• I like red,
    Thats what I said,
    You sometimes see it when you hit your head,
    It's also the color of the sign that says "Stop,"
    And if you dont you'll run into a cop.

    I like orange,
    Nothing rhymes with orange,
    There's also a fruit call an orange,
    I know that all the lines in this verse end with orange,
    But that only proves that I like the color orange.

    I like yellow,
    It can be mellow,
    It rhymes with the word "Jell-o'"
    It's also the color that can fill you up with glee,
    So, wont you please be happy with me.

    Green's a cool color,
    Like no other,
    So, why do some people bother,
    To say that green looks pretty gross,
    That's the kind of thing that I hate the most.

    I like blue,
    It's really cool,
    It's the only color for you,
    Not red, or yellow, pink, or green, or teal,
    It's the only color you feel.

    I like idago,
    It rhymes with amigo,
    It's the second to last in the rainbow,
    It's a combination of purple and blue
    And that's a fact that well known too.

    I like violet,
    So, please let,
    This verse be in purple text,
    Of course, both colors are the very same,
    It's just that purple is the slang-term name.

    I like the rainbow,
    So, let's go,
    To the end to search for gold,
    Maybe we'll spot a couple leprecauns,
    And we'll spend the gold 'till the dawn.