• Lovers and fighters
    By: Matthew Draft
    Edited by: James "Jeeves" Rayn

    God: The Ruling figure of the world able to at any moment have any person killed.
    The Devil: The leader of the rebellion against god.
    The Lover: A peaceful protester of the war looking for an alternative method.
    The Fighter: A man willing to fallow through with the rebellion at any cost.
    The Catalyst: The women carrying gods child, also the only pregnant woman on earth. When the world got away from god he cut off fertility to all women but this one.
    The Temptress: God's body guard.
    The Red Wine Association: Also referred to as The Association they are the rich looking to protect their interests in the rebellion.
    Angels: Gods Army Sadistic and trigger happy.
    The Hoard: The Associations grunts for hire.

    Part 1:The Devil's triumph over God.

    When the rich get to greedy,
    and the poor have nothing left to lose,
    Rise up, will the needy,
    and the rich will hang on a noose.
    As the phoenix once it's corpse is worn,
    so shall the world be reborn.

    Look down on that stone built street,
    There a cloaked man stands to speak,
    He has anger in his eyes,
    Saying what he thought were sorrowful goodbyes.
    "Our world has gone to chips,
    the horrible micro bits,
    That control our lives."
    Says the man who screeches assumed lies.
    "They know every word you speak,
    They know who is strong and weak,
    and with a flip of a switch,
    our bodies grow cold and our eyes they stitch.
    Genocide has never been so convenient."

    This man in a metal cloak,
    He stands alone only to preach,
    He looks down at the tired folk,
    He is only trying to reach.
    "It is not the fault of the Jews,
    The whites, blacks or any one in between.
    To place the blame we look at you,
    The truth is we all choose to ignore what is seen."
    The man across the world looking at a screen.
    Can not understand why this man is not seen.

    A red light lets out a flash,
    Soldiers warned go in a dash.
    Never has this code before been called.
    The soldiers hold there "Justice sticks"
    Corrupted they know how to get there "kicks"
    Discretion just means when your arm gets tired.
    No reason to carry a gun.
    There are no more wars to be won.
    Human disposal is just a flip of a switch.
    They step into a ten man pod,
    They drop down from a ship carrying their god.
    A man corrupted by absolute power.

    Back down on that street of stone,
    With a giant stone shattering noise,
    The angels land, their purpose known.
    Little boys emerge holding their favorite toys.
    With the monitor unable to find the switch,
    In the streets the people swarm,
    A nervous boy lets out a twitch,
    With a club he is warned.
    A mother lets out a tear,
    She cuts it back,
    She is shrouded in fear.
    The same courage everyone lacks.
    The target turns the cloaked man.
    The man lifts up his finger.
    "Our god has sent us his clan."
    The words in the silence linger.
    The angels hold their clubs and charge into a slaughter.

    Just then with a flash of light,
    The angels fell victim,
    to a thing devoid of sight.
    Designed to use their own weapon against them.
    The angels left standing in fear,
    no comrades had fallen until this day.
    The monitor shakes in fear and confusion,
    He hits a button and says his prayer,
    God grins holding onto his illusion,
    And with a flick of his wrist he is there.
    Much like a god should be.

    Every folk falls to their knees,
    Hail your savior as you should,
    For he is the one that frees,
    Doing as little as he could.
    as mechanical legs roll.
    He approaches the man who chose to speak,
    "Blasphemer! how dare you speak against me"
    The god without legs began to shriek.
    "All I have done for you, are you too blind to see?"
    The cloaked man sighed so soft,
    His toy would be no help,
    He could not turn God's heart off.
    God would not even yelp.
    "I only try to open the eyes of those you set 'free'
    The chains you bound them by,
    Though enviable they still be."
    The cloaked man said to the man from the sky.
    "Now watch the devil free man from your bonds."
    The cloaked man says this as he flips his own switch.

    The monitor bangs his head on the screen,
    the red dots by the hundreds disappear.
    These folk were now more, now human beings.
    "How does it feel to be free, ever so queer?"
    the humans stood taller than god that day.
    Stood knowing they had the right.
    There rage had been brewing for 100 years,
    and now they wanted to fight.
    and with that single action they had no more fears.

    God flicked his wrist and left the way he came,
    He knew his control over all would never be the same.
    A riot broke out,
    The humans scream, and shout.
    "We were never free until this day."
    No longer shall they pray.
    The angels that remain had their wings torn from their backs,
    The angels no more than human, it is power that they lack.
    As the Devil planned it the revolution had begun.
    And his distributed the weapon of freedom to everyone.
    A simple device that no one had seen,
    but with a push of a button every one could be freed.
    It will knock out the chips that are planted in the heart.
    With this small gesture the world could restart.
    God was unprepared, no bomb was before needed,
    he sat and groaned the Devil had succeeded.
    And in the middle of it all a young man sat and watched,
    He was a lover not a fighter, and he was forever wrong for it.

