• I'm just a person. Do you care? .....Why?

    I sit here tapping my keyboard keys and staring at the letters that come up before me. Why? Is there nothing better to do on a Saturday night? I sit here, still typing and hoping many people will view this. Why? Who cares what people on the internet think of you?

    Have you ever stopped and thought why you're a live today? Who created this universe? Why do emotions exist? If you have...Why? Has it ever occurred to you that love simply doesn't exist? It just comes and goes because.. If it wasn't for the false illusion of love then what do we have to live for?

    Why is everything so dramatic? They say divorces can destroy a child and deaths of close relatives can take a toll on the mental health of someone. If a loved one was to die this very moment...Would you cry? But why?

    It seems as if the entire purpose of the Earth and human population is to question the unanswerable. Were you happier as a small child when your entire world was so simple? Not caring about financial problems, popularity, relationships and all that crumbles the human mind?

    Don't you miss how you didn't know much about the world and you didn't care? Aren't you afraid of the future and your 100% oncoming death? Life is short. No matter what religion tells you, no matter what science proves, you know that there is no way of telling what's going to happen when you die.

    Some people might be thinking you wasting your time reading this. Hell, even I'm wasting my time typing this. I incredibly doubt anybody in this world will even read this sentence as far as I'm concerned. But isn't that what life is for? Life is for living! Nothing else. There is no time wasting, no mistakes no nothing!

    It's just from one point to another

    Birth| ------------------------------------------------------------|Death

    But why? What's the point of living...and then dying? That just cancels out the entire purpose of having a universe. Of having absolutely ANYTHING. So why?