• being pulled in directions that i dont want to go.
    finding out things that i dont want to know.
    cant say that im feeling the script to this show..
    i gave my heart away ,
    and i hoped that you'd stay.
    but just like our names in the sand,
    it faded today.
    but know that i never wanted it that way.
    see things could still turn around.
    assuming you found,
    a sense of what's real
    a better way to deal.
    learned to actually say what you FEEL.
    but im not gona wait.
    so dont be too late.
    not a slave to time , or dependant on fate.
    waiting was always something i hate.
    im feeling a blur of confusion.
    suffering from "romantic illusion"
    see nowadays its hard to know who is really true.
    hard to know what you shud do.
    but im not about to BREAK
    no matter how much my heart may ache,
    trying my best not to make another mistake.