    End of part 1.

    Lovers and Fighters
    part 2: Fighters

    A blond boy sits on his window,
    He looks down to the distress,
    His heart that once raced it beats slow,
    the chip no longer worked to add stress.
    He knew that it must be true,
    The devil set him free,
    and with his love so brand new,
    He could finally be.

    The Humans bellow began to set the city ablaze,
    He saw a young man being knocked over,
    He leaped out his window to save,
    The other boy known as the lover,

    Without a name the fighter took off,
    His shirt was grabbed the sound of tearing cloth,
    The fighter brought down,
    He let out a horrid sound.
    The misdirected anger,
    The passion would forever linger.
    The start of the flame that would bring the world to ash
    The sound of ringing metal as more pods soar through the air and crash.

    One by one soldiers march to the city,
    God only had wrath now and no more pity,
    The Fighter breaks free though only for a moment,
    He shot out of the riot crashes on the pavement.
    The lover holds up his arms and hides his tired eyes,
    He knew it was not him that these hungry people despise.
    The devil had disappeared as mysteriously as he came,
    The city by now he erupted in flame.
    The child on the side of the street is crying,
    Her mother lies in a crowd dying.
    The angels rush in,
    To cleanse the humans of their sin.
    The rioters covering the lover,
    had other ground to cover,
    Tear gas covers the city in a painful cloud,
    The humans submit, after they shriek loud.
    The lover moves to his feet,
    And runs across the shallow street.

    The lover looked down and found,
    The fighter lying cold on the ground.
    The lover picked him up,
    His eyes swollen they with tears erupt.
    He seeks a place to hide,
    He disappears into a cellar, with a house beside.

    Several hours past.
    The lover remained in hiding.
    The fighter was sure to last,
    in his slumber he was biding.
    For he as well the devil reached.
    The fighter fell awake.
    The first thing he was to see was dark,
    He realized there must be some mistake,
    As sits up and looks at the tiny dusty wooden ark.
    "I brought you here,
    I saw you try to save me,
    It is okay to be without fear,
    even though it is to dark to see."
    The fighter cocked his head,
    He smiled a bit,
    and slowly said.
    "I'm not afraid of a riot,
    I refuse to fear the men in power,
    We must stand up for what is right,
    And it was made possible, I wont cower.
    That is why I will stand to fight."
    "The men of the world are scared can confused,
    they do not fight for what is true,
    They simply have nothing left to loose,
    The acts they commit they will rue."
    The lover likes logic,
    He spoke it in every word,
    But these words made the fighter lethargic,
    to him this was all absurd.
    "Without a fight we will not have peace,
    The motivation and anger we will direct,
    The fighting one day may cease,
    Then your logic will be exact."
    The fighter spoke holding to ideals,
    His voice was filled with spite then,
    He felt that justice turned on wheels,
    and nothing stops them.
    "Fighting for peace is so hypocritical,
    does this honestly work?
    While it does not hurt to be a little cynical,
    It tears families apart with a jerk.
    With the chips inactive,
    we can just disobey,
    It is simply proactive,
    To do this in a peaceful way.
    We can fight forever and kill God,
    At Satan's command we can fallow him,
    But is worshiping the devil any worse then worshiping god?
    At this point we can fallow neither of them."

    The fighter stood,
    He could take no more,
    But with the gas outside, he would have to,
    "You want to heal the world with love?
    How soft and sweet of you,
    But tell me how long will that thing above,
    allow us to be in peace."
    The fighter enraged opened the cellar door,
    But much to his dismay the angels lay in wait,
    they quickly knocked him to the floor,
    as such would be his fate.
    The lover let out an awful gasp as he shot across the room,
    He hid his face the angels did not take notice,
    if they had he would face certain doom,
    Though the fighter once again lay unconscious,
    The lover was hit by grief,
    he could only think the words,
    "I can't abandon the man whom risked his life to save me"
    The lover suspended his accord,
    and dove into hypocrisy,
    He grabbed a wooden pole,
    and knocked the angel to it's knees,
    at in this act the lover lost just a bit of his soul,
    But in the end it needed to be done,
    for this war to ever be won...

    The lover quickly dragged the fighter to a safe spot,
    He knew at this point he was sure to be caught,
    When more angels rushed in he appeared to be alone,
    and at this point the lover was done,
    the knocked him out dragging him,
    to were he would not see the light of day again,
    for almost three years...

