• Will you ever take those cold eyes off me?
    Will you ever smile when I'm with you?
    How can I live without you?
    You say you should be alone.
    You say you hate me.
    You say you can live without me.
    Can you?
    Are your words the truth?
    Will you be fine?
    While I hold this kunai to my heart,
    Will you just laugh.
    As I bring it closer, what will you do?
    The coldness touches my skin
    Are you just looking away.
    Thinking you don't care?
    I Fall to my knees.
    Over the ground.
    Your warm arms around me?
    Painful tears on my shoulder.
    Are you there?
    Are you holding me tight?
    Trying to save me?
    Why Now?
    Without you I found no reason to live.
    But now, why.
    Why do you cry?
    Are these tears for me?
    This moment.
    All you do is whisper those words I had confessed not long ago.
    You kiss me.
    My body doesn't move.
    Yet you knew I felt it.
    You are my only regret,
    My sinful thought,
    My Sasuke...
    My Beloved.
    Blood covers your hands but nothing.
    You don't wipe them.
    You just stare at my face.
    Those familiar cold eyes gone.
    Sad, lonely ones replacing them.
    When you told me you had no need for my love,
    I did not cry.