• life can be fake life can be real ether way we all still fill.
    love,pain,sorrow some times emochins can kill.
    some of us are happy some sad,
    some dont have a mom or dad.
    so whats the meaning of rite and rong?
    whats the meaning of weak and strong?
    what is the meaning of good and bad?
    what is the meaning of happy and sad?
    we all die we all live from an adult to a kid.
    some die old some die young.
    some die bold some die strong.
    in life some are bored some have fun,
    some love some hate,
    some give some take,
    some rite some rong ,
    some short some tall.
    so what is life?
    why are we here?
    what is the diffrence between bravery and fear?
    why do we do the thing we do?
    this is the qustin im asking you.