    End of part 2

    Lovers and Fighters
    Part 3: The Catalyst

    Three years the lover spent,
    cold and tired and unable to vent,
    Back on earth the war was raging on,
    He sang hoping they would hear his song,

    "The tired the hungry,
    will this violence ever end,
    I know that you're angry,
    But a hand I can lend.

    For give my intrusion,
    My thoughtless illusion,
    but unless you get organized,
    our god, our savior will win."

    However back on earth,
    The world was burning down,
    aware there had not been a single birth,
    since that day in that town...

    At this point the world has split into factions,
    at war for control,
    Each having a power full contraption,
    The Devil has his army of fools,
    God has his the humans still under his spell,
    And the rich had an organization,
    the ignorant often fell,
    to the Red Wine Association.

    One cold morning,
    In heaven, built by man.
    The God came rolling,
    Fallowed by his elite clan.
    Into a hallow room,
    they all took a seat,
    and went to plot the doom,
    of the Devil, who three years ago caused his defeat.

    "Gentleman we are gathered her today,
    to end the devil and his evil way,
    We rid the sinner to extinguish the sin,
    I need your ideas gentleman."
    God spoke looking to his elite.
    A figure rose from his seat.
    "We need to know were he is,
    we need to know what areas are his,
    we will attack in the middle of the night,
    at that point they will be to tired to fight.
    Then we drag his corpse, make it appear as if he left,
    With hope none will catch us in our act of theft.
    Then we attack cities removing every witness
    and claim it was him in an act of sickness,
    We produce his body claiming we have saved,
    And there savior you will once again be made."

    "One problem, the monitor cannot find him,
    How can he managed to disappear from the screens,
    We your plan is, we cannot possibly win,
    How can we find what cannot be seen."
    God spoke with annoyance in his voice,
    He looked around for the with distilled eyes,
    The one woman in the room rose by choice,
    The Siren by name she is famous for killing men with her lies.
    "How about this men,
    We just enact the second part of the plan,
    Make it seem that man the devil had condemned,
    And while these acts are blamed on him,
    The humans will no longer be able to hide him.
    And driven from secrecy we strike,
    Provided it is allowed,
    We gash a hole into his chest,
    and pull out his heart.
    And once we remove his power god,
    you will be the savior again.

    God stopped and stared at her,
    she knew a good deal of what she spoke.
    but how could god ever be sure,
    That a monster he had not just awoke.
    Miss temptress clearly you have outdone yourself again,
    why should we go through the trouble of staging,
    What humans do any ways.
    To fight the sickness send a weakened disease to kill the sin.
    It is the perfect vaccine."
    The plan was immediately put into effect.
    The media over played the devil's attacks.

    God's will be done,
    The war he thought was won.
    But he knew his body would deplete.
    often visited the woman carrying his son.
    The only pregnant woman on earth.
    The savior was to be born of her.
    She would soon be known as the catalyst.

    back on earth everything fell into place,
    The devil knew he would have to strike back.
    He gathered his most intelligent men.
    The fighter was one of them.
    They devised a plan rather quick.
    The men in fear were sick.
    for when the sun came up.
    god's mouth they intended to shut.
    end of part 3.

    Part 4: The Red Wine Association.

    In a mansion, That could reach heaven,
    In an elegant fashion,
    sits a family of seven.
    Not a family of blood,
    but purely by pact,
    Their ideas flood,
    as they were soon to act.

    At the head of the table,
    Sits a man,
    Who is perfectly able,
    to conduct a plan.
    This man spoke quietly,
    His words could barely be heard.
    He does nothing kindly,
    He was very self assured.
    "We have two offers,
    On from god and the other from the devil,
    Though our quests differ,
    who do we need to level."

    "We hold all the cards,
    why should we share one?
    We can not regard,
    Either as a friend or ally."
    Spoke the mistress dressed in black,
    Her fortune of inheritance,
    From the husbands she had attacked.

    "Mistress we will have to crush them both eventually,
    With one on our side
    do you not see,
    we can take them out at once."
    Spoke the faceless man,
    Though his point be true.
    It was a brilliant plan,
    but the kinks of who was easier to elude remained.

    "Gods will is a troubling thing,
    Though we never had the chips,
    The angels surely could bring,
    to our inevitable ends."
    This was a man known to be timid,
    He watched his families lives be ended,
    The roit that took that stony street,
    Brought his life to defeat.

    "I vote the devil,
    His plan is to board Heaven,
    if we bring it to ground level,
    All that will be left is us seven."
    Said the Monarch,
    He had no plans of ruling with them,
    Once domination was set he would drive them apart,
    Tearing the association limb from limb.

