• We are all alone.
    We sit at our homes,
    Both our havens and our prisons,
    Lost within our corrupted thoughts from a corrupted land.

    No matter how crowded or lonely we are,
    Whether people hurl insults at our faces or follow us with laughter,
    We are alone,
    Lost within the abyss of pain we call our minds.

    Friends become enemies,
    Enemies become friends,
    The world has no truth left,
    But we stay lost in our shell, coated in mistrust.

    Media and government throws fake words at us.
    People reap the awards and consequences of the tainted truth,
    Pain and fear spreads unevenly between us,
    And yet we stay lost within our armour, everything turning to lies before our very eyes.

    They cut down trees and block up rivers,
    The air growing tainted with cruelty and ruthlessness.
    Animals slowly die, mostly just for sport or trophies,
    And we become lost in our silent tears, knowing we can do nothing.

    People shout and scream.
    Friends come and go as easily as money swapping hands.
    Innocent bodies drop dead by the feet of dreams.
    And here we are, lost in the world we call our own.