• Im held in his arms
    Suddenly I wake up and realize it was just a dream!
    I lay on his chest listening to his heart, same beat as mine
    But then I feel myself upon the ground by myself...
    I feel the warmth of his body as he hugs me in the rain,
    As I open my eyes I feel nothing but wet coldness.

    Everyday I wish that you become mine
    But it's only a wish...
    I sit and watch you across the room laughing and smiling,
    Smiling that million dollar smile,
    I can't help but smile myself
    And give out a laugh too!

    When I'm in your presence I don't feel like a small hopeless cause!
    When I hear your voice it makes me quiet-for once!
    When I look into your eyes I can't help but gaze into them daydreaming...
    Too bad I'm invisible when you're around-
    I have nothing smart to say when you speak-
    Our eyes lock for 2 seconds then I snap back to reality.

    No one knows how I feel about you:
    My Mom says I'm too young to know about love,
    My Dad says I'm too young to fall in love,
    My Grandparents say I'm too young to even think about love!
    My siblings say it's just a crush,
    I really don't know-could it be love?

    I wonder everyday if you feel the same way.
    It makes me toss and turn at night!
    That question makes me dress differently!
    The question makes me think differently!
    Heck the question is making me change
    Just to make me visible through your eyes...

    Could you be looking at me without me noticing it?
    Getting a quick glance before your friends catch you-
    You do seem different around me without your friends hanging around.
    Most of my friends know that I like you
    Some of them told you already!
    Embarrassing me half to death...

    Well now I admitted it-
    Hope you're impressed
    Cause I just made a fool of myself-Ha!
    This poem may seem stupid-
    But if you do end up reading this
    I have to tell you this:

    Even though Im not the most popular girl in the school
    And I dont look my best always,
    Plus we barely know each other!
    But would you please be the guy that holds me?
    Would you be the guy that lets me lay on his chest?
    Would you hold me in the rain and keep me warm?
    Never letting me go!

    Would you be the only one for me?

    Or could this be just a Fantasy Love to me?