    "We have yet to locate the Phoenix,
    should we be so distracted now?
    We can only rule the world once it is in our hands,
    Shouldn't we focus on that now?"
    Here spoke the engineer,
    Truly that last of his kind,
    His ambitions were clear,
    The weapon Phoenix he would find.

    "We may not get another opportunity like this,
    To crush two for the price of one what a deal,
    We aren't even using our own fist,
    We shall with the devil deal,
    And have two for the price of one.

    after a few seconds of consideration,
    The head could not pass up a bargain,
    He hence ended the deliberation,
    and Pulled together a plan.

    Back in hiding the devil got word,
    His plan was to be aided by the association,
    The news to everyone was heard,
    And they took a step towards the new worlds creation.

    They were to enter through the angels pods,
    use the associations device crack the engine,
    Then the association shall board,
    once the devil had god cringing,
    They would let loose their hoard.

    The hoard were mindless humans,
    They would fallow any leader for money,
    They did not care if it would undo them,
    Not much can be said when you were once the hungry.

    end of part 4

    Part 5: Heaven falls first.

    God rolled down the shallow hallway, The doctor had called him,
    he had something to say.
    God with growing concern over his spawn.
    Opened the door to reveal the doctor.
    The Doctor sat at his screen showing the only fetus on earth.

    "Doctor you called me here with worry in your voice.
    If you waste my time you will hang."
    God smiled leaving the doctor no choice.
    "The successor, carried by the catalyst."
    The doctor was soon interrupted.
    "Is their a problem with my son?"
    God eyes in anger erupted. "I'm afraid that you have no son...
    The successor is female."
    God stopped to think.
    The Catalyst had failed.

    "Sir should I extinguish the problem?"
    The doctor said moving his hand to a switch.
    The only switch turned off on a panel of a billion.
    "Yes, I will take care of the catalyst"

    Downstairs in the cells the lover lay in wait,
    Sure soon he would meet his fate.
    His cell door opened angels stood the door.
    The first execution in 100 years seemed sure.
    The lover was cuffed and walked slowly down the hall,
    When he could hear the voices of his past as they call,
    However he fell to the ground with a jolt,
    as if heaven had just been struck by a lightning bolt.
    The hall lights flickered, from the sky heaven fell.
    In the engine room the devil's army smiled as they took heaven to hell.

    The lover ran for the door,
    Though the angels pursued,
    He was quick to elude
    Running up the stairs,
    He beheld the glorious flares.
    The first time in years he had seen the sun
    He almost forgot that their was one.
    The angels scurried gaining ground,
    They ran through a door afraid of being found.
    In yet another hallway he rushed down.
    He disappeared into another door,
    He turned in to find The Catalyst on the floor.

    Though she was alive,
    She lay on the floor.
    She lay and cry,
    As her child was no more.
    The lover lowered himself to console her,
    But no consolation could end her anger.

    On the floor above god made his way,
    To confront the devil,
    To end his evil,
    And the world he wanted to save.
    end of part 5

    Part 6: The Phoenix

    The Catalyst stood and left the room,
    the lover soon did follow,
    She had a plan to bring god's doom,
    He tried convincing her the plan was shallow.

    The alarms still sounding,
    All the angels scrambled,
    She found herself counting,
    on the angels leaving the weapon unguarded.

    Down several flights of stairs,
    they avoided the battles that were raging,
    The catalyst had no more cares,
    For the end she was staging.

    Meanwhile around the corner the devil makes his way,
    Slaughtering angel after angel,
    For god's sin, he would make god pay,
    He made an army seem so feeble.

    The fighter fallowed the devil intently,
    though his mission was very much different,
    He was to find the monitor room and finally set free,
    all the people they had to neglect.

    The fighter turned left as he found the room he sought.
    He got to work while the devil continued to confront god,
    The fighter knew once his job was done the world would be fought.
    but he got to work exploiting gods need for power.
    and in only an hour,
    all the angels would be dead.

    Back on earth the red wine association,
    and the hoard would wait,
    The monarch grew impatient,
    Little did they know they were just bait.

    The humans flooded into the city,
    The hoard stood not a chance,
    The hoard fell to the ground only one human felt pity.
    one hundred thousand humans painted the streets red.

    As the humans gained on the association,
    They began to rattle in fear,
    all accept the faceless man who already offed himself.
    A rage went though the humans that not even the devil could steer.

    The catalyst and the lover made it to the room,
    A giant hangar filled with computers attached to a tower.
    And for modern society the weapon spelled out doom.
    A weapon that targets advanced technology.

