• These are my true feelings.
    Why are we like this?
    So vile, so malicious
    Taking everything in
    Letting none back, destroying
    Burning, killing
    But did you know,
    That even in the darkest of obscurity
    One little light
    A ray in the night
    Can shine throughout the dire
    But what if your eyes are shut
    How can you let the light in?
    I’m so afraid in this world
    Of what others can do
    What they will do
    Just for a quick night of fun
    I am a girl
    Lost in her own world
    Dreaming about the moon
    And the creatures that play
    And the critters that crawl
    All without silly worries
    Living on a dream
    I picture a protector
    That will come down and save me
    Not some knight in silver armor
    Or even in plated gold.
    No I was someone real,
    Someone who cares about that one girl’s world
    Her dreams and fantasies
    Not the realities
    Please, please hear my cry
    Alone at night
    You are the only one
    That makes me feel safe
    Why do you run?
    Too tired of saving me
    Too tired of…. Just who I am?
    My honor has left
    There’s nothing here
    But an empty shell where I once stood
    The teasing still reaches my ears
    the cruel things people do say
    You’re just there
    Watching on the sidelines
    Why can’t you tell?
    I’m not breathing
    Dying here all by myself
    No ray of light
    My eyes are closed tight
    I feel the pain all over me
    Have we gone so far?
    No one has courage anymore
    You speak so strong
    But when it comes down to the last straw
    You don’t have a camel to break
    Just tell me why
    Why do the stars still shine?
    Without a flicker
    Without a sound
    Just giving us love
    From the nightly sky above
    I want to be like one
    In Some distant place
    Upon a distant shore
    Where no one knows me
    Where I can feel safe
    I don’t build a brick wall around me
    Just to keep others out,
    Walls are just there
    To figure out
    Who loves me enough to climb over them?
    I’m still waiting.
    Repeating over and over
    Like a broken record.
    I’m writing on
    Not a silly little love song
    But the way I feel
    Is this all too good to be real?
    Finding a true love is hard enough
    But why do they make me give chase?
    Leave me hanging.
    I’m so weak.
    I am so tired
    Just let me rest
    And close my eyes
    Sleep now. Or forever hold your peace.