• Each prayer
    A wanton need
    Etched with familiar soul
    Not foreign tongue
    No plain too deaf
    Nor hill myopic
    All air
    All N2, O2, CO2
    Breathed by Caesar
    And Jesus
    Into all lungs
    And auricles
    And minds
    Heed my methuselal cast
    Undead names
    My crux
    His crux
    Fly in mountain wind
    No Nietzsche
    No Freud
    No limitation
    Could keep me from feeling
    Love sensation
    Love thought
    Ne umbra
    Not me
    My soul seeks not truth
    Nor balance
    But relation
    And the pain it cries
    Expletive lament
    Cannot be assauged by
    "Do not's"
    Only do's
    Do this,