• Tossing and turning long into the night
    Longing to love struggling with fright
    You reach out hoping to get one touch
    Of the man you think that loves you so much
    Then one day after giving your heart
    Months and months of sweet words
    and promises he just disappears
    No warning no signs
    He’s gone your alone
    Wondering what you did wrong
    You try to connect, you beg and you plead
    Don’t shut me out love
    Don’t make my heart bleed
    But never a word do you get from him
    Was he just a dream, was he ever real
    You know in your heart he was honestly there
    Your phone bill shows that once he really cared
    Or did he
    Were you just a passing fling
    Someone to kill time with
    A toy, a thing
    You lie in the night crying your tears
    Thinking why did I fall again
    Why did I believe after all the deceit from before
    Why did I once more open the door
    Oh the pain and the hurt, please take it away
    Lord let me get thru just one more day
    Make me move on, don’t let me wonder anymore
    Help me to shut this faltering door
    No more pain no more tears
    I’ll not do it again
    I’ve hurt for the last time
    Now this is the end