• Butterflies

    I never understood anybody when they said they were in love
    I remember they couldn't describe it at all
    They were lost for words and only a smile grazed their lips
    All they said was, "Find out for yourself,
    you'd only know what it was until you felt it."

    Heh... I remember the time I met this boy
    He made me laugh and smile
    Funny, cute, sweet, and charming

    Only after a week of knowing him we were together
    I don't know how that happened either
    But I'm glad I went with it
    Because that feeling I had with him was unbelievable

    Everytime I'd see him....
    My heart would jump and I would get butterflies in my stomach
    I would smile and I'd just have to look away
    Just seeing him come toward me was like nothing else

    I'd always talk about him
    He was the only person I wanted to talk about
    And I still can't believe I didn't notice him before
    Because the day I met him was the first time
    I'd ever seen him around school

    And when I didn't see him
    I'd be so sad and disappointed that he wasn't there
    Because he'd be gone all the time
    and I'd always think it was nothing
    He'd come back, he'd come back

    But his absence was constant
    I had his number but he was never home
    I'd never see him for a long time
    When I did see him, it was a short visit
    He'd leave once he said, "Hi."
    And it was too much for me
    It pulled us apart and we broke up without even knowing it

    Even now when I think about it
    I can't help but regret not doing anything about it
    I let it happen so it's my fault

    So I try to move on with everything
    Everytime I get a new boyfriend,
    I can't help but think of him
    I'd always wish it was him I was with,
    instead of the other person
    He's always in my mind
    And when I'd see his face--or think of it--, I'd get butterfies

    I didn't talk to him for a month after our seperation
    Then he called me one night at 11pm
    I was so happy and he even asked me out again
    I was quick to say yes and I was so fast
    to forget I was dating someone else too

    I had to break up with one of them
    Since he moved and my other was down the road,
    I broke up with him instead
    Oh, it killed me and I almost cried
    Because I could tell by the sound of his voice he was sad
    and because he never called me back

    Until after two and a half months
    I was suffering strep throat
    He called and the pain disappeared
    I was so, so happy
    I missed the sound of his voice
    and his laugh and just being able to know
    that he was alright made me get well

    I hated that he moved too
    He left our city and moved to another
    So now he goes to another school
    And I blew every chance
    I had to be with him again
    And I honestly thought I would never see him again
    It brought me down and I was absolutely miserable

    Then I saw him at the store once
    My little brother pointed him out
    And when I saw him,
    my heart went on a rampage
    I started to shake and my heart started to beat fast
    My breathing quickened and the butterflies came back

    And that one chance I could've had to meet with him
    was carelessly wasted because Father decided not
    to go to church one morning
    When I learned he went to church to see me,
    I was very sad and very angry

    Oh... I can't help myself but think of him now
    I'm pouring out all my feelings into this
    I miss him like crazy

    It's more than I can handle
    But I'm sure he'll come back
    Because the butterflies always do
    As long as those butterflies are flying in my stomach
    The feelings are still there

    I want to give that feeling to someone else
    But he stole it and he's not giving it back
    I don't want him to give it back either
    Because I want him to have it
    And I know with all my heart if he'd give it back,
    I'd cry and cry and cry

    What I thought was a crush was more than just that
    I was in love with this boy and I still am
    It took awhile but I realize it now

    Only now I know why people don't give up on their love,
    or why they can't move on,
    or why it's so hard to find someone else,
    or why they can't explain the feeling
    The people that I asked doesn't have to tell me anymore

    "How does it feel like to be in love?"
    "Tell me what you think love is."
    "How do you know you're in love?"
    "Hey, who is your love?"
    Blake is my love