

    She Had Threatened,
    The Other Girls Out!
    I Wonder What That,
    Was All About?

    She Untied My Hands,
    And Let Me Free!
    She Had Told Me,
    To Wait For Her.

    I Got Back Into My Shower,
    But Before I Did,
    I Went To Check My Watch.
    It Was Only,
    Ten After Nine!

    I Thought!
    "Another Twenty Minutes,
    With This,
    Rich b***h!"

    But To Be Honest,
    I Have This Class,
    As A Double!
    So I'll Be Seeing Her,
    Next Period To!

    Even Thought,
    I Have To Admit,
    Her a**,
    Is Finer Than The Teachers!

    I Turned On The Shower,
    Closed My Eyes,
    And Stood There.
    Stood There Feeling,
    How Nicely Warm,
    The Water Felt,
    Running Down My Back