    The catalyst turned on the machine and started the computer,
    "What could this possibly accomplish?"
    For reason begged the lover,
    With her head held lower the catalyst spoke.

    "Do you not understand yet?
    This made everything possible,
    the submission was not blind but forced,
    Just the threat of the loss of the simple convinces of life,
    and people gladly handed over their will,
    the chips were just an insurance policy,"

    "But what of the world then?
    after the phoenix's flame consume our work."
    The Lover was truly frightened,
    what just around the corner truly did lurk.

    "If we hit the reset button,
    Humanity will have to rebuild from the ground up."
    Her plan was not for the gluttons,
    But she was not only to kill god, but prevent the next one.

    end of part 6

    Part 7: Heaven's fall.

    In the machine the fighter fought,
    reprogramming the machine to stop the angels hearts,
    as they fell from thought,
    The fighter then turned his attention to the remaining folk.

    He finally set them free,
    around the world folk became human,
    and as there hearts stopped racing they could see,
    It was time for true revolution.

    Down below around a machine of destruction,
    The lover and the catalyst fought,
    The death of her child lead to the eruption,
    and the world in the middle was caught.

    The sound of screeching metal,
    God was not listening for long,
    "I thought you would be the devil"
    He could not have been more wrong.

    The catalyst ignored her lord,
    She activated the machine,
    and with a sound like a sword,
    The computers fried.
    God was in anger,
    He lost his power,

    "You insolent little whore,
    I gave you life!"
    The catalyst couldn't take it any more.
    As she revealed her knife.

    "You killed me when you killed my daughter"
    She ran the knife through him,
    "You would have made a terrible father"
    she spoke as she committed the final sin.

    The lover shrieked,
    Judgment was not hers to pass,
    God croaked,
    Mans struggle ended at last.

    Two floors above there was another deity
    He turned around,
    "Who would dare fallow me?"
    the temptress appeared without a sound

    "Your sinners are dead,
    however someone has taken god's head,
    Man needs a lord to follow,
    and they do not care who is to low."

    She spoke with the kind of sincerity,
    you use to fool a man when you have a knife behind your back,
    The devil did not see this clearly,
    The kind of sense a petty man lacks.
    The temptress knew she had him,
    She would not let the world be ruled by sin.

    Not to say the devil was not suspicious,
    "You would betray your creator so easily?"
    The devil was all to ambitious,
    The temptress knew how to appeal to this sense.

    She approached him,
    Wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke,
    "I could be your queen, together we can win"
    The devil reached around her.

    "You will be a new god,
    these humans are still sheep to you,
    to them it won't seem odd,
    when you take control."

    "however, the public may reject you,
    once your body is cold."
    In that brief second he knew what was true,
    and To the temptress his soul was sold.

    It crashed in that city,
    The humans scattered,
    Heaven fell to earth,
    and in flames ignited.

    end of part 7

    Part 8: Rebirth

    One last time to that stone built street,
    Not a noise to be heard,
    The angels lay in defeat,
    No man dare speak a word.

    Brick by brick they begin to rebuild the city,
    The aftermath of the riot as heaven crashed to the ground,
    Not one man felt pity,
    and in the ruble, the corpse of god was found.

    The bodies of the association members,
    they hang in the square,
    They are for the most part dismembered,
    the humans thought it was fair.

    The catalyst is wearing a white dress,
    She stumbles out of the wreckage
    that was once heaven.
    The city was a mess,
    the world was silent, now it was a haven.

    Her revenge was fulfilling,
    She sat down at the fountain,
    Her wrist she was slitting,
    She lay back in the water,
    She missed her unborn child,
    She cried as she bled,
    her heart stopped going wild,
    and finally she was dead.

    In the fountain she floated,
    The water turned red,
    Only the lover had noticed,
    Only one tear he shed.

    The fighter lay on the earth,
    The lover knelt to his friend,
    The fighter lost all his worth,
    now that his cause came to an end.

    The fighter came to,
    He knew he had lost,
    The lover assured him,
    it was at no real cost.

    Though the war drums were silenced,
    and the women were fertile again,
    No one knew what would become of the world,
    now that there was no more sin.

    The lover just shrugged off this thought,
    as there were more important things to worry,
    What if a new god arose,
    Would people forget this story.

    Three years it had been since
    The lover had seen the sun
    He look up and winced
    The one thing the fire had not undone.

    He could feel the breeze,
    as he sat to write,
    A story of war,
    And with the ultimate hind-site,
    He knew it was true,
    That if god had not fallen,
    A lot of pain would ensue,
    As he finished the final line he signed his right,

    A man who opposed this fight.

    The end.