• I wouldn't believe it
    I could never believe it
    I will never accept the fact that he is gone

    I've loved him for three years
    And to say goodbye,
    I could never

    I could never forget him
    Or at least get over him
    If I tried, I would end up failing

    Thinking about his absence
    Makes me curl up in pain
    I feel like I have a hole in my body
    A hole that cannot be repaired

    He was the only thing I cared about
    I loved him more than anything
    And I loved everything about him

    I loved his messy hair
    His dark brown eyes
    His deep and gentle voice
    His sweet smell
    His personality
    His smile
    His everything

    But now he is gone
    And I feel like there is no point in me being here
    He took my heart and my love with him
    And so I can never care so much about another person

    He promised me he wouldn't go
    That he'd stay with me forever
    That he'd stay until I grew old
    But he broke our promise
    And now I won't ever see him again
    Because he never told me where he was going

    If I could, I'd search the whole world for him
    But I can't
    I don't have enough money
    It would take me forever
    And what's more,
    He'll move to other places
    So I might not find him

    So here I am
    On top of this cliff
    I can't live without him,
    So I must jump
    My last vebal words to him are
    "I love you and I'm sorry."

    If only you were here,
    To see me go
    I hope you find my letter that is being pushed by the wind
    Hopefully you will find it
    That's my last request
    And now, bye bye

    "What's this? A letter? I wonder what it says..."